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considered quantitative and qualitative research papers that ..

Qualitative research is an analytical research which is aimed at gaining an understanding of critical opinions, reasons, and motivations. It provides a complete, detailed description of the phenomenon of study. Most importantly, qualitative studies are undertaken to uncover trends in thought and opinions hence giving a deeper highlights about the problem. The basic concept of qualitative research is opinion and thoughts (Burns, 2000).

On the other hand, quantitative research encompasses any research which based on something that can be measured accurately and precisely (Burns, 2000). That is; quantitative research highly focuses on counting and classifying features that will then be used to construct statistical models and figures to help explain the underlying phenomenon. Quantitative research is therefore used to quantify opinions, attitudes, behaviors and other defined variables.

21 – January 2006 The Use of Qualitative Content Analysis in Case Study Research

Qualitative and Quantitative Research - College Term Papers

Qualitative and quantitative analysis of solar hydrogen generation literature from 2001 to 2014

Learning Set
• Post your initial response to the questions both to the Learning Set
Discussion forum and to the Turnitin link provided by Monday (Day 5) and
respond to your teammates by Wednesday (Day 7). On Days 1- 4
(Thursday -Sunday) be sure to engage your learning set members with
questions about the reading or with your answers to the above questions.
Critical Literature Review
• Post your Critical Literature Review by Wednesday (Day 7)
Week 5: Solidifying Plans for Research
Learnin g Objectives
• Apply research methodologies and methods to a workplace -based
No required readings this week
Learning Set
• Post your initial response to the questions both to the Learning Set
Discussion forum and to the Turnitin link provided by Monday (Day 5) and
respond to your teammates by Wednesday (Day 7). On Days 1- 4
(Thursday -Sunday) be sure to engage your learning set members with
questions about the reading or with your answers to the above questions.
Problematising Write-up
• Post your write-up by Wednesday (Day 7)
Week 6: Generating Quantitative Data from Populations and Samples

Learning Objectives
• Compare data analysis, representation, and interpretation methods for
each of the five key qualitative research methods discussed;
• Discuss how each approach addresses different research purposes based
on different epistemologies;
• Explore post-structuralist and critical ideas surrounding the meanings and
purposes of research;
• Learn and reflect on practical techniques for analysing, coding, and
interpreting qualitative data, including how to use computer packages for
this purpose.
• Creswell, J. (2013) Qualitative inquiry and research design: choosing
among five approaches. 3rd ed. Lon don: Sage.
o Chapters 8 -9

An essay or paper on Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Learning Objectives
• Critique the data collection and measurement techniques used in
published quantitative studies that involve populations and samples;

A common question from newcomers to qualitative research is, what’s the right sample size

• Describe the main focus and purposes of qualitative research and the key
questions to consider regarding design, data collection, interpretation, and
• Consider how the qualitative methodologies you have been introduced to
might be applied to issues and problems in your organisation, and
consider the different insights they might produce;
• Become familiar with the dominant qualitative research methodologies and
the qualitative research process.

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Quantitative and Qualitative Research ..

to explore it using quantitative or qualitative research ..

These are a research instrument that contains sets of questions and is usually filled in by the enumerators. Schedules are exquisite in extensive inquiries and give fairly reliable results. However, they are very expensive and are mostly used by government agencies in collecting data. They are suitable for quantitative data (Bernard & Ryan, 2010).

Qualitative vs Quantitative Research (PDF Download …

The process of analyzing qualitative data is non-statistical in nature. The methods used in the analysis are informed by the concrete material at hand. In regards to quantitative research, data analysis methods are statistical in nature and are tabulated. The findings of quantitative data are mostly descriptive nature and most importantly within the numerical framework (Bernard & Ryan, 2010).

Management Research: Quantitative and Qualitative | …

A questionnaire is a research instrument that contains series of questions and other prompts that are aimed at gathering information from respondents. Questionnaires can be used to collect both quantitative and qualitative data (Bernard & Ryan, 2010).

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Essay

Critiquing the validity and robustness of research featured in journal articles provides a critical foundation for engaging in evidence-based practice. In Weeks 5 and 6, you explored quantitative research designs. In Week 7, you will examine qualitative and mixed methods research designs. For this Assignment, which is due by Day 7 of Week 7, you critique a quantitative and either a qualitative or a mixed methods research study and compare the types of information obtained in each.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research

The main differences between qualitative and quantitative research revolve around the data sample, methods of data collection and data analysis (Dawson & Dawson, 2009). Methods used in collecting quantitative data are more structured as compared to qualitative data collection methods. Data collection methods for quantitative data include surveys, face-to-face interviews, longitudinal studies, systematic observations and website interceptors. A quantitative sample is always large as compared to qualitative samples (Dawson & Dawson, 2009). Qualitative methods of data collection vary using semi-structured and unstructured techniques. They include, focus groups discussions, participation, individual interviews, and observations.

Quantitative and qualitative research paper -

Learning Set participation in Weeks 6-10. This assessment will form 15%
of your grade, for a total of 25% for Learning Set participation overall.
• The Critical Literatur e Review, due in Week 4 , is a 2,000 -word
document and is the first component of the CAL project. In this module,
t his document should:
o Frame your research question in the context of relevant literature;
o Identify and analyse different approaches that have b een taken to
studying your problem or similar problems in the literature;
o Critically evaluate methodological literature on approaches to
studying your problem or similar problems.
• The Problematising Write-up, due in Week 5 , is a 750 -word document
and is th e second component of the CAL project. In this module, this
o S ummarises how the identified issue can be studied and the
desired outcomes of a research project focused on the identified
• The CAL Final Report, due in Week 10 , is a 2,500 -word document
(beyond the literature review and problemati sing write-up) that details how
you approached solving the identified problem, issues encountered during
the problem -solving process, and outcomes from the process. As such,
the final report is the fina l component of the CAL project and , in this
o Provides a narrative account of the iterative process of engaging
with management research concepts to achieve enhanced
understanding and potential resolution of your workplace-based
o Identifies the steps taken to formulate research questions, choose
research approaches, methods, and tools, and set research goals;
o Indicates how the literature informed the process of reviewing,
evaluating, and making decisions about research methods in the
context of your identified problem;
o Indicates how dialogue and activities in the Learning Set informed
this process;
o Addresses a plan for putting chosen research approaches into
practice and linking your research goals with your goals for taking
action in your pro fessional setting.
Students will have an opportunity to resubmit this element of assessment if the
first submission does not reach a pass standard.

Quantitative Qualitative Research Essay - 1553 Words

To prepare:
•Select a health topic of interest to you that is relevant to your current area of practice. The topic may be your Course Portfolio Project or a different topic of your choice.
•Using the Walden Library, locate two articles in scholarly journals that deal with your portfolio topic: 1) Select one article that utilizes a quantitative research design and 2) select a second article that utilizes either a qualitative OR a mixed methods design. These need to be single studies not systematic or integrative reviews (including meta-analysis and metasynthesis). You may use research articles from your reference list. If you cannot find these two types of research on your portfolio topic, you may choose another topic.
•Locate the following documents in this week’s Learning Resources to access the appropriate templates, which will guide your critique of each article: ?Critique Template for a Qualitative Study
?Critique Template for a Quantitative Study
?Critique Template for a Mixed-Methods Study

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