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The paper provides background on the company and analyzes the case in terms of profitability and growth ratios, SWOT, competition, and grand strategy matrix.

This term paper discusses the management and leadership style of Marissa Mayer, Vice President for Search Products and User Experience at the internet search engine, Google.

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Definition of TermsThe concepts are defined as they have been used in this work.Teaching Practice: It is an integral part of teaching education which occupies a phase or it’s own.Student Teacher: A college student in a teacher training institute, who went thought requires course in a teacher education programmed before being assigned to a co-operating school for professional laboratory experience.Backward Children: They are those that are below average in their subject but they may be good in one or two subject their intelligence quotient is much more below 100Extrovert: They are the noisy, pushful type of children their nurse grievances, they have no patience for work that needs thinking; they prefer activities that involve action.Introvert: They are the quiet types who really don’t speak out their minds for people to know what they are thinking they grievance.Individual Different: Individual in variable differ from one another in the extent of their growth and their development progress tends not to be inform in all area within the individual e.g.

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The environment a child is brought up determines to a great extent his ability otherwise to adjust to later life task. Environment theory explain why children brought up in slum areas of the urban and industrial cities are somewhat indecent in their behaviour, why those brought up on rural areas and self contained government reservation areas are more decent in their way. Saudnu in Ekpo (1996) content that environment has influence on the child drew this point from the fact that when urbanization and industrialization increases students indiscipline grows. Adding that the rural students became vulnerable to indiscipline when they move to the impersonality and anonymity of large cities. He argues that with this trend, their home communities lose control of its members and family is not able to give prompt guidance when needed. This view is also supported by Aminu (1986) when he said that the remote causes of the recent students crises must be found in the general ills of our society our wrong approach to modernization and development with the break-up of our traditional family units and the wider social structure as well as the alienation of our fundamental institutions have entered into a sinister alien to entrench burgeoning indiscipline and other social evils in the country.

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Denga (1982) says that if one could take a hard look on student’s violence, one should take cognizance of the positive motivation behind students violence as well he suggested that one of the popular explanations of students activities during recent years has been what he would call the warn out phrase generation gap. One of the student’s unrest. Denga also stated that the apparent increase in the student’s unrest is becoming both increasingly difficult and increasingly difficult to ignore. According to Akinboye (1987) adolescents have a lot of problems of getting adjusted to moral codes, rules of the society and authority because a lot of inconsistencies become noticeable even among the peers in terms of what they hold as sacred; some peers may like to have uncontrolled sex affair while others may not want to do so, some peer may want to engage in cheating behaviour in schools, at home or in the society while other will not hence the problem of moral venue and what rules to uphold compounded by those inconsistencies including the roles of parents, teachers, books, television and other societal in-constituencies, hence indiscipline in the form of rioting may arises as a result of conflicts, frustrations, inhibitions, urgent need and worries.

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The study assessed the knowledge on premenstrual syndrome among women of reproductive age (15-45) years in Nursing Science Department, Enugu State University, Enugu. To this effect, three objectives guided the study to assess the knowledge of premenstrual syndrome among women of reproductive age (15-45yrs), to determine the impact of premenstrual syndrome on the health and academic performance of women of reproductive age (15-45) years and to identify the age range that are mostly affected with Premenstrual sydrome among women of reproductive age (15-45) years in Nursing Science Department, Enugu State University. Related literature was reviewed and summarized. A descriptive research designs was used for the study. The study population comprised of 108 female student (100-200level). A self-structured questionnaire validated by the project supervisor was used to collect the needed data. The data collected were analyzed with the use of frequency distribution tables and charts. The result of the study showed that majority of the women of reproductive age (15-24years) are aware of premenstrual syndrome, majority 82.4% said it has negative impact on their health and academics performance and the age range of women of reproductive age that experience this syndrome falls between 15-24years. Based on the findings, it was recommended that public health nurse educate Women of reproductive age on what premenstrual syndrome are, its signs and symptoms and the management strategies to adopt in other to reduce its negative impact on their health.

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