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As, in any such event, family or close friends was / were the killer(s) in the great majority of historical cases, to ignore the possibility in any such case – as I’m not personally involved, it’s just wondering – would be a crime against the real context. Like chopping out part of one’s brain. There is no intention whatsoever here to degrade anyone’s name in the minds of right thinking others. Whatever happened, particularly, because of the loss of their daughter to them, I sympathise with the parents of Madeleine McCann.

My wonderings are just that, considering impersonally, with no regard to any particular character involved or not involved, what the evidence seems most likely to mean. So much wrong seems to point to what I’ve said being the best candidate to me. This is how detectives work, and they don’t claim they are right, usually, unless they have evidence beyond reasonable doubt. I’ve none, but am just suggesting interpretation of facts – suggesting means the same as any suggestion has value – if one does then so does another. But why leave one or some out, because of fear or lack of thoroughness in weighing up possibilities? That would not be right.

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and they aren’t giving their best work because that involves too much writing, find another way. Let them type their essays – notice I said, “let THEM type”. I know that parents are only trying to help, but kids need to do as much for themselves as possible.

This is because they are using smaller muscles, making more precise movements. Sometimes this makes messier handwriting at first because these tiny hand muscles aren’t used to writing. However, sometimes it leads to neater handwriting because your Speedy Gonzalez who hates writing and just wants to be done needs to slow down in order to get anything on the paper. You know your child. You need to pick your battles and focus on what is really important. But my advice is to really try. With a motivated kid, amazing things can happen. If they are really trying and get tired, give them a break and go back to it. That’s ok. They are training for a marathon. It takes time to gain endurance.

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One of the most successful accommodations for my children in middle school with poor handwriting was to change the paper. Usually, this meant giving them Narrow Ruled or loose-leaf paper. Many parents and teachers are baffled by this –

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Site Admin: The handwriting on the present does not match the father’s. Look in the police file to see examples of Gerry’s handwriting. When you say the handwriting on the picture matches the handwriting in the creche register we assume you mean the picture of the train tracks. If so, then Kate had a year to create that handwriting because the police file (with creche register pages) had been in the public domain since the summer of 2008.

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Thank you so much for writing this. I am an OT in the school system and I constantly get handwriting referrals, including middle school and high school students. You have expressed what I constantly find myself explainging to teachers and parents. If they want to see improvement, it will come from consistent modification of paper and writing space while also improving the student’s awareness of letter size, spacing, and overall expectations. Sometimes this also requires modification of work load or assignments, presence of a visual model, visual cues for organization, etc. OT’s are not magic and working with us for a small part of their academic week will not lead to an overall improvement in handwriting at this age. The teachers hold the real power when they incorporate these modifications and strategies into daily educational tasks that all the other students are completing.

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Site Admin: Evidently you know nothing about the forensic science of handwriting analysis – not to be confused with the pseudoscience of graphology. Handwriting analysis is used by law enforcement agencies in the detection of a crime. I suggest you read about the subject before pouring scorn on it. This is not like reading tea-leaves. A person’s handwriting is unique even though it obviously varies slightly each time they put pen to paper.

motivations and weaknesses is that of handwriting analysis.

Re. the Tapas 7, they were all involved somehow. Re. the creche signatures, this is more than meets the eye. Why is Madeleine’s name spelt incorrectly? Who did that? Another question might be why was it done? There are numerous parts of the affair which suggest involvement of all of the McCanns’ party but also other people along with this group. There are things to suggest that things very, very serious indeed happened.

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DO you have any suggested AT or Apps for Math? I am an OT and I have several kids who’s handwriting is so bad, the teacher can’t read their math work and don’t know how they derived their answer? Ive already suggested use of graph paper.

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It’s hard to believe so many people still suppose that the McCann’s covered up the accidental death of their daughter, Madeleine. That really is the most absurd proposition now. And I think, if the Portugese police believe the McCann’s could have been involved in the disappearance of Madeleine, they must now consider them as suspects once again and rule out the possibility of an accident.

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It’s much more than that if the McCanns were involved in the disappearance of their daughter, & for 5 yrs worked as hard as they did at media campaigns, controlling investigations & the fund.

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