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Demography of the Roman Empire - Wikipedia

While Roman Catholics refer to many early 'Bishops of Rome' as popes, the reality is that the term pope, or more specifically Pontifex Maximus, was not held by the Bishops of Rome until a few decades after Constantine.

Pontifex Maximus…Gratian refused the pontifical robe. He was the last Roman emperor to hold that title, for the college of Pontiffs was abolished under Emperor Theodosius in 395 C.E. (White C. The Emergence of Christianity. Greenwood Publishing Group, 2007 p. 89).

VIDEO: “Pax Romana” from The Fall of the Roman Empire 2011 recording session.

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So, both of the article saw flaws and possibilities in the old ‘Holy Roman Empire.’

Priest P. Huchedé (19th century): What this sign shall be time alone will reveal. Yet there are some commentators of the Holt Writ, who, according to a special revelation pretend to say that it shall be formed out of the Greek letters X and P, interlaced...which resembles the number of Christ. (Cornelius a Lapide in Epis. 2 to Thes.). No one can either buy or sell without that…(Huchedé, P. Translated by JBD. History of Antichrist. Imprimatur: Edward Charles Fabre, Bishop of Montreal. English edition 1884, Reprint 1976. TAN Books, Rockford (IL), p. 24).

Germany’s past casts a long shadow. … with the questions of how Germany will use its current economic and political influence, and how far the EU can or should contain that power. For answers we should look back in time to when Germany was part of the Holy Roman Empire. …

The Fall Of The Roman Empire Essay

Charlemagne was crowned the first Holy Roman Emperor, reputedly with the Iron Crown, by Pope Leo III in Rome on Christmas Night, 800 AD. He lived from {DOB 742} 782-814 and, as King of the Franks, established and ruled over a kingdom that spanned virtually all the Christian States of western Europe, including what is now France, Switzerland, Belgium, The Netherlands, half of Italy and Germany, part of Austria and a small part of Spain. His role in uniting much of Europe is regarded as having an impact that remains until today (source Australian Government: accessed 07/04/15).

een Rome and some type of Roman Empire. Would that not be the relationship between the Vatican and the European Union?

We expect empires to have a clear and stable core inhabited by an imperial people that imposes its will on peripheral regions. But the Holy Roman Empire had no core, because it never possessed a clear centre of government or even an official capital. Instead, power was always multiple and plural. The management of daily life was devolved to more local powers.

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Essays about the fall of the roman empire - … of Europe's great symbols of power the Iron Crown of the first Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne...The Iron Crown, made of gold and iron and set with precious stones, is held in the Cathedral at Monza, near Milan, in Italy...a recent refurbishment of the crown it was discovered that its precious stones were held in place by a mixture of beeswax and clay, a common adhesive of the times...

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The Vatican provided a tanigible demonstration of its support of unification by establishing diplomatic relations in 1970 with the European Common Market Commission in Brussels and naming a papal nuncio (ambassador) to the EEC. Speaking personally with the president of the European Parliament in November 1973, the pontiff said the search for European unity must combine both "boldness and realism." He reminded the Common Market official of the "profound interest which the Holy See has long felt for the progress of European unity." The pope at that time also indicated two reasons why he believed Europe should unite on a supranational level. First, the people of Europe needed to collaborate to find solutions to the social, economic, and human problems facing them. Secondly, a united Europe , he suggested, could be desirable in relation to other countries of the world which look to Europe as a guide to the values of civilization. In view of the Vatican's continual support of the United Europe idea - restated again only last month - Roman Catholicism may once again provide the unifying theme to override the long-standing differences obstructing the road to European unity. A modern-day "Holy Roman Empire" may be just over the horizon. (VATICAN ISSUES NEW CALL FOR EUROPEAN UNITY ' ''Reawaken Europe's Christian Soul," Paul VI Tells Bishops in Rome Conference. Plain Truth, November 22, 1975, pp. 3,5)

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Pope Paul observed in 1969 during a meeting with West German Chancellor Willy Brandt that the Vatican "notes with pleasure that the German government contributes actively to "the achievement of the aim [of European unification]." In light of the dominant role of the German nation in the medieval Holy Roman Empire, this statement carried added significance.

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The empire scarcely seems worthy of discussion today. If it has any resonance at all, it is usually thanks to Voltaire’s quip that it was “neither holy, Roman nor an empire”. Founded by Charlemagne on Christmas Day 800, the empire appeared to go into decline almost immediately until being swept away as an obsolete irrelevance by Napoleon in 1806. …

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But since the passing of the Holy Roman Empire, Europe has been hopelessly divided without even the semblance of any kind of unity. Two world wars have ravaged the Continent and divisive national and factional quarrels have flared up periodically.

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The Holy Roman Empire spanned the millennium from the coronation of Charlemagne as Holy Roman emperor by Pope Leo III in A.D. 800 to the . empire's abolition by Napoleon in 1806. It saw a close association between the ruling dynasties of Frankish and German kings and the papacy in Rome, although there were frequent church-state quarrels. Until the 16th century, the Holy Roman emperor was personally crowned by the Pope. The Holy Roman Empire held forth the pretension, at least , of political unity, but its primary unity was found in the religious sphere. The Roman church was the real rallying point, providing a unifying theme among the diverse national and political elements on the Continent. Personal loyalty to the church transcended, as a rule, lesser secular loyalties and divisions.

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