Quote of the Week 11-2-2015

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This is my all time favorite quote. If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, you need to be doing something else. I read one poll which claimed that 70% of all people are unhappy in their jobs…probably because they are not passionate about what they’re doing. I know this because I’ve been there.

After obtaining two degrees and working three different careers (and starting several others) in my lifetime, I never found the happiness I was looking for. And here’s why…I am not a paralegal. I am not a cardiac sonographer. I am not a real estate agent.  Or a copywriter. Or a nurse…


I’ve known this my whole life but lived under the false notion that I had to think “within the box.” I had to do what society said was “normal”. I had to cage myself in corporations, and foundations. Chain myself to desks and machines. Slave away working for “the man.”  But people, I’m here to tell you…


I am PASSIONATE about crafting tales, about weaving worlds, about plotting death, destruction, love, hope, and betrayal. I am PASSIONATE about crafting characters who live on long after the last chapter. I am PASSIONATE about providing an escape for my readers, a place that can be revisited often. And I am PASSIONATE about WORDS.


And now that I know this, my soul can be elevated to do the great things it was meant to do.

I hope you all are living your passions and that all your dreams are coming true. If not, I hope you find a way to get there soon. Life is too short to waste one second on unhappiness.

Case ❤


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