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Treatment of Ovarian Epithelial Cancer

Although this research represents the most recent findings on the pathophysiology of ovarian cancer, researchers have also found that the incidence of many ovarian cancer cases are directly related to deletions or mutations in the p53 gene. An author in a pathophysiology of ovarian cancer research project notes the following:

Also, subversion of host antitumor immune
responses may play a role in the pathogenesis of cancer (Sharp, 77).

Ovarian clear cell adenocarcinoma was first described by Peham in 1899
as "hypernephroma of the ovary" because of its resemblance to renal cell

Ovarian cancer is staged as follows:Stage I cancer is confined to one or both ovaries.

In 1994, about 24,000 new cases of ovarian cancer were diagnosed.

Treatment OptionsThere are basically three forms of treatment of ovarian cancer.

Depending on the pathologist's interpretation of the tissue removed, there may be no further treatment if the cancer is low grade, or if the tumor is high grade the patient may receive combination chemotherapy.

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Use of frequent clinical follow-up can detect treatment earlier.

Young women whose disease is confined to one ovary are often treated by a unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (removal of the affected ovary and fallopian tube) without a hysterectomy and removal of the opposite ovary being performed.

Occasionally, a renal cell carcinoma metastasizes to theovary and may be confused with a ...

The cancer is Stage III cancer if one or both of the ovaries is involved and has spread to lymph nodes or other sites outside of the pelvis but is still within the abdominal cavity, such as the surface of the intestine or liver.

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Ovarian cancer often spreads early without any known symptoms....

Ovaries are inside the woman’s pelvic area.

Surgical treatment of ovarian cancer is best performed by a gynecologic oncologist who has been specially trained in the diagnosis and management of gynecologic malignancy.

Women normally have two ovaries that store and release eggs.

The cancer is Stage II if either one or both of the ovaries is involved and has spread to the uterus and/or the fallopian tubes or other sites in the pelvis.

Having ovarian cysts is a very common issue in women.

Patients with OCCA are also more likely to have Stage I
disease than are patients with ovarian epithelial cancer in general (Kennedy,

Histologic grade has been useful as an initial prognostic determinant in
some studies of epithelial cancers of the ovary.

Innovative therapies for advanced ovarian cancer.

The grading of ovarian clear
cell adenocarcinoma has been problematic and is complicated by the multiplicity
of histologic patterns found in the same tumor.

Oral etoposide for the treatment of recurrent ovarian cancer.

Assessment of the size of the largest tumor during second-look surgery can help determine volume of cancer before chemotherapy (for measurement of the subsequent response), and future treatment methods e.g.

Gemcitabine in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Group C: are patients who showed a good response to primary chemotherapy, and did not develop recurrent cancer for more than 6 months after the end of primary treatment.

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During this procedure, depending on the stage (extent) of the disease, the surgeon will either remove just the ovary and fallopian tube or will remove both ovaries, fallopian tubes and uterus.

Ovarian Cancer Research Papers research the causes of ovarian cancer.

“Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus (endometrial implant) (Mayo Clinic, 2013)” It most commonly involves your ovaries and the lining of the pelvis, but in extreme cases can spread to other parts of the body....

Free ovarian cancer papers, essays, and research papers.

The discovery of early changes in the cells of the Fallopian tubes of women carrying the BRCA genetic mutation could open the way for new preventative strategies for ovarian cancer, reducing the need for invasive surgery, according to research published today in science journal Nature Communications.

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The research, undertaken by the Department of Women’s Cancer at UCL led by Professor Martin Widschwendter and funded by The Eve Appeal, sought to understand why women with the BRCA1/2 mutations develop ovarian cancers and what happens in the cells where the cancers originate to trigger them.

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