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1. Explain the rumors against Socrates, and how he responds to them

The writer goes into great philosophical detail-- analyzing Plato's recounting of Socrates' theories on life, death, and the nature of the soul itself.

Specifically explored are the political background of the trial, specific charges levied against Socrates, his answer to these charges, and concludes with an evaluation of his guilt or innocence.

Socrates, a philosopher, educates people on the need to examine life and decide how to live in it.

2. Explain how Socrates responds to the first legal charge

Essays on socrates beliefs - Le Drôle d'Endroit Essays on socrates beliefs.

With little more questioning he was being initiated and the Clouds were shown to him, and Socrates was telling him of the their properties and disproving the existence of the god Zeus (Clouds 256-409).

The contradiction, it seems, focuses on whether or not Socrates is a proponent of civil (dis)obedience, and the apparent conflict between the two works revolves around passages from the Apology, that seem t...

3. Explain how Socrates responds to the second legal charge

My position: I am in disagreement with this statement and my analysis, based on contextual evidence, is as follows: Although I could argue the question posited above from either position, as many have done before and, as many will continue to do after me, I do not believe that Socrates waivers in his beliefs between the two accounts according to Plato.

Socrates is also compared with other historical figures.

Socrates makes it as clear as he can that he is not afraid of the death sentence verdict he is given and that if he did not receive it, he would continue to question life the way he always has.

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Socrates lived the destiny that was revealed to him in the Oracle.

Socrates describes the nature of the unjust and the just.

In the course of that inquisition Socrates not only proves their ignorance, but true to his purpose also uses the opportunity to continue to teach his pupils, despite their designs for him.

In Plato's Apology, Socrates defends himself against these charges.

However, the pursuit of wisdom is never complete, because even in the last moments of his life, Socrates was still learning the wisdom behind the Oracle’s original message.

Socrates thinks Meletus’ answer in uncontroversial (The Apology 25c).

In his words Socrates quoted the prosecution’s accusation against him: “Socrates is guilty of corrupting the minds of the young, and of believing in supernatural things of his own invention instead of the gods recognized by the state.” 1 Further Socrates consistently introduces tediously compiled number of examples to provide valid and sound arguments to prove that he is innocent of the charges brought up against him to the court....

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I agree with Socrates on different issues. I particularly agree with his argument, which claims that a person should not do wrong even if he is wronged. I believe that people should strive to do the right things always even if they feel that other people or the system has failed them. We live in a democratic society compared to Socrates. However, people continue facing the same situation that he did when they are unjustly imprisoned. Escaping from prison because of a failed system is not the right thing to do. Instead, people should aim to find the right channels or mechanisms of getting out, which include finding evidence that will aid in the court appeal. I also agree with Socrates concerning the importance of keeping agreements. Once a person decides to do something, then he should ensure that he does everything that he can in order to keep that agreement. Sometimes people tend to make decisions out of pressure, based on the opinion of the majority. This often leads to poor decision making because it does not let a person use any reasoning. Finding an expert opinion is paramount when making a decision because such a person understands the impact and truth of a decision. However, I tend to disagree with Socrates concerning his obligations to the state, and his unquestioning obedience to the laws of the state. Socrates reasons that it is okay for a person to obey the state without question. Some of the laws may not be beneficial to people, and they may end up harming them in the end. Pursuing the ideals of such rules without questions will only end up harming more people in the process.

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Meletus, Anytus and Lyncon brought Socrates to court on charges of corrupting the morals of the youth, leading the youth away from the principals of democracy, neglecting the Gods of the State and introducing new divinities....

Philosophy of Socrates term paper | essay on

This paper contends that while Socrates used sophism as a means of supporting his arguments for what he believed he "deserved" for his crimes, this only supported the philosophical premise of his argument.

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Because he questioned the ideas of the elders, and because some of his acquaintances had warred against Athens he was not liked by city powers, who brought him to trial" Plato’s "Apology" gives the substance of the defense made by Socrates to the Athenians at his trial.

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