Quote of the Week 10-26-15


The road to success in writing is often long and hard. I once suffered under the notion that upon completion of a novel, I could simply package it up, send it off, and wah-lah! I would be published… Yeah. Not so much. I learned the hard way that the road to publication is rife with bumps and potholes.

My first book, Gifted, was rejected more than 100 times. That’s right, 100 times! I could have given up but I didn’t. I kept refining, kept revising, kept rewriting…and now this story sits in the hands of a producer who is anxious to make a TV series out of it.

I learned so much from all of those rejections, and it made the process with my second book, The Surrendered, so much easier. It made my writing better. And it ultimately landed me a deal with Blaze Publishing.

Never give up people! Keep on casting your words out. Eventually, you’re gonna reel in the big one.

Case ❤


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