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The Organizing Function of Management

This FOA seeks to establish technology-development and data-production centers to develop experimental approaches that can measure and model various aspects of genome organization within the mammalian cell nucleus. Successful U54 centers will constitute the Nuclear Organization and Function Interdisciplinary Consortium (NOFIC) whose mission will be to benchmark, standardize, and validate the next generation of high-throughput technologies that can produce dynamic three dimensional physical and functional maps of mammalian genomes. NOFIC investigators will also develop predictive models of mammalian genome structure-function relationships, and test the relevance of new nuclear organizational principles within the context of specific biological paradigms and systems. The overarching goal of this initiative is to obtain, by the end of the 5-year funding period, a set of complementary mapping strategies that can be combined to build comprehensive, whole-genome, and high-definition reference maps of the physical and functional organization of mammalian nuclear genomes.

Strategic PlanningStrategic planning has been defined as that which has to do with determining the basic objectives of an organization and allocating resources to their accomplishment.

The Organizing Function of Management

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Strategic planning involves determining organizational goals and how to achieve them.

Strategic planning model (Source: OMAD Strategic Planning Factsheet, 1991).Managerial PlanningIf long-range planning can be linked to "macro," then managerial planning can be linked to "micro." Managerial planning is the implementing of the strategic plan; it is the combining of resources to fulfil the overall objectives and missions of the organization.

The results in Table 1 show that management in the sample was attempting inthe next several years of developing its resources into knowledge and awarenesswithin the organizational management systems. (15%) of the respondents in thesample will optimize information collection, but only (10%) of the respondentsclaim that they are already using their resources to provide contextualinformation for maximizing KM effects. (30-45%) of the respondents use orattempt to use knowledge in the future respectively will develop ad-hocresources into comprehensive knowledge awareness. (10-15%) of the respondentsreported that they are evaluating their knowledge now or will continue in thefuture. The researchers’ belief that evaluating KM and knowledge sharing withsuch a percentage is just to show that they are aware and recognizing whatknowledge competitive effect is. The basis for this conclusion is the lowpercentage of the present state of KM practices which is (10%). Also (30%) theyintend to use knowledge in the future represent a gloomy temptation.

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As I argue in my , the goal of PPM is to select the set of projects, subject to applicable constraints, that creates the greatest possible , where value is defined as the worth to the organization of the consequences that would be produced by conducting all of the projects in the portfolio. A comprehensive assessment of project value must account for all of the impacts of project decisions on the ability of the organization to achieve its objectives, now and in the future, with portfolio value adjusted to account for portfolio risk in accordance with the organization's . If projects have not been defined so as to be independent of one another, then the value assessment for a project must be contingent on whether or not the interdependent projects are conducted as well. By definition, the optimal project mix is the one that maximizes risk-adjusted, portfolio value.

Atkinson, G., (2000), Measuring Corporate Sustainability, Journal ofEnvironmental Planning and Management, Vol.43, No. 2, pp. 235-53.

For top management in the sample, it is necessary to improve their humancapital and their employees’ participation in solving problems byimproving their knowledge and experience so as to achieve strategic objectivesin the long-term. Such improvement may be achieved through the restructuring ofboth their human resources and their organizational hierarchy.

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Management is not concerned with knowledge for its own sake; it is concerned with performance."Once strategic planning and management planning are implemented, organizing to get the job done is next.

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The purpose of this study was to understand the banking management practicesof KM through the creation, sharing, and acquisition of knowledge in theiroperations. Knowledge sharing individually or collectively, by the bankingmanagement adds value when new KM is practiced in a knowledge-intensiveorganization.

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The bank’s management needs new information to improve its website,and to improve communication contacts with its customers and otherorganizations within its business environment. Thus updated technology isneeded to keep them competitive and to improve the management’s imagewith different types of clients. Such initiatives taken by the management inthe sample were not enough, or put the management in a position to judgepositively towards KM practices.

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For the microservice community, overheads are particularly unattractive. That isn't to say that the community doesn't value service contracts. Quite the opposite, since there tend to be many more of them. It's just that they are looking at different ways of managing those contracts. Patterns like and are often applied to microservices. These aid service contracts in evolving independently. Executing consumer driven contracts as part of your build increases confidence and provides fast feedback on whether your services are functioning. Indeed we know of a team in Australia who drive the build of new services with consumer driven contracts. They use simple tools that allow them to define the contract for a service. This becomes part of the automated build before code for the new service is even written. The service is then built out only to the point where it satisfies the contract - an elegant approach to avoid the 'YAGNI' dilemma when building new software. These techniques and the tooling growing up around them, limit the need for central contract management by decreasing the temporal coupling between services.

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Gold, H., Malhotra, A., and Segars, A., (2001), Knowledge Management: AnOrganizational Capabilities Perspective, Journal of Management InformationSystems, Vol. 18, No.1, pp. 185-214.

The Organizing Function of Management

No manager mentioned other purposes such as taking initiatives to measurethe impact of their organization or individual performance, or to recordefficiency improvement between its different departments. Such a conclusionshows that management is still not proactive in changing the work environment.

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The above results are not encouraging. The majority of the respondents claimthat KM rules exist to create new knowledge, to enhance trust, and betteremployees’ relationships within the organization. Although this is trueto achieve these objectives the bank needs leadership and skillful people,which does not exist at the required level (i.e., professional expertise). Suchmanagement capabilities are needed for decision-making process in problemsolving, codification strategies, efficiency of new knowledge and operationsbased on a knowledge basis.

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