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the first writing of your essay or term paper

an original piece of work on a single topic - A term presents subject matter that is related to a course of study.(applying new concepts, theories) " " and "Term Paper" are interchangeable terms.

to organize and synthesize gathered information and ideas in a personal way, to write the term paper while revising and editing (See from Alberta Education, p. 63)

Many students have enjoyed doing an interview as part of researching this term paper.

Term Paper | Definition of Term Paper by Merriam-Webster

The term paper is worth 20+5 = 25% of the course grade (subject to minor changes).

All writers follow a circular path as they develop an essay. The Inquiry Model shown here reflects this path. In "Writing a Term Paper", several model essays are offered and two of the authors have been interviewed. The authors' responses will help students examine the text more closely and think about the way that the author planned, organized, developed, and wrote the work.

It is also important to realize that your report will be judged in part by such standards as neatness, grammar, and spelling, and other such technical criteria. It is not uncommon for university instructors to get papers that represent a good research and analytical effort but that are sloppy, contain numerous grammatical errors, are full of misspellings, or are burdened by other such technical deficiencies. Such shortcomings make you look bad. It is very difficult for an instructor (or, later on, your boss) to be dazzled by your intellectual acumen while being simultaneously appalled by your English usage. Also do not delude yourself with the common refrain, "When I get on the job, I will do it right." It takes practice to do things well. That is true for rollerblading, shooting baskets, and playing the guitar. It is also true for doing a research paper. Now, in college, is the time to practice and learn. Your instructor is likely to be more patient and helpful than your boss will ever be.

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Noelle Fraser: "". The is a study of rural to urban migration as reflected in the Alberta town of Chipman. The essay, which was written for a university history class, is a well-researched and interesting paper that won the Henry Gerrie Ward Scholarship in Western Canadian History award.

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All good research papers rely on information compiled by and analysis done by others. If you write a research paper without consulting other works, then you have written an essay, not a report. If you do rely in part on the work of other people and you do not cite them, you have failed in your responsibilities. A research paper cite the work of others.

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Noelle: I would photocopy articles that I found in newspapers or magazines. I'd use a highlighter pen and make marginal notes on the photocopies. I'd make sure I had all the information on the photocopies. For books I would use post-it notes or keep the notes in my binder (remember to make note of where you are getting the information).

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Did you find any information that seemed confusing because it didn't support (or maybe even refuted) the focus of your paper? How did you deal with that?

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2. There are many people who can help you write a first-rate paper. One person is your instructor. Discuss your topic and your ideas with your professor. He or she may be able to help you refine your topic, avoid pitfalls, identify resources, or plan the paper's organization. Submit drafts to your professor far enough ahead of the deadline to give the instructor time to suggest revisions. It may prove helpful also to ask a classmate, a family member, or someone else to read your paper. Most people are not good judges of their own writing. We tend to read what we meant to say, not what we actually wrote. A fresh reader will be able to point out technical errors and lapses in your argument and organization. Writing centers are another source of help at many colleges and universities. You may have already paid for such assistance with your tuition dollars; you might as well use it.

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Alex: Sometimes it is difficult not to plagiarize, especially when writing informatively. I got around this by paraphrasing information on the screen, onto a rough sheet of paper. I found this tactic very helpful in making sure it was my ideas going into my essay. Also, even though in this essay I didn't use them, I find to very helpful if I want to quote directly from a source in my paper.

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1. No professional writer would dream of sending a manuscript out for review or to press without writing multiple drafts. Indeed, the more one writes, the more one feels the need to do drafts. Only undergraduates have the hubris to keyboard a paper into the computer, print a copy out, hand it in, and wait confidently for that rave review and an "A" grade from the instructor. A better idea is to write a first draft. Note here that the adjective "rough" does not precede "draft." Your draft should be complete and carefully done. Once your smooth draft is done, put it aside for a few days so that you can gain perspective. Then reread it. You may be surprised at how many ways you find to improve what you have written when you look at it with "fresh eyes." The same is true for your third and subsequent drafts.

How to Write a Decent Term Paper

Effort: Thomas Alva Edison once supposedly commented that "Genius is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." That is true whether one is inventing the lightbulb or creating an essay, a report, or a book. Writing and polishing drafts of a paper take time and effort. They cannot be done the night before the paper is due. If you sit down at your word processor the night before your report is due and write it into the wee hours of the morning, you will almost certainly leave your reader as bleary-eyed when he or she reads the paper as you were when you wrote it. Two things to do are to write drafts and to get others to read your paper.

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Besides organization, the other hallmark of a good paper is clarity in writing. Remember that if a paper fails to communicate well, then its research-no matter how well done--will have little impact. There is an old piece of advice that says, "write like you speak." This is terrible advice, at least for formal papers. Good written communication is somewhat different from good spoken communication. When you speak to someone, especially face to face, you can convey meaning through voice inflection, gestures, and other methods in addition to your words. These methods are not available in written communications. Therefore, choice of words, punctuation, and other considerations are particularly vital when you write. Good writing can be divided into three parts: effort, style considerations, and technical matters.

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