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7. Ask, then, What do I want to tell my audience on the basis of my research? Determine one or more points that you think your readers, hearers, viewers (etc.) ought to know. The structure of your presentation should be fully determined by that purpose. Omit anything extraneous. You do not need to tell your audience you have learned. Here are some things you might choose to do at this point. (a) Ask . Sometimes a well-formulated question can be edifying, even if the theologian has no answer. It is good for us to learn what is mysterious, what is beyond our comprehension. (b) a theological text or group of them. Analysis is not “exposition” (above) but “explanation.” It describes the text is organized or phrased in a certain way—its historical background, its relations to other texts, and so forth. (c) or two or more positions. Show their similarities and differences. (d) Develop and of the texts. (e) the texts in some way. Add something to their teaching that you think is important. (f) Offer —positive or negative evaluation. (g) Present some combination of the above. The point, of course, is to be clear on just what you are doing.

 - History of Jesus research papers discuss the complex history of Jesus' existence.

Theological Summation - Term Paper

- Pentecostal research papers give the history of the Pentecostal Church and its founding members.

- Study of a Passage from the Book of Mark term paper discusses different aspects of the book of Mark from the Bible such as the limits, authorship, and historical time frame.

- Humankind’s Relationship to God research paper examines two points of view of relationships with God, one of which is the Greek Gods and the other is the Hebrew’s.

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- Basic Christianity research paper studies a book by John R. Stott that examines a four part approach to seeking a fulfilling reflection on the Christian faith.

- Reformation research papers examine the reduction of power for the Church of Rome.

All of these groups derived the Pentecostal teaching through Seymour'sAfrican American mission at Azusa, where multi-ethnic worship services were therule and where, in the words of Bartleman, "the 'color line' was washedaway in the blood. Historians havecelebrated the Pentecostal movement's early interracialism as, in Edward Ayers'swords, an example of how "religion could overcome, for a while at least,the worst parts of Southern culture." They have also noted the eventualdecline of interracial worship, citing conformity to cultural mores, the waningof interracial worship as revivals gave way to increasingly organized forms ofworship, and the relatively shallow nature of white Pentecostals' interracialcommitment.

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term papers on The Bible & Theological Issues and …

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- Pastoral Stress Research Paper examines the factors that lead to this stress for example demands of the congregations, the expectations of family and friends, and etc.

A collection of articles that look into important theological topics.

- The traditional role of women in Islamic society is outlined in our term papers and originated in the historic connection of the people of the Middle East to the desert.

True History of Islam, Mohammed and the Koran

- A Modern Priest Looks At His Outdated Church Research Paper looks at a book that examines the human impact of the legalism of the Catholic Church.

International Students | Graduate Theological Union - …

- Knowledge of Comparative Religion Research Paper examines an order placed for a religion paper that must include practices, rituals, and connections of religions.

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Robeck, Jr., "The Past: Historical Roots of Racial Unity and Division inAmerican Pentecostalism," unpublished paper presented to PentecostalPartners: A Reconciliation Strategy for 21st Century Ministry (Memphis, TN:October 17-19, 1994) 33, goes so far to say that the Assemblies of God is an "offspring" of Mason's Church of God in Christ.

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- Lutheranism research papers examine one of the major branches of Protestant Christianity and trace its origin to Martin Luther’s break with the Catholic Church in 1517.

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Theological Essay Instructions
Choose a theological doctrine discussed in the course and write a 1,250–2,000-word research paper in current Turabian format. Your paper must include the following sections:
1. Statement of Topic (1 paragraph)
Describe the specific theological doctrine examined in your paper. Your topic must be a focused subtopic of a larger theological area.
2. Philosophical Foundations or Presuppositions (1–2 pages)
State the philosophical assumptions that must be made in order to do theological analysis on this doctrine. Examples include view of the Bible, belief in the supernatural, understanding of science, etc. Discuss any philosophical viewpoints that cause tension when performing theological analysis on this doctrine. Examples include the relationship between science and religion, the relationship between religion and psychology, etc.
3. Biblical Evaluation (1–2 pages)
Survey the major biblical teachings on this doctrine throughout the Bible. Listing biblical references is not sufficient for this section. Teachings must be categorized to describe a coherent understanding of the biblical witness as a whole.
4. Historical Development (1–2 pages)
Survey how your chosen doctrine has been understood throughout the history of the Christian Church. Make sure the following time periods are addressed, describing the continuity and discontinuity of doctrinal development throughout history:
a. The Ancient Church (100 AD–590 AD)
b. The Medieval Church (590–1517 AD)
c. The Reformation and Counter Reformation (1517–1648 AD)
d. The Modern Church (1648–present)
5. Theological Formulation (1–2 pages)
Discuss the various theological methods used to synthesize biblical and historical theology into a theological doctrine. After surveying the various methods, present the model you believe most accurately describes the biblical teachings. Support your claim with sufficient logical reasoning, scholarly sources, and Scripture.
6. Practical Application (1–2 pages)
Describe the importance of this doctrine for life. Examine how the doctrine impacts your personal life, the Church community, and culture.
7. Bibliography
A separate bibliography page must be included, citing all scholarly sources used.

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Anderson, Vision of theDisinherited, 98-113; Holiness Advocate (April 15, 1901) 2; Taylor1908 Diary, especially Aug 3, Dec 31 entries, Taylor Papers; Mary Louise Butler,A Butler Family History of Sampson County, North Carolina (Charlotte:Delmar Printers, 1972) 99f.

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