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I Really Really Want to Be Kresley Cole

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Let me just start by saying that Kresley Cole is the author by whom I measure every other author (Note to Kresley: I forgive you for being a Florida Gator and –cough cough– go Noles!). Anyway, she weaves the most amazing tales, creates the most memorable, lovable characters, and keeps you on the edge of your seat with every novel. Yeah. I just want to be her (except the Gator part).

I read the first book in Kresley’s Immortals After Dark series nearly ten years ago, and twelve books in the series later, I am just as in love with these characters now as I was in the beginning. Actually, maybe more so. I kid you not, these books are so awesome that I calendar their release dates months in advance so I can buy them the very day they come out… and I may or may not have fangirl moments of shrieking glee once I have them in my possession. Yes. She is that good.

So a few years ago, I was a on a school field trip with my kids that was to take us from the cotton fields of South Georgia all the way to bustling NYC . While I was extremely excited about being able to visit the Big Apple for the first time, the charter bus ride was a good deal more boring than I had hoped it would be. I needed a book to pass the time. So as luck would have it, one of our scheduled breaks happened to be across the street from a Walmart, providing me the perfect opportunity to find a good read.

And boy did I ever. Kresley had just released the first book in a new young adult series she was writing, The Poison Princess (Book 1 of the Arcana Chronicles), and it just so happened that Walmart had this book in stock. Keeping up with Kresley like I did, I already knew the book was releasing, but in all honesty, I just wasn’t too overly enthusiastic about buying it–mostly because at that point I only read adult novels and because I so loved IAD that I was certain anything else she wrote would be lacking in comparison.

Yeah, I was wrong.

These books are riveting! Romantic tension, nail-biting scenes, and characters so well-defined they give even the ones in IAD a run for their money. I’m so thankful for that boring bus ride and for that long trip to New York. Without it, I may never have found out how good these books are.

And more than that, The Poison Princess is the book that began my love for dystopian fiction in general. In the years following, I consumed The Hunger Games, The Divergent Series, The Legend Series, The Maze Runner series and every other dystopian I could get my hands on. And it stands to reason that my own writing began to reflect my love for this genre.

My first young adult dystopian, The Surrendered, is slated to release in September 2016, and I think fans of all the novels I just mentioned will find in it elements of the books they so dearly love. I sure hope so. It would make my decade to be aligned in any way with any of these authors and their amazing stories.

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