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Professional development plan - Nursing Term Papers

There are multiple reasons for using technology. Teacher quality, effectiveness, and, in some cases, employment will be strongly tied to results of Common Core assessments for learners, as tests will be online. Pre-schoolers and up are using apps on mobile devices. Hence, there's an expectation that using technology will carry over into all aspects of formal schooling: curriculum, instruction, and assessment. However, planners of professional development activities should be aware of the components of effective professional development for technology use. According to the North Central Regional Education Laboratory (2000):

Introduction to the APN professional development plan 15 10 Introduces the purpose of the paper and addresses all background information elements (who, what, where, when, and why) for the APN professional development plan.
APN Scope of Practice
(TEXAS) 30 20 Provide detailed information regarding education, licensure, and regulatory requirements, as well as practice environment details. Include information regarding full, limited, or restricted practice limitations as well as prescriptive authority.
Personal Assessment
20 13 Perform a personal assessment and reflect upon your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and objectives.
Networking and Marketing Strategies 20 13 Provide detailed information regarding local and national professional organizations that advertise employment opportunities for APNs. Identify networking and marketing strategies and provide a rationale for your selections (MY SPECIALTY IS HOSPICE BUT LOOKING TO BRANCH OUT TO OTHER LIKE CLINIC WORK( PRIMARY CARE CLINICS)
Curriculum Vitae
I WILL COMPLETE 30 20 Provide accurate information regarding the nurse practitioner’s abilities, skills, and accomplishments. (I WILL COMPLETE)
Conclusion 15 10 An effective conclusion identifies the main ideas and major conclusions from the body of your manuscript. Minor details should not be included. Summarize important aspects of the APN professional development plan.
Clarity of writing 15 10 Use of standard English grammar and sentence structure. No spelling errors or typographical errors. Organized around the required components using appropriate headers.
APA format 5 4 All information taken from another source, even if summarized, must be appropriately cited in the manuscript and listed in the references using APA (6th ed.) format:
1. Document setup
2. Title and reference pages
3. Citations in the text and references.

Professional Development Plan - Term Paper

Term Papers Professional Development Plan - …

Professionals reflect and plan their professional development. All staff are required to have a current IPDP to meet –

The Program of Study (POS) for your specialization and the Professional Development Plan (PDP) help you to become familiar with the courses you will take, when they will be completed, and how the degree program fits into your overall academic and professional goals. For this Assignment, you write a Professional Development Plan to submit to the Week 5 Assignment submission link.
Throughout your degree program you will create a professional portfolio. In each course, one Assignment will be designated for inclusion in your portfolio. This portfolio provides a rich opportunity to evidence your growth as a scholar-practitioner. For this course, your PDP will serve as the artifact for your Portfolio.
Note: As you progress through the program, ensure that you save all of your portfolio assignments on your computer and to backup those files to a secure device such as a flash drive or external hard drive. You will have a variety of Instructors throughout your program, and it is your responsibility to save these assignments for your portfolio.

The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) also elaborates on multiple activities that fall within professional development. For example, activities for all teachers could also improve and increase teachers' "ability to analyze student work and achievement from multiple sources, including how to adjust instructional strategies, assessments, and materials based on such analysis" or improve their classroom management skills or advance their understanding of "effective instructional strategies that are evidenced-based." Activities might also "include instruction in the use of data and assessments to inform and instruct classroom practice" (114th Congress, 2015, p. S.1177-296).

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One cannot teach mathematics well without a thorough understanding of content and knowledge of pedagogy. That pedagogy also includes acquiring knowledge and skills for integrating technology into curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Carpenter, Blanton, Cobb, Franke, Kaput, and McClain (2004) said, "The most critical things that teachers need to learn revolve around content knowledge and the student learning trajectories specific to that knowledge" (p. 11). Further, "[l]earning specific content and learning how students learn that content" (p. 11) should be central to professional development efforts for teaching for learning with understanding.

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1. APA (2010) format is required with both a title page and reference page. Use the required components of the review as Level 1 headers (upper and lower case, centered):
a. Introduction to the APN professional development plan
b. APN Scope of Practice
c. Personal Assessment
d. Networking and Marketing Strategies
e. Conclusion

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The focus of professional development should not be limited to content, teaching methods, and learning outcomes. According to Intrator and Kunzman (2006), teachers leave the profession when their deeper needs are not met. "Teachers yearn for professional development experiences that not only advance their skills and knowledge base but also simultaneously probe their sense of purpose and invite deliberation about what matters most in good teaching" (p. 39). Programs, such as Courage to Teach, help promote that inner reflection by focusing on personal and professional beliefs and how those beliefs affect teaching. The program, which involves a series of three-day retreats, was begun by Parker Palmer in 1994 with a group of Michigan teachers. The Courage to Teach program is at the .

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Further, professional development is more effective in changing teachers' practice when it is organized around the collective participation of teachers (e.g., from the same school, department, or grade levels), focused on content knowledge and active learning activities (teachers are allowed to apply what they are learning), and coherent (aligned with teachers' professional knowledge or community, as well as with state or district standards and assessments). Sustained and intensive professional development is more likely to have an impact, as reported by teachers, than is shorter professional development, according to the ASCD (2003, July 22), which reported on the three-year professional development study of math and science teachers by Garet, Desimone, Porter, Yoon, and Birman (2001).

Introduction to the APN professional development plan b

The following are best practices for preparing this paper:
1. Review Chapter 29- Role Transition: Strategies for Success in the Marketplace in
DeNisco and Barker (2013).
2. Nurse practitioners need to take into account the state rules and regulations that guide advanced practice. Research and review the Nurse Practice Act and APN scope of practice guidelines in your particular state. Identify information regarding educational requirements, licensure and regulatory requirements, as well as practice environment details. Review information regarding full, limited, or restricted practice limitations as well as prescriptive authority.
3. (SEE BELOW) Review Guidelines for APN Role Transition Using Benner’s Self-Assessment Tool Prior to engaging in pursuit for employment, APNs should complete a comprehensive, honest, affirmative personal assessment to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as their goals and objectives. Research assessment tools, conduct a personal assessment, and reflect upon your strengths, weaknesses, goals, and objectives.
4. To complete the transition from students to expert nurse practitioners working in the healthcare field, graduating APN students will need to secure their first position. Research local and national professional organizations that advertise employment opportunities for APNs. Identify networking and marketing strategies and provide a rationale for your selections.
5. (I WILL COMPLETE CURRICULM VITAE (CV) Write your Curriculum Vitae (CV). Refer to the template on pages 618-619 in DeNisco and Barker (2013). Your CV should not exceed 2 pages in length.
6. When concluding the paper, summarize important aspects of the APN professional development plan.

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Most professional development today is ineffective. It neither changes teacher practice nor improves student learning. However, research suggests that effective professional development abides by the following principles:

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However, consider that teachers are often overwhelmed by so-called professional development sessions from which they conclude did not give them the concrete ideas they had hoped for to take back to their classrooms. Indeed, in a report written for the Center for Public Education, an initiative of the National School Boards Association, Allison Gulamhussein (2013) found:

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