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Just got a call from my wife, who was out of town. Tess’ daughter – a member of my search team called her – “No treasure” – was the report –
D A R N.

I don’t believe FF carried the chest or the gold, etc. very
far on foot, on the day he hid these things. Please
consider this possibility: He may have driven a 4 x 4
vehicle (Jeep or similar) to a place very near the hidey spot, and then carried, on foot, the goodies perhaps a couple hundred feet or so. But we don’t know where he parked that vehicle. So we may be planning our hikes to be more than a mile long . . . which may, in fact, mislead us from knowing or believing what FF actually did. I don’t suggest that anybody seriously consider violating any laws while
on a search trip. And I strongly encourage people to not ASSUME anything. I could go into much more detail with this discussion, but I know that people get bored.

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Manual for writers of research papers theses and dissertations

In the movies The Searchers and Avatar the bad way people treat natives is very evident.

its OK now crowdog, you are free to enlighten us with as much nonsense as you desire. I havent nominated a searcher of the month in a long time. you are the front runner at present. tell us where you think the chest is.

Climbing over numerous trees in some spots I searched made me think an 80 year old man couldn’t do this. If those trees were not there when he hid it however, that would make it a much easier hike.

Police are disobeying the fourth amendment by searching illegally.

This thought has been very much on my mind, too Tony. I have been climbing over many-a-recently-fallen tree in my searches. Still-standing ponderosa pines are more often than not, surrounded by piles of their outer bark that have stripped off by the beetles, so hopefully the blaze was not carved into a tree, as was my initial thought. (I’m going to write some additional thoughts on this in a moment over on the blaze discussion page.)

The movie The Searchers is about a man named Ethan Edwards that comes home from the Civil War....

Fellow searchers:
Those if you whoom follow this blog know that recently I contacted The one and only FF himsef to ask him to join me on a search. As I reported, he undiscraisfully declined. Be so it, never the less, I continue ondaunted. My query was a huge sucess. Since he refuses to join me for a thrill of the chase, to me that meens I’m close! Had he (FF) said ok Bob I’ll go, then, I have no chance of finding said box. I’m connived into believing that the chest is in fakt in Telluride! So you read, fellow chasers that it is wise for the hound to put on a dress! I am that hound.
Happy Halloween !

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Another important issue in search engine bias is privacy....

This paper will discuss the different use of police force.

Randawg: how would my not knowing with certainty which state the chest is in have a bearing on my mathematically accurate statement that most searchers are looking in the wrong state? There are four possible states, therefore three are wrong. Unless more than 50% of searchers were looking in the same state (which surveys over the years suggest is not the case), then only a minority can be searching in the correct state.

Search engines are part of the reason the web is growing so rapidly.

A while back, I can’t find the thread at the moment, in June or July, a handful of people from California seemed to be interested in teaming up with someone to look for the treasure. I live in Pasadena, CA, and would love to team up with someone from CA to search for the treasure. Like many of you, I have some pretty good ideas where to look, though I’ve learned to be humble, and am unwilling to hike alone in grizzly country.

The Searchers story begins in Texas in 1868....

Tom B is correct. Ignore what others are doing; statistically they are all wrong. Probably a quarter million BOTG searches have been carried out over the last 7 years, none of them successful. Why worry about the half dozen “searchers of the week” and their equally flawed solutions? No one that I’ve seen posting here recently is searching in the right area IMO; most aren’t even searching in the right state (NOT my opinion: mathematical fact).

It considers the biggest search engine on the Web.

I’m looking for someone to search my spot for me. Not claiming to know where it is for sure, but satisfied that I’ve got a solution that fits the poem in a straightforward way.

Others have even gone in search of it, never to be heard from again.

Over the years there have been many extravagant recipes concocted and I suspect that you are likely to witness many more to come. Humble Pie is another completely different culinary delight that is reserved for the elite…those that can move forward with grace and admit their follies w/o remorse. Quick- fried Hat usually ends with disastrous effects…and best suited as a Last Supper…of sorts.
Good luck to all searchers…and have a great time out there in the Rockies !
I am still working on what the heck that “important possibility” might be.

A search on the keyword of “Iceland” makes it very easy to find.

I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only person who had searched there. A couple of days before the Fourth of July, someone with a Montana license plate (Bozeman frame) had gone in there. The reason I believe this is that after people park there, they have three places to go — somewhere along the adjacent river bank to admire the stunning views and watch the birds and wildlife, fly fishing in the river itself, or the opposite side of the Madison. There was no one to be seen. I waited a while to see if they would return but eventually left and went sightseeing.

What do the other searches think?

Just cause you will probably get a laugh…i spent hours last night with those numbers below…i added them, multiplied them, found a pattern, try latitudes, hardshad #, morse code, applied it to the alphabet, searched zip codes, elevations, phone codes etc…dreamt of numbers and woke up this morning and said. If Hegben was that deep it would reach China and have a drainage hole, all the water would leak out and if you did plunk it at Hegbens depth then I could just walk around and find it. Giggles.

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