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Kill switches – Many VPN services offer in their client a feature called a “Kill switch”. The idea with a Kill Switch is that when the VPN loses its connection, it completely prevents the device from using internet, thus preventing accidental leaks of local connection data. Kill Switches are implemented very differently and will never be secure due to their design. The only 100% effective and secure configuration to accomplish prevention of leaks is a properly configured firewall. There are two main types of kill switches, those that shut down preconfigured apps in response to detecting the VPN connection has dropped and those that disable the network connection (or delete routes etc) if they detect a disconnection. In both of these cases the Kill Switch component is having to react to an event and very often leads to leaks – just a single packet is all it takes to compromise your privacy. The only way to be absolutely certain that packets cannot leak is for there to be an independent component (the Firewall) that blocks all packets unless destined for the VPN interface.

Features such as multihop, TCP port 443, Obfsproxy, SOCKS, SSL tunnels, SSH tunnels, and some other proprietary solutions (which may be built specifically by a given VPN company) can be useful in avoiding these restrictions. As for which are most effective, it’s a matter of which restriction is being inflicted upon the user. Speak with your VPN service’s support team to determine which might be effective in your case. The VPN Comparison Chart shows which services support which of these protocols and features in their configuration. Using TCP port 443 is usually a relatively common and user-friendly measure to bypass a restrictive/oppressive network.

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Still, it's pretty consistent with what we know about 45 so perhaps not entirely confirmation bias.

Posters (slide-based, only) (oral presentation)
Posters are intended for ongoing research projects, concrete realizations, or industrial applications/projects presentations. The poster may be presented during sessions reserved for posters, or mixed with presentation of articles of similar topic. The slides must have comprehensive comments. This type of contribution only requires a 8-10 slide-deck. Please submit the contributions following the instructions for the regular submissions using the "Submit a Paper" button and selecting the contribution type as Poster (slide-only). The slide-deck will be posted, post-event, on .
8-10 presentation slides are suggested. Also a big Poster is suitable, used for live discussions with the attendees, additionally to the oral presentation.

Presentations (slide-based, only) (oral presentation)
These contributions represent technical marketing/industrial/business/positioning presentations. This type of contribution only requires a 12-14 slide-deck. Please submit the contributions following the submission instructions by using the "Submit a Paper" button and selecting the contribution type as Presentation (slide-only). The slide-deck will be posted, post-event, on .
12-14 presentation slides are suggested.

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Choose a VPN service that has strong data and handshake encryption. Make sure the protocol you choose has the level of advertised encryption available to it, as services typically provide more than one protocol with varying levels of encryption strength. The VPN Comparison Chart can help you determine what is considered strong by the color coding on these fields. Be sure that even if the service has the type of encryption you want available BY DEFAULT – some services will technically offer strong encryption, but it has to be manually configured (not user friendly).

The fourth advantage of VPNs is their security

There are numerous features of VPN4All. First, it utilizes an encryption engine in order to restrict any access to your online activity. Second, it allows one to change the IP address from a variety of choices. In this regard, one is not restricted to take any IP address as deemed appropriate. Third, one can change freely between the various locations. Fourth, one does not need a username or password to log in. Rather, one can start the computer and connect automatically when it starts. This is important as it saves time and removes the hassle of using usernames and passwords. However, the user should note that the software can be applied to multiple devices but can also be used by one device at a time. Fifth, it features advanced security measures that can be used in highly censored internet zones such a China. Lastly, the process of installation follows the following three main steps: starting the software, identification of desired server location, and eventual software connection. In regard to this, the company has availed a user guide that is easy to use and can help the client if he or she needs help.

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Installation can be done through visiting the CyberGhost website. The software developers of the company have come up with an easy guide on installation of the VPN that is simple, easy to understand, and does not use jargon. One does not need to create an account to install the VPN. Customer service is available through a live chat which is available for eight hours a day. Discount codes and coupons are periodically available.

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There are numerous unique features of Ghost VPN. First, it has improved browsing services. This is because the company has eliminated speed restrictions and can now support a variety of online services including streaming media. Second, the company has embarked on an overhaul of security protocols and stands as one of the most competitive in such sectors. This is in line with the company’s policy is making major changes in order to remain competitive. Third, the company has over 296 servers located in over 24 countries. Fourth, the VPN is effective in hiding your IP and instead allows you to use one of your choice. This has a bearing in improving anonymity measures. Fifth, the company offers its services in three options: free, premium, and premium plus. Consequently, one can choose the most suitable service. However, one should note that the higher the cost the more the features that the VPN provides. Lastly, one can gain access to blocked data or restricted information from any part of the world.

Computer Science Academic Paper Sample on Firewalls

CyberGhost is another VPN for torrenting that is used to hide your online activity from unauthorized access. Based in Romania, it is more dominant in Europe with just a few users in the United States. There are no servers in both Asia and Latin America. It has both a paid version and a free version. It shields computer users from government surveillance especially in cases where a number of sites are blocked for one reason or another. In addition, the company recognizes that advertisements, though sometimes well intentioned can be a nuisance and can be overly time-consuming.

SSL VPNs pose network security risks - Infosecurity …

VPN4All encrypts data that is transmitted over the internet in order to ensure maximum privacy . Based in the Netherlands, the company has been providing various VPN services since 2009 when it was established. It has over 1000 IP addresses that are located in over 80 locations. Servers are also located offshore.
Features of VPN4All

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Any time you connect your computer or mobile device, it is assigned an IP address. Having said that, an IP address has a great bearing in identifying the identity as well as physical location of the computer user. HideMyIP is one of the VPN for torrenting that is essential in protecting your anonymity and ensuring data privacy. It works through assigning a new internet address to either a mobile device or a computer or through establishing encrypted connections between users. One can select from thousands of IP addresses that are located in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Asia, Europe, and Australia.

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There are several unique features of HideMyAss. To start with, it has three main pricing options: one, six, and twelve months. By implication, second, one can choose the relevant option depending on affordability and individual needs and preferences. The company avails software that can be used in the majority of the operating systems. Closely related to this is that it can use connections concurrently. Third, the server strength of HideMyAss is profound. The majority of the servers are located in the United States while a significant number of the servers are in European locations. Asia, Africa, Central America, Europe, North America, South America, and Oceania all have servers. In addition, HideMyAss provides L2TP, PPTP, and OpenVPN protocols.
Fourth, HideMyAss has user friendly apps and one does not to have any technical experience of the product in order to make use of HideMyAss. Lastly, HideMyAss provides tutorials that is of great help to its clients in trouble shooting and setting up of VPN accounts.

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