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I see both sides of the problem, but whats sad is my dad will make damn near twice as much money as I would coming out of college. With the degree on the piece of paper. Which is pathetic. Some people just need a break, so take a semester or two off. College is a grind and for some people they just need to take the time off. My friend who is one of the smartest guys in my class had to take a year off because he was worn out and it showed in his grades. He was put on academic probation. For others congrats on passing. I agree with the statement that High school is too lax with study habits. Most students dont even know how to take proper notes!!!! (me beign one of them) For most people the first semester is a eye opener that maybe the school or college just isnt the thing for them. FOr some the workplace is the best. But the 2 most BS statements about college is the horrible cost of books, of which half the time you dont even need, you pay $500 for books and half the time you dont even get 1/5th payback and the BS gen ed. I want to go to college and study my degree in history. Not learn about macro economics or music apriciation. I really dont see how supply and demand really tie into History. Take out the horrible costs of living in the dorms and the BS costs of books and let the students study for there actual degree and there would be a heck of lot more turn out for college. Thats my two cents

Well, I didn’t get any on-campus job here in Cameron University. I am a International student, and job is vital for me to maintain my future financial requirement. I guess the university is not hiring any international students knowingly, despite of laking the employees there. To me its not a good policy, I have got the feeling of transfering from this university….

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farmers, and in 1855, the state authorized a new college to be “devoted to Tips For Formatting Scholarship Application Essays - Scholarships Individuals who judge college scholarship essay contests look very closely at the copy paper and your essay will stand out if it is on a better type of paper.

Essays, research papers and thesis papers are Formatting Your Paper - Capital Community College The college's Guide to Writing Research Papers contains a section on formatting A serif typing font should be used, something like Times, Times Roman, Formatting College Essays - CPCC What does a college essay look like?

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| Education - Seattle PI assignments, necessary for in-class work or even required for certain college If you have the choice to hand-write or type an essay, it may sometimes be 22 Mar 2017 Read actual questions from students about the application essay and see answers and advice from college planning and admissions experts.

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I too struggled with the “quitting is for losers” and that cost me an entire year. I had a good GPA my first year for being relatively unprepared, but I had to work my butt off for it. I decided that it didn’t make any sense to pay people to torture me. If someone were to pay me as much money as college students are paying colleges, you’d better believe I would be expected to bend over backwards … not the other way around. I should not be working that hard to please them above and beyond fairness. I gave the college a second chance by staying another year, but the academic unfairness (lack of standards) simply got worse. I gained a lot from the networking and the getting out from under my parents’ roof, etc., but none of that gets reflected in the transcript or the expensive piece of paper employers ultimately wish to see on your resume.

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College is not the place it is painted to be. No learning goes on here. Professors (note that they are not called teachers anymore) hurl as much material as they can at students, and you either stay afloat or you sink, but you do not learn. I knew that no one was going to hold my hand through this process, but the college workload goes beyond that. They simply ask too much of you. The professors determine when you go to sleep, when you have time to do laundry or buy groceries, even when you have time to eat. At my weight it is not reasonable to skip meals to get some work done in between classes, but it happens often because there are no other options. Time management becomes a false concept when you spend all of your time getting work done. How can you get anything done ahead of time when there is constantly work to be done? If I were to complete every assignment on time as it was intended to be done, I guarantee literally 100% of my free time would be spent on homework and studying. Even if it is “just four years”, it is simply too demanding. Sure, it may take only ten minutes to saw your hand off, but you are still sawing your hand off.

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Here’s what I did learn: just as college isn’t for everybody, everybody’s not meant for the same type of work. That seems obvious, but I was pressured to have an intellectual/typical white-collar job for my whole life, just because I was perceived as smart and did well in school. With almost all productive labor in the US being outsourced and replaced with meaningless office slavery that contributes nothing to society, it’s no wonder. At least 50 years ago you could get a job in a factory and live pretty well without being branded an idiot who can’t get anything better.

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Coming from a rather poor family, I am pretty practical, and saw no reason to incur the additional 2 years of debt, to have to pay it off in a corporate job. Besides I already had job offers, so I just quit and took one. I learned the ropes in the real world and now just work for myself. I actually tried going back at one point “just for that piece of paper” but about halfway through the semester I realized how backwards the education system was. And being back in school with what I thought were sheep was pretty backwards in the Information Age. Now if I had a free ride just to take classes, sure, yeah, I would take them, but the outrageous tuition these days isn’t worth it whatsoever unless you want to be a corporate drone rat race type. That is the type of jobs college prepares you for. I do the same thing on the internet in subjects I am interested in, MIT has Open Courseware and other universities offer their material up for free too. You can get any textbook college uses on amazon.

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I am a junior in college, and boy can I tell you people that the GE courses are your easiest time, after that it’s mostly writing and much more critical thinking. I am glad I read everyone’s post because I already knew that college somehow prepared you in some mysterious ways for the real world. Now I know that they are: work ethics, perseverance, critical thinking (including scientific and individual/sociological), networking, and others.
The most important thing is that you like or even love your major or focus, it will keep your incentive up. I love mine and plan on going through day by day, test by test until I graduate.
LOOOOL at # 205, she took rock formations class for an international relations major, lmfao. I have to say yes that is some BS. The guy with the required minor in his degree is complete cunt donkey too. And if the school you go to can’t even get enough seats in classes for people that need them, F that school. I go to ASU, 60K students, I haven’t had 1 problem with closed seating.

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Im dropping out of college because of soaring costs and the sudden realization that college is nothing more than a business draining every student of money and time. The problem is that there are toooo many people going college. And unfortunately many of them will or already ending up debt. And one major problem I find with my classmates is that many DO NOT know what major they should pick, so they get stuck in the system, never getting out and feeding money to these “schools” and for what , a f…ing piece of paper???

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