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Close up damaged paper eaten by termite or white ant

(PDF) by D. Damery, J. Benjamin, M. Kelty, and R. J. Lilieholm
Heightened interest in renewable energy has produced a spate of new research into the feasibility of forest biomass as a feedstock. The US Northeast is one of the few regions worldwide that supports both a large forest resource and a relatively high population density and hence energy demand. This paper outlines economic, ecological, and social considerations that must be addressed in order to achieve a sustainable forest biomass industry. (Accepted for publication Proceedings ECOSUD 2009 Seventh International Conference on Ecosystems and Sustainable Development, 8 – 10 July 2009, Chianciano Terme, Italy)

FX Graph places the power of the FX Draw's Termites Mobile Apps and Forms for iPhone, iPad, Android When an estimate or proposal for termite treatment is submitted to a consumer This mobile application takes the place of a paper inspection for termite and wood

Using forceps, CAREFULLY place a termite on the paper and observe its behavior.4.

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Once termites are detected in the monitors, the toxicant-laced paper or cardboard baits are added.

It turns out that the ink in the Papermate ballpoint has a substance that resembles pheromones that the termites recognize. Use a blue Papermate pen and another blue pen to which the termite will not respond.

Termites are only a problem if they gain access to wood, particularly those wooden members that make up our homes and surrounding decks and fences. Scrape wood, fire wood, or cardboard laying under homes in subareas or near foundations walls can be a source of subterranean termite attack. All cellulose materials in soil-contact need to be removed. Subterranean and dampwood termites also like water. An additional preventative tactic includes the fixing or removal of sources of water. Leaking pipes, leaky irrigation systems, and over-watered planter boxes may be sources of attraction to termites. Sand barriers, metal barriers, and wood chemically treated have varying levels of success in preventing termite attack (see Research Paper section and UC Davis Pest Note link). For drywood termites, yearly walkabouts of your home looking for piles of pellets is a good preventive practice (remember area between walls and inaccessible locations will be difficult or impossible to visually inspect). If you are not sure if a pile was really produced by drywood termites, they can vacuumed or swept away. If the piles reappear, it probably time to seek professional help. Finally, there is some evidence that certain forms of chemically treated wood (pressure-treated and professionally topically applied) can prevent the establishment of new colonies by termite kings and queens.

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Petri dish, Paper, Papermate ballpoint pen, rollerball pen, Termites, forceps (tweezers), other pens and pencils, colored pencils, and scissors.

In this paper we present Termite, a visual analysis tool for assessing topic model quality.

Using , scientists have isolated a volatile compound known as 2-phenoxyethanol in certain ballpoint pen inks, and identified it as the likely termite attractant. But 2-phenoxyethanol isn't present in all ink. Felt-tip pens don't seem to attract termites, nor do lines drawn with rollerball pens. Termites won't follow trails made by all ballpoint pen brands, but seem to prefer those made by Papermate® or Bic®. The 2-phenoxyethanol occurs in blue ink only, it seems, because termites aren't inclined to follow trails of black or red ink.

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Certain fatty acids and alcohols seem to confuse traveling termites, for example. And quite by accident (presumably), the makers of Papermate® pens have managed to produce ink that reliably mimics a termite trail pheromone. Draw a circle, line, or even a figure eight with one of these magic termite-attracting pens, and the termites will with their antennae to the paper.

but termites will eat it in any form—be it paper, books, ..

There is no right answer to this question. Treatment options vary considerably with the species of termite, extent, and degree of infestation. There are many variables. If you know the species of termite infesting your home, the six papers in the Research Paper section of this webpage can help. If your termite problem is caused by drywood termites, the UC Davis Pest Note link has a table that lists the strengths and limitations of many chemical and nonchemical methods of control. If your termite problem is caused by subterranean termites, the paper entitled Alternative Control Strategies for Termites (see Research Paper section), also lists many chemical and nonchemical options. It may be helpful to you to review some of these papers before seeking professional help.

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Federal and some state statues strictly regulate pesticide use and guarantee the short-term and long-term safety of chemicals for termite control when used per label instructions by qualified professionals. An abbreviated version of the safety information is included in a document called, Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). By law, all pest control operators should have these sheets in their service vehicles. You can also request this information from your termite control provider. Some papers in the Research Paper section of this webpage contain some safety information for a number of termite control methods (UC Davis Pest Notes and PCOC links also contain useful information). A word of caution. Beware of buying unregulated materials claiming termite control (mail order, tele-marketing, infommercials). All termite control methods, if approved, should have federal authorization. If in doubt, contact your local state department of pesticide regulation.

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When termites are found feeding on the wood monitors, the bait— consisting of loosely wadded, shredded paper toweling— is stuffed into the center of the station without removing the monitors.

The termites forage inside the box and consume the paper bait.

including termite treatment graphs, WDI/WDO Treatment Specifications Form with Graph Lines.Graphs - Smart Pest SoftwareBest of all, I can create them faster than when I used pencil and paper.

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