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This war, on drugs, is a primary necessity to stopping drug abuse.

- Drug Use and Abuse Project Research Papers look at a sample of a paper ordered for a research paper with specific guidelines and questions to be answered.

The “war on drugs” became official in the 1970s when decided to aggressively address the drug problem in America. Since then, a tremendous amount of money has been spent to promote education and reduce , increase drug enforcement and convictions, and decrease illegal drug trafficking into the United States. Although the United States has invested billions of dollars in the last three decades to reduce the amount of drugs and drug abuse in the U.S., there is little evidence that this was a wise investment.Â

 - Women and Substance Abuse research papers illustrate the affects of alcohol and drugs on women.

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A literature review is included which examines information which supports the notion that the war on drugs has been, and is, failing.

Various factors influence the research on substance abuse. The rate at which young people are abusing hazardous substances is a compelling social factor. According to Herrel (2002), the rate at which drugs are being abused by adolescents in the United States is rising every year. Substance abuse in the United States often begins through the impeccable use of addictive substances. Persons start becoming addicted to alcohol and cigarettes at a young age through routine use. Moreover, these substances are cheap and readily available. A research done by Fishburne (2003) affirms that many young people abuse worse dangerous substances such as cocaine. In his research, Fishburne estimated that 1.5 million Americans aged from 12 years are continual cocaine addicts. Substance abuse amid the youth has increased, and the age at which the drugs are being abused has reduced (Drammond, 2003). This concern influences significantly the objectives and the mission of the research on this matter.

Research on substance abuse has a decisive effect on the persons, potentially affecting them positively or negatively. Substance abuse persists to be one of the most severe problems affecting communities throughout the United States. The various beneficiaries of this research would be parents, students, educators and community leaders. For instance, parents would benefit from this research because they would be able to develop positive, preventive actions such as enforcing family rules. Students would also benefit since they would be able to familiarize themselves with the effects derived from abusing substances and therefore, develop resistance against peer pressure (Walter, 2002). Educators would also accrue positive results due to this research by enhancing bonding with the students in order to encourage openness from students, and possibly identify troubled students who can be potential abusers. According to Scanlon (2001), community leaders will be able to gain statistics regarding the abuse of drugs and other substances and enhancing preventive and educational measures among members of the respective community or society. However, other stakeholders will be harmed because of the research. For instance, most drug addicts feel as failures and are psychologically harmed leading them to more abuse. Pharmacists can also be harmed because most drugs that are subconsciously abused are over the counter drugs. Suppliers, manufacturers and law implementing agencies, will also be harmed because of the research since the research will also focus on the indirect causative factors of substance abuse among the research samples.

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The success of this research is not only dependent on the individual participants but also on the interest groups who benefit from the research, as well. One organization that can benefit from this research is the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). NIDA provides general information on all areas of substance abuse as well as the effects of substance abuse on the functioning of the body, research on addiction treatment, drug abuse statistics and prevention of abuse among the youth in the United States. Other general interest groups that can benefit from this research include schools through the implementation of prevention programs, non-governmental organizations and rehabilitation centers.

- Drug Abuse Among Youths research papers illustrate the problems of addiction in young people in America.

While the specific statistics relating to substance abuse in the United States are quite overwhelming, what also proves to be quite stunning is the fact that even though the U.S. has been shown to expend the most amount of money fighting the sale and use of illicit drugs, the country has one of the highest rates of drug use in the international community. “Cannabis lifetime experience and recent use are higher in the United States than in any . Cocaine lifetime experience is also higher in the United States than in any EU country, and recent use is higher than in most countries…”. What this data clearly demonstrates is the even though the U.S. has taken such proactive steps toward reducing drug use, these efforts have proven to have little impact on quelling the use of illicit use of drugs in the general population.

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Students were asked how often in the past year they "seriously thought about suicide" or"seriously tried to commit suicide" because of alcohol or drug use. Students were also askedabout the number of drinks they consumed in a week, if they were binge drinkers (categorized asfive or more drinks in a sitting in the past two weeks), and if they used marijuana or any illegaldrugs in the past year. Extensive socioeconomic and demographic information was gathered:gender, age, college class year, grade point average, race, marital status, employment status,campus living arrangement, and parental history of alcohol and drug problems. The Core surveydid not measure psychiatric disorders, the most important link between substance abuse andsuicidal tendencies. However, the study includes information about students' smoking, whichhas been shown to be a correlate of psychiatric disorders and other substance use.

the UK and the USA illegal drugs Drug abuse is one of the most ..

- Chemical and Alcohol Substance Abuse Research Papers look at an example of an order placed for nine essay questions, and you must analyze the key concepts.

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- Chemical and Alcohol Substance Abuse research papers look at an example of an order placed for nine essay questions, that must analyze key concepts.

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Substance abuse refers to the routine of using dangerous or harmful substances in which the user ingests the respective substance through methods and in quantities not prescribed for by medical professionals. Substance abuse is not only subjected to psychoactive and mood altering drugs but can incorporate alcohol and other illicit drugs such as hallucinogens, narcotics, stimulants, depressants and even glues (Horgan, 2001). The abuse of these drugs or substances leads to the dependency on the drug on the part of the victim or user. It is important to carry out extensive research on substance abuse due to its widespread proximity to affecting both young persons and adults. The research on the subject will be valuable to the victims as well as the unaffected.

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Substance abuse research papers cover one of the world's biggest social problems. Your research paper on substance abuse can be ordered to be written on any aspect of drug, or the abuse of any substance that you need forcused on. The most recent academic sources are used and critical examination of peer reviewed materials are incorporated into your project on substance abuse. Gaining an understanding of how relate has been a challenge for sociologiests. Have the issues and concerns explicated in a custom project on any form of the problem.

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The research will encompass various policies adopted from analyzing substance abuse. The policies will be centered on the curbing of the abuse of drugs among the youth and address the focal points responsible for the abuse. These policies will be subject to the proposal to the various state organizations, and they can serve as revisions for the existing policies. They will also be revised in schools and other educational facilities and if found reasonable and advantageous for the wellbeing of the students, can be implemented to further address the high rates of substance abuse.

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