The Gifted Series


Formerly published as Revelation (A Sins of the Father Novel) by Case Maynard. Currently under Option Contract with Bill Scharpf of the Scharpf Group and undergoing revision for republication as Gifted by Case Maynard (in collaboration with H.E. Edgmon). Super excited for what’s in store for this and can’t wait to see these amazing characters on film!

“Gifted” is the first book in a series that follows the lives of nine unlikely heroes with nine unique gifts who are brought together to keep the ultimate evil out of Heaven. BATTLING PERSONAL DEMONS JUST TOOK ON A WHOLE NEW MEANING.

Meara Cassidy hates angels.

Oh, she’s not having a crisis of faith. She knows the flying bastards exist–she just doesn’t want them anywhere near her. Especially Nathaniel, Meara’s own personal Guardian–or stalker, in her words.

See, Meara died–well, sort of. After a car accident that killed her parents, Meara was on the verge of being sent to Heaven to spend a peaceful eternity with her loved ones when Nathaniel happened. Instead of letting the eight-year-old die in peace, Nathaniel took it upon himself to send Meara on her merry orphaned way, right back to the real world. But not before granting her the ability to see angels and to discern good and evil by smell–that’s right, smell. And not before he allowed her to steal a divine amulet right off his very own chest. Stupid, careless angel.

Cut to fourteen years later. Meara’s as well adjusted as can be expected. She works a perfectly normal job at Doc’s Bar with her perfectly normal best friend Lyla, and she goes home to her perfectly normal–if somewhat tiny–apartment. She’s perfectly freaking normal! Even if she has to keep up a charade of pretending she can’t see the big blonde guy with wings who’s always lurking around.

Honestly, if Meara had it her way, the quirkiest thing about her would be her dreams of making the transition from local lounge singer to real musician. And Lyla thinks she has just the way for Meara to make that transition when Zane Delacroix shows up at Doc’s. Zane’s some B-list singer/songwriter who’s landed himself a role as guest judge on Hidden Talent, an American Idol knockoff that’s filming their latest season in New Orleans. And Lyla wants Meara to audition for him, to sing her heart out, and to make their, uh, her dreams come true!

Which would be a lot easier if Zane, his brother Chad, and their childhood friend Teak weren’t nephilim. A half-angel, half-human species of biblical monsters that Meara didn’t even know existed until they showed up in her life.

Great! Cause all she needs is more of this supernatural crap…especially since this time it hurts double bad. Why? Because dreamy-eyed Chad Delacroix is exactly the kind of guy Meara could fall for–if she wasn’t worried that he was secretly plotting her death.

And if that isn’t enough, Meara has absolutely no idea that Nathaniel’s amulet–the one she’s been walking around with for the last fourteen years–is actually the real, honest to God, key to Heaven. She might not know what she has, but someone else does. And now it seems likely they aren’t going to stop until they have it for themselves.

But, believe it or not, this is all just the beginning. Something else Meara doesn’t know–what no one knows yet–is that she’s part of something so much bigger.

Tucked away in the Book of Enoch, universally disregarded by biblical historians as a work of fiction, lies a prophesy. A prophesy that tells of nine heroes who will come together to battle against the greatest evil that Heaven and Hell have ever seen.

And Meara, with her power of discernment, is just the first.

So, yeah, Meara Cassidy hates angels. But right now, they’re the last thing she should be worrying about.


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