My Favorite Book Boyfriend (and a bit of family history)

In light of the release of the fantastic new trailer for Season Two of Outlander, I thought it highly appropriate to publicly proclaim my affection for my all-time favorite book boyfriend, Jamie Fraser (Dude, I love you !).


I have Scottish roots. My maiden name was Abbott, a variation of MacNab or MacNabb. The name MacNab comes from the Gaelic Mac an Aba which means son of the Abbot. Traditionally, it is believed that the MacNabs descended from the younger son of Kenneth McAlpine, King of Scots. So in a way, I guess I’m sort of royalty (and what do you know? I love purple and gold…and velvet).

But really, in all seriousness, I have a great love for all things Scotland so it was only natural that I would love Outlander too. I actually watched Season One of the series on Starz before I ever read the books and loved the show so much that I, well, read the books. Diana Gabaldon has outdone herself with this series. If you love romance, and Scotland, and sexy highlanders who would fight to the death for the woman they love….you definitely need to read it. And catch the show on Starz too. Man, you won’t be sorry you did  (-sigh- Sam Heughan).


This is the MacNab family crest which has a depiction of the dead MacNeish chief’s head on it and bears the clan motto Timor Omnis Abesto (let fear be far from all).  The story behind the crest is that the Macnabs lived just north of the MacNeishes across Loch Tay. The two clans were great enemies, and legend holds that the MacNabs attacked the MacNeishes at their castle at Loch Earn in order to stop their rivals from raiding their lands. The entire MacNeish Clan was all but decimated, and the MacNabs returned to their own castle with the severed head of the MacNeish chief in their possession to prove to their own chief that he was dead.

This piece of MacNab history is particularly interesting to my family. In 1996, my brother David (Abbott) married the love of his life, Melissa McNinch. Strangely enough, McNinch is a variation of MacNeish.

True love trumps even the most historical rivalries. Pretty awesome if you ask me.

Scan_20151202 (2)

David Abbott and Melissa (McNinch) Abbott

Well, that’s it for me. What started as a proclamation of my love for Jamie Fraser turned into a family history. Oh well, what can I say? I’m cool like that 🙂

Take care, people! Let fear be far from all!

Case ❤




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