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Examples and citations form the poem (3 minimum) 3.

The writer describes the life of Carl Sandburg and focuses on his poetic style and his importance in poetry, via the discussion of one of his most famous poems, "." Bibliography lists 5 sources.

The paper looks at critiques written close to the time of publication and compares them to more recent ones, showing how the way the poem is interpreted has changed in the seventy-six years since it first appeared.

The paper shows how the poem uses irony to convey to the reader the poverty of a rich man’s life.

The paper includes short examples from three poems.

Bibliography lists four sources, two of which are books of poetry.

The writer details his contributions to Afro-American literature and points out his common theme of speaking from a personal black perspective through examples from many key poems including "Harlem / What happens to a Dream Deferred," etc; Bibliography lists 11 sources.

The paper looks at both the Neoclassical school of poetry and the Metaphysical movement in order to determine in which camp Bradstreet fits, and concludes that abundant evidence proves her to be Metaphysical.

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The paper concludes that while evidence exists that all three writers incorporated into their poems thoughts on pleasure and conflict, the most obvious similarity was an obsession with the passage of time.

The paper focuses on three poems, "", "", and "." More than 8 sources are cited.

The paper analyzes the significance of the date when the poem was written -- December 31, at the precise turn of the century -- and shows how the poet’s invocation of nature challenges both the mechanization and the aestheticism of the late Victorian age.

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free Poetry term papers on Poetry

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Bibliography lists one additional source.Goethe & Wordsworth / Two Views of the Poet : An 8 page paper comparing the way artistic souls are portrayed in Wordsworth’s long poem The Prelude and Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther.

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Browning / Two Romantic Era Poets Analyzed :
This 5 page research paper examines two poems, by William Wordsworth and (XXI, XXII, XXXII) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Research Paper on Poetry. Essays, Term Papers on Robert Frost

The paper shows that if the concepts being alluded to are well-known and well-understood, reference to them enhances the intelligibility of the poem, but if the sources are themselves obscure, reference to them only makes the poem more difficult to understand.

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This paper demonstrates that Toomer uses different colors, especially reds and purples, to delineate between racial considerations, while at the same time basing many of the concepts of ethnicity and interracial relationships on the color determinations in the work.

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John Donne's poems discussing women and religion are among the most noticeable examples of the deliberate use of ambiguity in seventeenth-century poetry....

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The paper argues that the poem creates a sense of timelessness, not by ignoring chronology, but by telescoping it all together, thus underscoring humanity’s ongoing part in the grand cycle of death and rebirth.

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Yeats / Irish Nationalism As Reflected In "Easter 1916": A 3 page essay that analyzes the poem in terms of the political climate of the time as well as the literary trends of the day.

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The paper uses as examples Wordsworth’s "Ode on the Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood" and Coleridge’s "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" , and concludes that whereas Wordsworth’s poetry is philosophy in verse, Coleridge gives us images we can see and feel.

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It is the premise of this paper that while Keats and Browning appear to be representative poets of their cultural eras, that these two poems demonstrate the utilizaton of characteristics from both eras.

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