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(I.e., the ability to digest and present your results.) This means that you have made a conscientious effort to come to terms with art history as active, ongoing research. For example, a historian named Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov maintains that Van Gogh was more responsible for the development of the style known as cloisonism than has hitherto been recognized, disagreeing fundamentally with Charles Chasse, who insists that Emile Bernard was the prime mover. Each of these positions is an argument (i.e., a conclusion supported by reasons), but one of them may be better than the other because it is supported by more reasons or by better use of the same reasons. Whatever your topic, you should be able to distinguish and evaluate the various ways in which it has been interpreted. In doing so, you should provide evidence of a particular argument which focuses your research. Some of you may find that it is quite clear. On the other hand, you may find yourself unable to decide an issue, in which case you should explicitly state something to that effect. However, don't allow this option to become an excuse to avoid critical thinking. Keep in mind the acronyms listed below.

This paper discusses this trend, looking at the influence of such things as the Industrial Revolution, mass consumerism, the mass media, and the 1960's Pop Art movement.

 - Art From 20th Century Western Civilization Term Paper discusses different artisitc techniques.

Shop Idea Art and ...Art Term Paper.

- Egyptian Art Term Paper discusses the many styles and forms used in this type of art.

- Islamic Art research papers discuss how the rise of Islam in the 7th century led to the creation of a specific style of art in the regions where Islam spread.

- Research papers on Mexican art look into the art history of Mexico, which runs the gamut from Mesoamerican art of the Mayas and Aztecs, to modernist artistic movements.

Techniques Involved In Writing an Art Term Paper.

- Neoclassicism research papers explain the term used to describe various movements in the arts that draw upon the works and culture of ancient Greece and Rome for inspiration.

- Expressionists Research Paper delves into the artistic styles of the painters of this era.

- Research papers on Religious Art discuss the art that is designated by its inspiration by or presentation of various religious characters, principles, or events.

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The paper looks in particular at the renovations of the Abbey at St.

- Research papers on hyperrealism examine a genre of the visual arts, generally painting and sculpture, in which the resulting work is supposed to resemble a high-resolution photograph or living object.

How to write Art term paper - Term Papers Writing

The paper discusses the monograph’s contents and Panofsky’s methodology, as well as Panofsky’s views on the periods of Durer’s career, the influences on his work, and his contribution to the development of art history.

Art Term Paper | APA Style Art Term Papers

- Expressionism Art research papers look into the art movement that started in Germany that presented images in a distorted and subjective perspective.

Art Term Papers art term papers Free Modern Art research paper

Following a brief description of the work and the life of the artist, the paper discusses how the work balances contrasting elements in shape, image, line, rest/motion, color, and light.

Example research paper on Modern Art

- Cubism research papers discuss the major artistic movement of the early 20th century that revolutionized painting and sculpture in Europe and gave birth to the avant-garde.

Essays, Term Papers, Book Reports, Research Papers on Art

There are two basic types of assignment in the art history courses offered by the Department of Fine Arts. One places more emphasis on basic research skills and broader themes. The other places more emphasis on criticism and direct engagement with a work. The former is intended to show your ability to find, to compile and to evaluate information. The latter requires you to describe the appearance of a work and to formulate a conclusion about its meaning, sometimes in the absence of supporting material. (This does not mean simply stating an opinion or a preference. See .) Some assignments ask you to do both of these things. CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR IF YOU ARE UNSURE. Whatever the type of assignment, the cover page should bear the title of the essay, the student name and number, the professor and the course, and the due date. (Incidentally, many instructors find plastic folders and binders more of an irritation than anything. Check with your instructor.) Papers should be neatly typed or word-processed. Handwriting or printing, no matter how neat, sends a subliminal message of unprofessionalism or indifference. Double-spacing permits a marker to make a running commentary. (See the grades section below for reasons why this is desirable). Everything is single-spaced here to save paper. A research assignment is substantially a commentary on the published discussions of a single artist, theme, issue or work. It is usually intended to give evidence of three academic skills (or the lack thereof):

Free Papers and Essays on Art History Museum

(I.e., the ability to write clearly and effectively.) This means not only proper grammar, spelling, and bibliographical formats, but also coherence, conciseness, and intelligibility. For better or worse, we think of writing as a mirror of thought. If the surface of the mirror is unnecessarily dirty -- that is, if your writing skills are substandard -- then either the thought itself is flawed or the reader is incapable of determining its real value because it is obscured. There are various style guides for this, J. Buckley's , K. Turabian's , J. Heffernan's , the , and so on. The secret to getting the most out of any of these is TO USE THEM. ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR INSTRUCTOR TO SEE WHAT NOTATION FORMAT IS PREFERRED. The example following asks you to use the MLA format, explained below. A paper that is intended to be a critique -- i.e., a direct engagement with a work -- is chiefly about the last two sets of skills, thinking and writing, because it puts less emphasis on research.

Research Paper on Art. Essays, Term Papers on Botticelli's Spring

- Research papers on classical art discuss the style of sculpture that was popular in Greece - specifically the city of Athens - in the Fifth and Fourth Centuries BC.

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