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- Postage stamps issuedin wartime and so inscribed. Also 'War Tax'. Normally issued to meet increased postalrate.
- Semi-transparent pattern impressed into paper during manufacture as aguard against forgery. Today few postage stamps are watermarked, but many early stampswere.
Weak - Portion of a postage stamp that, though imperfect, is not badenough to be described as damaged; particularly applied to corners, which may be slightlythinned or shortened.
Wing margin - Postage stamps from sheets divided by wide gutters intopanes may have a wing margin along one side, there being a wide imperforate margin betweenthe printed design and the perforation.
Witherings, Thomas - (b. d.) In1635 Witherings laid the official posts from London on all six English post roads. Theroutes hitherto used by the King's messengers were now, for the first time, to beprovisioned for postal services to the public.
Wmk. - Abbreviation for watermark.
Woodblock - 'Carved on wood'. Sobriquet for Cape triangular postagestamps.
Wove paper - General term for a range of papers produced by settlingfibres on fine wire mesh which imprints a watermark giving a woven appearance.
Wreck Mail - Mail carried on ships or aircraft that were wrecked ortorpedoed. It has been the custom of the Post Office to put special marks on the recovered mail to explain thedamage.

- The wire mesh roller used in papermaking to produce a watermark.
- A hand or machine stamp containing a date; sometimes used to meanc.d.s.
Definitive - A postage stampintended to remain in everyday use for a considerable time, as distinct from aprovisional, commemorative or other special issue.
Demonetised - No longer legal tender; in particular, a postage stampbearing a duty in an obsolete system of currency, or of an issue stated by the postalauthority to be no longer valid for postage.
Definitives - Regular issues of postage stamps that are normally sold for a longer period of time. Normally printed inlarge numbers.
Des. - Abbreviation for 'designed by'.
Die - The original single engraved piece of metal from which a multipleprinting plate is built up.
Die proof - Single, very carefully impressed proof of a new postage stampdie, invariably in black ink on smooth white card or fine-calendered or coated paper. Whendry, inspected in great detail to check that the die is perfect.
Disaster Mail - See Wreck Mail.
Dockwra, William - (b. d. ) InMarch 1680, Dockwra opened the first town Penny Postwith a head office in Lime Street, London. Later in 1680, he introduced his owndistinctive postmark
Dockwra mark
- London Penny Post handstamps,first used in 1680 by William Dockwra.
Doctor blade - A steel blade which wipes ink from the cylinder.
Dot, no dot - See Cylinder.
Double date stamp - See Duplex.
Double-ring c.d.s. - A circular date handstamp contained within twoconcentric circles.
Doubly printed - Postage stamp or part of sheet bearing more than oneclear impression of the printed design, invariably both on the same side of the sheet andboth in the same sense (ie not an offset).
Dry print - Postage stamp image or overprint grossly deficient in ink,but not albino (which is devoid of any ink).
Due - Adhesive label torecord postage due on delivery because of insufficient prepayment.
Dulwich Mark - First trialed in 1894, the Dulwich type of double arc dated postmark becamethe standard British type for many years.
Dumb cancellation
- An obliterationhandstamp containing neither figure nor letter, often made of cork. Used for a varietyof purposes including: cancellation of postage stamps (see maltese cross); War time security cancelling, andpostage census.
Duplex - A cancellation handstampembodying two sections, one to obliterate the adhesive and a second portion to indicatethe office and date of posting.

I think it means that it's a version/copy and that the original was drawn up on watermarked paper

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what does watermarked paper mean; implicit explicit thesis; thesis of accounting and finance; ..

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A predictive model-based image watermarking …

What does wove paper mean

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