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Shouldn’t You Be Writing?


So the last few weeks have been crazy busy for me. Between working my “regular” job, researching marketing ideas, and doing the first round of edits for my editor on The Surrendered, I have been just before pulling my hair out  (oh, and did I mention that I have two teenagers at home?).

I sit down at the computer, totally prepared to spend the day writing and getting my edits done and then…BOOM! Facebook. Twitter. WordPress. Tumblr. Pinterest. Instagram. Goodreads. Seminoles.com. ESPN.go.com. Some more Facebook. Amazon.com. Photos of Brock O’Hurn and Jay Ryan. And Lord let’s not forget the cute golden retriever puppies. And videos of little kids that sing better than Celine Dion…well, you get the idea :/  I can’t ever seem to stay focused on the task at hand.

So my oldest daughter told me yesterday that I should look into StayFocusd, a Google Chrome app that allows you to block certain websites for a prescribed amount of time so you can concentrate on what it is that you’re actually supposed to be doing. And heeellllo…BEST APP EVER!!

Literally, with StayFocusd, if I set the time for two hours and try to open any tabs that aren’t on my allowed list, I now get a message that says quite plainly “Shouldn’t you be writing?”

A very effective reminder that yes, indeed. I should be.

And so I will. At this rate, my edits will be done in no time 🙂

If any of you writers out there on the other side of my computer screen experience the same ADD and inability to remain focused on your work, be sure to check out this awesome app. It’s very likely gonna be the reason I make deadline.

Stay focused people! And keep writing!

Case ❤






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