Quote of the Week 11-9-15

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Technically, I’m not supposed to do this yet because The Surrendered doesn’t release until next year, but I came across this quote from The Hunger Games and couldn’t help but draw a parallel to the situation that Vera and the other Surrenders find themselves in in my story. Thought I’d post a quick excerpt from the book…

[Cason] shakes his head sadly. “The Commander cares nothing for the rebuilding of society. His only concern lies in padding his pockets with the coin he receives from The Tax. He thinks it’s in his best interest to operate the System with oppression, because he’s afraid if the people feel hope, they’ll be more likely to rebel. And a rebellion might put an end to the gambit he has going.” His voice takes on a hard edge. “He just hasn’t yet realized that desperation actually breeds determination and not fear.”

His speech stirs a fire from within me, and I meet his eye squarely. “And a determined spirit can change the course of history.”

He nods, watching me intently. “If society would realize there are more of us than there are of them…if they could somehow regain the pride that was lost, they’d realize this country still belongs to the people and not to the System.”

Do you feel a revolt coming on? Yeah. Me too 🙂

Keep hoping people! Without hope, all is lost…

Case ❤


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