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Non-Standard Technical Theater Terms

Silhouette is a science-fiction musical sung by ten voices, exploring the collision of magic and technology on a faraway world. An astronaut crash-lands on a seemingly backwards planet, only to realize the natives are capable of practicing strange forms of magic. But as the astronaut is nursed back to health by the natives, rescuers from her star fleet arrive and threaten to decimate society on this world. Can the astronaut bridge the gap between the hard science & technology of her own people, and the inexplicable magic wielded on the planet? When the astronaut is forcibly taken back to her people, the magic that follows her onto her ship brings chaos and havoc to her tightly controlled home.

The Theatre Student - Practical Stage Lighting, by Emmet W. Bongar (New York: Richard Rosen Press, Inc., 1971)
Everything about stage lighting for the beginner. Explains the uses of the different types of lights, care and maintenance of lighting equipment, and how to use lighting plots and cue sheets.

Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms ..

Glossary of Technical Theatre Terms Stage Management

During theperformance the Stage Manager, using a copy of the script annotated duringrehearsals, cues the actors and the various technical departments.

STSG is run by a voluntary committee of Theatre Technicians and Managers. This website is provided in good faith for the benefit of members, prospective members and other visitors with an interest in the Group. By continuing to use this website, we will assume your acceptance of these terms.

The position paper accords a very important role to the teacher as far as drama is concerned. Sukhesh tells us that on many occasions teachers themselves may be inhibited and that they need to be worked with first. Many times the perception that teachers also have is that theatre is something too performance-oriented which is an expert’s domain. This often puts off a lot of teachers. Sukhesh’s solution for this would be to get the teachers involved in workshops with activities to experience how drama is ‘done’ and to encourage them to experiment.

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Special Discounts for Schools and Non-Profits organizations. ABSENT MINDED COMEDY Looking for Improv, Stand-Up or other acts for your next event? Glossary of Theater TermsTHE SHORT LIST forperformers

· Turn in a TYPED theatre review paper on technical elements of ONE of the following: ..

The National Focus Group Position Papers on all aspects relating to education are a great repository of ideas, theory and guidelines for teachers, to understand and proceed with the teaching of different subject areas. The position paper dedicated to Arts, which deals with theatre and why and how it may be incorporated in the classroom, invokes what is called the ‘Sensitivity Pyramid through Drama’. Establishing Self Realization or seeking truth is the ultimate goal of human beings, and how art, and in particular the art of drama helps one to achieve this.

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Ceiling collapses in NTU lecture theatre, Latest …

Goldsmith the Cues: Left over from the days of piano dimmer boards on Broadway, before computers did everything. The lighting cuesheets were spread-sheeted by hand in order to be able to follow the cues and used to translate the cuesheets to a cut down road version, or (when necessary) to more modern electronic boards. Derived from the paper it was done on - 11x17 spread sheets printed by Goldsmith Brothers.

Theatre Templates, Forms and Documents

Dip-Free Cross-Fade: on the old two scene preset lighting consoles, when a designer started making adjustments in quarter points, we used to crossfade to the same exact cue. The resulting dip would convince the designer the adjustment had been made and we'd hear "oh, that looks much better." Thus, we'd be "free of the dip." Someone must have told; we now have dip-'less' crossfaders.

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Barbecue (bar' bi kyoo), v., to flip over a flat or similarly flat piece of scenery while carrying it horizontally. [From the process usually applied to nice racks of baby back ribs. As in, "let's barbecue this flat before we Iwo Jima it (thanks to someone else for a term new to me) or the pretty painted side is going to face upstage"]
I've heard rotisserie for that same maneuver.
We call it Surabachi-ing a piece here. (After the mountain on the island of Iwo Jima.)
This is similar to the term 180 [as in degrees of arc] a flat or set piece, whether on the X, Y, or Z axis.
The Muncie 180 = when you put the scenery down and the stagehands switch ends. A friend swears two students did this in Muncie when told to 180 a flat and put it in the truck.

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Radio alarm saw reminded me of a tool we use called the nomadic air gun. the name obviously from badly spelled test answer.

Brownwood Texas, February 1978
Joffrey II Dancers Tour.
Venue: HS Auditorium
Crew: HS Students carrying empty Coca-Cola cans to spit their tobacco in ( I am not makin this up )
First Order of Biz: Clean dead rodents out of dressing rooms before company arrives ( I am not makin this up )
Second Order of Biz: Scratching head at first then trying to not laugh too hard when finding out that their term for glass rondels is Gelatoids ( I am not makin this up )
Many years ago I used to do sound for the annual lampoon show done by the graduating class of the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. It was an extravaganza of effects and scenery, with the humor tending toward the gynecological. Over the years they had developed an entire lexicon of "theatrical" terms, and I decided it was easier to speak to them in their language. A few examples:
Battens were "poles", drops were "flyers". You'd "cone in" a followspot to make the beam smaller. One would "tease a flyer down" until it was at the right height at which point it was correctly "teased". And of course stage left and stage right were reversed -- that was the only one I asked them to change, to protect my sanity.

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