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IV. Environmental Issues: Method and Application

The framing process can serve to mobilize constituents for or against a particular cause. Mobilization against frames that are presented by actors emerges when the audience of the frame has low trust in the source of the frame. Social movement literature has acknowledged the emergence of mobilization over environmental issues where lack of trust is present. Examples include institutional recreancy, lack of trust in government agencies and officials, and the combination of the two (Brown & Mikkelsen, 1990; Cable & Cable, 1997; Freudenburg, 1993; Gaventa, 1980; Gibbs, 1982).

Charles Tilly provides a model for mobilization that bridges some of the ideological views of frame analysis with collective action and resource mobilization theory. Tilly’s (1978) definition of mobilization is “a process by which a group goes from a passive collection of individuals to an active participant in public life” (p. 69). A further extreme of this model is resource mobilization theory, which gives even less importance to ideological factors and, instead, emphasizes the need for available resources. The combination of ideologies, resources, and the power of frame presentation contribute to mobilization. Using this analytical framework, the emergence of environmental problems and mobilization around these problems can be better understood.

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The topic is very broad and a student will have to create a detailed outline in order to keep the whole data logically. When one researches the problem profoundly, he will be able to draw smart conclusions and think over effective solutions to the environmental issues.

Student, who has to complete a well-organized term paper should read a lot about the problem in high-quality literary sources. The problems are broadly described in encyclopedias, articles in scientific periodicals and special publications dedicated to the environmental problems of all kinds.

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This runoff effect has caused growing concerns with regard to the overall negative impact pulp and paper mills have upon the environment.

When a claim about an environmental problem is presented, state and corporate actors emerge most often to challenge the validity of these problems. Although these actors are willing to construct the issue as a “problem,” support to alleviate the problem is often lacking. If it supports the alleviation of the problem, most probably through funding remedial efforts or research, the state or corporation is seen as taking responsibility for the problem. If the state is seen as responsible, its perceived legitimacy decreases, which may lead to decreased trust. On the other hand, if a problem is not acknowledged, then trust in government may also decrease, because the perception arises that the interests of the state are not the best for the people.

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ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES term paper - college papers

Environmental Issues - Term Paper

Theory addressing environmental issues has been situated in the social constructionist and political economy approaches. Within these approaches, attention has been paid to developments of subfields in social science research, such as social movements and the environment, environmental health, and environmental justice.

Environmental Issues For Research Papers

The power of individuals in roles and positions to define these claims is ultimately what allows problems to be defined as problems. Claims may be made by others not in a position of power, but they are often not seen as valid because of the lack of power associated with the role. Different claims of environmental problems then lead to different definitions of the problems.

Free term paper sample on Environment topics

All that is changing now as we see an increasing number of writers exploring issues related to environmental racism and environmental justice through their works.

Environmental Issues | Ideal Term Papers

Morrison, Renfro, and Boucher (1984) simplified Aguilar's four scanningtypes as either passive or active scanning. Passive scanning is what mostof us do when we read journals and newspapers. We tend to read the samekinds of materials--our local ne wspaper, perhaps a national newspaperlike or , or anindustry newspaper like . However, the organizational consequences of passive scanning are that wedo not systematically use the information as strategic information forplanning, and we miss many ideas that signal changes in the environment.

Environmental Issues – Term Paper Topics

By framing events in certain ways that assign meaning to them, actors can attempt to mobilize support and delegitimize opposing viewpoints. Because different frames may emerge surrounding the same problem, individuals may choose to adopt one or the other on the basis of the reliability of the frames. One factor in determining reliability is trust in the actors who present the frame. Constituents may mobilize around one frame because trust in that explanation and the organization that presents it is high (Robinson, 2009). This impacts how individuals interpret the seriousness of environmental problems and subsequently whether issues will be acted on and in what manner.

16.09.2017 · Environmental Issues – Term Paper Topics

Materialism is a cultural value that also contributes to how environmental problems emerge. Americans tend to measure success in terms of the consumption of material things. Globally, the most valued nation is one that can command and use the largest fraction of the world’s resources. Currently, the United States supports 5% of the world’s population and uses 25% of the world’s natural resources. This is evidence that the cultural emphasis on the consumption of material goods is in direct correlation with natural resource use.

Research Papers and Essay Papers: Environmental Issues

Citizen action in response to toxic waste at Love Canal has emerged as the premier example of community organizing over environmental issues. The story of neighborhood organizing and the quest for a clean, healthy environment is acknowledged in most major studies on environmental issues. The specifics of this case follow in a later section where the application of environmental issues is discussed.

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