You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours…


Now that the holiday season is coming to an end, a constant weight on my shoulders has begun to sit ever so much more heavy…that weight being the knowledge that I really need to begin focusing on growing my following and building my platform in a way that will be beneficial to me when The Surrendered releases next year.

Outside the obvious strategies using social media, I wondered if, perhaps, doing some cross-promotion with other bloggers might be worth a try. Sort of a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” type deal (or “you share my posts, I’ll share yours,” as the case may be).

I’ve seen lots of sharing of other authors’ books and teasers and such but not a lot of shares of their actual blog posts. Is this something that’s done? And if not, well, why not? I’d love to get feedback on this.

If anyone is interested in doing some cross sharing, let me know in the comments or by email at writeontime@outlook.com–particularly if you have your hand in some aspect of the young adult or new adult markets. Or simply have a following of teens and new adults. Or maybe just know some teens or new adults 🙂

It’s really as simple as hitting the “share” button, right? I can do that.  And would. Especially if it created a win-win for everyone involved.

Looking forward to hearing from y’all!

❤ Case




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