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Plagiarism is a form of dishonesty and involves using another person’s academic work, terming it as your own. Such kind of practice is full of deceit and is same as cheating, even if a student engages in it unknowingly. Knowing the plagiarism concept has been important to me as this knowledge prevents me from being a victim of plagiarism. The knowledge of plagiarism is important as it helps students maintain their academic integrity. Personally, I find plagiarism as an important aspect in my academic work because failure to follow the plagiarism rules can jeopardize my education. This essay addresses the concept of plagiarism, plagiarism avoidance, and the importance of plagiarism in colleges and other educational institutions.

Many students have been caught by simple questions like, "Whatexactlydo you mean here by 'dynamic equivalence'?" Few students use words theycannot pronounce, so having them read some of the paper aloud can beinterestingas well (although you may be merely exposing the mindless use of athesaurus).If you suspect a student has copied a whole paper, complete withcitations,asking about the sources can be useful. "Where did you find the articleby Edwards? It sounds fascinating. Can you bring me a copy atthenext meeting?" Or, "This quotation seems slightly out of context. Whatwas Follet's main point in the chapter?"

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Writing summaries is also encouraged. Paraphrasing involves restating another person’s ideas in your own words. This is another way to avoid plagiarism; however, the source must be credited appropriately in the references. While paraphrasing, the paraphrased message must concisely represent the original information, without distorting the meaning.

8. Require a metalearning essay. On the dayyou collect the papers,have students write an in-class essay about what they learned from theassignment. What problems did they face and how did they overcome them?What research strategy did they follow? Where did they locatemostof their sources? What is the most important thing they learned frominvestigatingthis subject? For most students, who actually did theresearch paper,this assignment will help them think about their own learning. It alsoprovides you with information about the students' knowledge of theirpapersand it gives you a writing sample to compare with the papers. If astudent'sknowledge of the paper and its process seems modest or if the in-classessay quality diverges strikingly from the writing ability shown in thepaper, further investigation is probably warranted.

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7. Require most references to be up-to-date.Many of the freeterm papers online (and many of the ones for sale) are quite old, withcorrespondingly old references. If you require all research material tobe, say, less than five years old, you will automatically eliminatethousandsof online papers. Such a recent date restriction is notusually workablefor some subjects, such as history or English literature, but you canalwaysrequire a few sources of recent date. (But, as mentioned above, be onthe alert for citation upgrading, where the date of publication ischanged from an older date to a recent one.)

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Perhaps the most effective discussion will ask the students tothinkabout who is really being cheated when someone plagiarizes. Copyingpapers or even parts of papers short circuits a number of learningexperiencesand opportunities for the development of skills: actually doing theworkof the research paper rather than counterfeiting it gives the studentnotonly knowledge of the subject and insights into the world ofinformationand controversy, but improves research skills, thinking and analyzing,organizing, writing, planning and time management, and evenmeticulousness(those picky citation styles actually help improve one's attention todetail). All this is missed when the paper is faked, and it is these missedskillswhich will be of high value in the working world. A degreewill helpstudents get a first job, but performance--using the skills developedbydoing just such assignments as research papers--will be required forpromotion.

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5. Make the penalties clear. If aninstitutional policy exists,quote it in your syllabus. If you have your own policy, specify thepenaltiesinvolved. For example, "Cheating on a paper will result in an F on thatpaper with no possibility of a makeup. A second act of cheating willresultin an F in the course regardless of the student's gradeotherwise." Ifyou teach at a university where the penalty for plagiarism is dismissalfrom the university or being reported to the Academic Dean or Dean ofStudents,you should make that clear as well. Even the penalties can bepresentedin a positive light. Penalties exist to reassure honeststudentsthat their efforts are respected and valued, so much so that those whowould escape the work by fakery will be punished substantially. Note:There are always a few students who will be caught plagiarizing andthen claim that no one cared or told them. When you point to thesection in your syllabus, they will say, "I thought it was a genericsyllabus so I didn't read it." The better idea, then, is to read theappropriate places from the syllabus to the class at the first meeting.

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3. Educate your students about plagiarism.Do not assume thatstudents know what plagiarism is, even if they nod their heads when youask them. Provide an explicit definition for them. For example,"Plagiarismis using another person's words or ideas without giving credit to theotherperson. When you use someone else's words, you must put quotation marksaround them or set them off in a block quotation and give the writer orspeaker credit by revealing thesourcein a citation. Even if you revise or paraphrase the words of someoneelseor just use their ideas, you still must give the author credit in acitation. Not giving due credit to the creator of an idea or writing isvery muchlike lying because without a citation, you are implying that the ideais your own."

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4. Require process steps for the paper. Seta series ofdue dates throughout the term for the various steps of the researchpaperprocess: topic or problem, preliminary bibliography, prospectus,researchmaterial (annotated photocopies of articles, for example), outline,roughdraft, final annotated bibliography, final draft. Some of these partscanbe reverse engineered by the determined cheater, but most studentsshouldrealize that doing the assignment honestly is easier than thealternative.

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The availability of textual material in electronic format hasmade plagiarismeasier than ever. Copying and pasting of paragraphs or evenentireessays now can be performed with just a few mouse clicks. Thestrategiesdiscussed here can be used to combat what some believe is an increasingamount of plagiarism on research papers and other student writing. Byemploying these strategies,you can help encourage students to value the assignment and to do theirown work.

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The rough draft serves several functions. A quickglance willreveal whether whole sections are appearing without citations. At thedraftstage, you have the opportunity to educate the student further anddiscusshow proper citation works. You can also mark places and ask for moreresearchmaterial to be incorporated. If you are suspicious of the paper at thispoint, ask for the incorporation of some specific material that youname,such as a particular book or article. Keep the drafts and letstudentsknow that you expect major revisions and improvements between drafts.(Thisis actually a great way to improve students' writing, quite apart fromthe other goal of preventing plagairism.)

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