the gifted series

So excited about where this is going…

h.e. edgmon

Lately, most of my posts have centered around my work-in-progress novel, The Assassin’s Wolf. TAW has been taking up a lot of my time lately, as I’m excitedly rushing to finish the first draft, but it isn’t the only project I have in the works. In fact, there’s something else that’s been building up for much, much longer that I’m just as excited about. (And maybe sometimes even a little more, because of the direction it’s going in. But don’t tell TAW I said that. I love all my children equally.)

A lot of you reading this have probably heard me talk about Gifted in the past, or maybe you’ve read that blurb before while perusing my site. But today I’d like to give you guys the origin story of Gifted, and how we got from where it was in the beginning to where it is now.

In 2009, my mother, Case Maynard –…

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