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The effect of television creates negative development in children.

Huss, M. T., Covell, C. N., Langhinrichsen-Rohling, J. (2006). Clinical implications for the assessment and treatment of antisocial and psychopathic domestic violence perpetrators. (1), 59-85. doi:10.1300/J146v13n01_04 This article examines the evidence regarding the presence of a subgroup of antisocial and potentially psychopathic batterers, and encourages clinicians to routinely assess for these traits. Antisocial/ psychopathic characteristics are potentially problematic in the ongoing evaluation of risk and demand special attention in cases of domestic violence. Furthermore, there are a number of treatment implications because of the characterlogical deficits associated with the group. Suggestions are provided for improving treatment effectiveness and risk management with these batterers. . . . As a whole, the reviewed data clearly suggest there are increased difficulties associated with treating psychopathic and antisocial batterers.

Harris, G. T., Skilling, T. A., & Rice, M. E. (2001). The construct of psychopathy. , 197- 264. As a psychological construct, psychopathy has undergone recent change, and there is still disagreement as to its fundamental character. Nevertheless, it can be reliably and validly measured with such behaviors as callousness, impulsivity, sensation seeking, dishonesty, emotional detachment, extreme selfishness, antisociality, belligerence, juvenile delinquency, and sexual promiscuity. Hare's Psychopathy Checklist- Revised is the best available assessment. Psychopathy exists in women, men, children, and in all racial and ethnic groups examined. No one knows whether some psychopaths function successfully without committing serious offenses. Among institutionalized offender samples, psychopathy is the strongest predictor of violent recidivism and differential response to treatment yet discovered. Although psychopaths can exhibit subtle neurological, physiological, and cognitive differences compared with other people, it is unclear whether these differences constitute defective brain function or the execution of a viable life strategy.


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Television affects the psyche of children and adults differently....

After a review of chapters six and seven in the Baran text focusing on the role of television in society, I believe that parents should restrict their children’s amount of exposure to violent television programs and increase their exposure to public broadcasting television, Discovery Channel, and positive local community group involvement (Baran)....

— Some authors suggest that it is those who have suffered child abuse and victimization by different perpetrators who are more likely to show violent and/or sexually offending behaviour.

KEYWORDS: tv violence child development aggression term paper.

Write a 1,400 word paper analyzing the influence on young people under the age of 18 of sex and violence portrayed in movies, television, and video games. What is your opinion? What do research experts say about the effects on young people?

Children in the United States watch an average of three to four hours of television a day.

It may be hard to believe an abusive partner can ever make good on his threat to take the children away from his victim. After all, he has a history of violent behavior and she almost never does. Unacceptably, a surprising number of battered women lose custody of their children. The actual number is not known and offenders appear to be more successful in gaining custody than non-offenders. Violent men often present themselves well in public. Since they are very much in control of their behavior, they usually don’t exhibit their anger outside the home. In fact they can appear to be very reasonable and respectable. This often makes it more difficult for women to disclose the violence. An estimated 70% of men who abuse their wives or female partners also abuse the children living in the home.

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With all of the role models how does television affect our children.


As a society we tend to close our eyes to this enormous problem that affects everyone. We use the excuse that it is none of our business and that we don’t want to get involved, that is until someone is murdered and then we are shocked and horrified. According to the FBI, 26% of all female homicides in 1995 were attributable to domestic violence (FBI). During 1996, there were 25 domestic violence related homicides in Sacramento County, accounting for 29% of all homicides. These killings usually take place when the female partner wants to leave the relationship. (Women who leave their batterers are at a 75% greater risk of being killed by the batterer than those who stay) (Stark). If she succeeds in leaving without being killed, she usually finds herself in a maze of legal and financial problems. If there are children involved in the relationship, custody problems are sure to follow.


Additionally, emotional abuse of children by men who batter is even more likely because nearly all of these men’s children are exposed to domestic violence (Pagelow). This exposure often constitutes as a severe form of child abuse since the problems associated with witnessing abuse are now known to our society (Edelson). Although state laws include emotional abuse in their statutory definitions of child abuse and domestic violence, this type of abuse is difficult to substantiate and often ignored by child protection worker.


Because of the concern of and video games in recent years, there has been a demand by parents for video rating guidelines According to the Entertainment Software Rating Board, a rating of “E” means that the video game is an item that can be enjoyed by children six years or older. However, it does not mean that the video game has no violence. In fact of fifty games reviewed, thirty-five of them had violent scenes for more than thirty percent of the time that they are played.

Children Violence Television Essays and Term Papers 1 …

The experiments that have been done in the last 30-40 years focus on various aspects of the impact of television, from eating behavior, to cognitive effects.

Domestic Abuse term papers (paper 13323) on Television Violence: ..

Parents may not even realize that their children can be affected even if they do not see the violence. For example, the children may be hiding in their bedrooms listening to repeated threats, blows and breaking objects. Obviously, they may be terrified their mother will be injured or killed, but they may also have divided loyalties between their parents, guilt about not being able to protect and help their mother, and anger at their mothers for not leaving (Saunders). There are short and long-term affects for both boys and girls. Children who witness violence in the home commonly display emotional and behavioral problems, anxiety, withdrawal, low self esteem, nightmares, self- blame, depression, poor school performance, aggression against peers, family members and property. Sadly, It is common for the children to feel that they are responsible for the abuse. According to the Journal of Juvenile Justice Digest (1989), a comparison of delinquent and nondelinquent youth found that history of family violence or abuse is the most significant difference between the two groups. Over 3 million American children witness acts of domestic violence each year. Children in violent homes are 74% more likely to commit assault against others and six times more likely to commit suicide.

Violence in Television – Premium Assignment Help

At birth, a baby’s brain has approximately 100 billion nerve cells. These cells are not yet fully mature and lack the critical connections that determine an individual’s emotional, social, and intellectual make-up. Most of these gaps disappear by the time the child is six years old, but the brain remains greatly impressionable well into teen years. By the age three, a child’s brain has twice as many synapses as an adult’s brain. This suggests that children are biologically primed to learn in the early stages of life. The material and environment children are exposed to during this crucial stage builds the standards of right and wrong. If a child lives in an environment where violence appears to be acceptable, the child will form a connection and often accept the behavior as appropriate. When a child establishes a connection, and the connection is reinforced in the early years, it becomes permanent. A connection that is used rarely, or not at all, is unlikely to survive. For example, studies show that a child who is rarely spoken to or read to in the early years may have difficulty mastering language skills later in life. Similarly, a child who is exposed to violent acts on a regular basis often experiences a wide range of side effects as a child, and also as an adult (Television Viewing). Before the days of advanced video games, television, and movies different forms of violence impacted children. It is documented that Hawaiian teachers perceived an extreme increase in violent play after the bombing of Pearl Harbor (Arnold 65).

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