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Not all unemployment is the same. Unemployment can be long term or short term. It can be frictional, meaning someone is between jobs; or it may be structural, as when someone’s skills are no longer demanded because of a change in technology or an industry downturn.

My initial forays into European unemployment were aimed at explaining the dynamic effects of shocks on the natural rate, and the role of institutions in shaping these effects. In work with Lawrence H. Summers, I focused on how, when wages were set in collective bargaining, shocks could have long lasting effects on the natural rate (the "hysteresis" hypothesis). In work with Peter A. Diamond, I explored the effects of shocks in models with explicit flows and individual bargaining. In work with Lawrence F. Katz, I developed simple models of the determination of the natural rate and the Phillips curve. This research was summarized in an NBER Reporter article in 1995.

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The significance of this research is based on the desire to provide solutions to the problem and help improve the living standards of the global population. This topic is important because of how it affects people’s lives. With regard to the above, this paper seeks to answer the question of, what are the causes of unemployment. In so doing, it will offer direction towards finding long lasting solutions for the same.

The above are only a few examples of the origin and causes of unemployment in different regions of the world. Through this information, several common causes arise such as the economic crisis. However, with regard to the fact that economic factors play a huge role in other variables both social and political it is safe to imply that the economy is the main contributor to unemployment. Any changes that occur within a particular country’s economy trigger subsequent transformations in its social and political spheres. This paper examines the historical causes as well as emerging ones that lead to unemployment (Global unemployment rising again but with significant differences across regions, 2013).

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Unemployment is a global issue experienced in all countries of the world. Through a review of various literature and research, this paper seeks to establish the reasons behind this situation. Various surveys were conducted all over the world in quest for factors that cause unemployment. Many of the respondents were unemployed persons and employers who were questioned on how they contribute to the issue. The findings as documented in this paper are meant to inspire solutions for this problem that is of global concern. Research findings revealed factors such as economic variables of a country, undermining of small and private enterprises and quality of education as some of the causes of unemployment. From this information, some recommendations were made to help solve the problem such as improving the quality of global education to make it relevant to work settings.

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Unemployment is an issue of global concern. Various world leaders have commented on the issue frequently, citing its spread as disastrous to the global population. Bill Clinton is quoted saying he does not believe that the fabric of society can be repaired until those willing to work have access to employment. According to him, work organizes life, giving it structure and discipline. This shows the significance of work in an individual’s life and how much unemployment is a constraint to the welfare of individuals. This paper has managed to bring out underlying causes for the unemployment in the world. These findings have been used to come up with recommendations and possible solutions for the problem of unemployment, which is becoming increasingly uncontainable. This is evident in the manner in which it continues to spread worldwide with the current focus on developed countries. Therefore, through the findings of this paper, readers will be able to understand the concept of unemployment with primary focus on its causes and how they can help in resolving it.

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The aim of this paper is to ultimately participate in resolving the problem of unemployment in the world. Readers should be drawn to this paper to acquire knowledge of how to avert this problem. By finding out the causes of unemployment, readers are able to contribute to measures taken to improve the situation. Some of the recommendations made include shielding employees from economic adversities, which may cause them and potential workers their jobs. This is a call to world governments to ensure that workers do not have to be laid off work because of economic stagnation. Additionally, supplementary budgets should be availed to cater for wages and salaries for those being recruited into employment.

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With the above in mind, a hypothesis that delves into the causes of unemployment was established. Various governments worldwide have conducted surveys within their countries to find out the root causes of unemployment and how to avert it. Non-governmental institutions such as the World Bank, the United Nations and the International Labour Organization have taken major interest in the problem and offered recommendations to solve it. This paper is based on a review of current and previously conducted researches in the global arena. In many cases, state institutions were examined to establish their contribution to unemployment. Through this paper, a link is clearly established between causes and possible solutions for unemployment.

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Unemployment is an economic condition that occurs when a person who is actively searching for employment fails to find work. This is especially the case when those looking for employment are persons of legal working age, which varies in different countries. Although there is the concept of voluntary unemployment, it may not be applicable in this paper. This topic has been of concern to governments and the public alike for many years, more so because of its effects. Other than being an indicator of a poor economy, unemployment also reflects the poor living standards of a particular group of people. It means that its effects that it not only shows a nation’s economic status but also that of the population within it.

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We try to do our best to provide each student only with high-quality, adequately formatted and 100% original essays, research paper samples, college term paper examples in more than 50 disciplines.

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Unemployment can also be subdivided into classical unemployment, frictional unemployment, structural unemployment, cyclical unemployment, seasonal unemployment and long-term unemployment.

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