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Also, There is much information about water pollution.

Birth weight has long been recognized as a strong predictor of infant morbidity and mortality. Over the last 10 years, epidemiologic studies have reported relationships between ambient air pollution and measures of reduced fetal growth (; ). To separate effects on fetal growth from effects on length of gestation, investigators have examined low birth weight (; ; ) and late pregnancy exposures (e.g., third trimester) (; ; ), although other investigators have observed associations only in midpregnancy or not at all (; ; ). Gaseous air pollutants have also been investigated in relation to measures of fetal growth and show similar inconsistencies. Literature reviews and meeting reports conclude that further research is warranted to clarify the gestational windows of susceptibility and to identify specific pollutants or pollutant constituents associated with fetal growth (; ). There is increasing interest in traffic-related air pollutants such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and primary exhaust particles (e.g., elemental carbon) because of reports implicating proximity to traffic sources in reduced fetal growth (; ).

They are So, in order to avoid these harmful effects, follow the ways to prevent water pollution and more importantly, drink clean and purified water and never compromise on health.

 There are many causes for water pollution.

The second highest cause of water pollution is ship waste.

The other main cause of water pollution is industrial waste.

Well the topic here seems to be quite a nice one, as pollution is the talk of the town now and one thing that the human beings need to be aware of. So writing a term paper on it will prove to be quite efficient and thought provocative.

It is an undeniable fact that water is an important resource that determines life on earth.

Effects of Water Pollution

Fertilizers and pesticides that we use in our farms are dissolved in water, and some amount of these dissolved substances are washed into water bodies and pollute them.

Industriesdo not be harmed by water pollution but the cause much it.

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Water pollution doesn¹t just effect humans, it affects are wholeecosystem.

I am going to take that
education on a step farther; and explain how water pollution
affects us, how it affects marine life, what companies affect it the most, and
what people are doing to help.

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IV. Known NPSs of Water Pollution

Have you considered how your lifestyle may create water pollution?

The threats to public and animal health, and some methods used in an Ann Arbor, Michigan program to combat them, are detailed, and the problem of politics and the enforcement of pollution laws is discussed.

People in cities are organizing water pollution groups.

So, it is important to know the importance of clean water and also the bad effects of contaminated water.

Water - A Precious Resource

Water occupies one-third of the earth's surface.

In some places water pollution is a main concern.

We promote soil and water conservation in Fairfax County and beyond. We are innovators. We promote hands-on conservation. We provide technical expertise. We develop young environmental leaders. We help you bring conservation home. We prevent pollution, reduce runoff and protect our streams and rivers.

The last defense ofwater pollution is water treatment.

Some of the businesses that contribute to the
water pollution are businesses that repair and maintain ,
electroplate, operate printing and coping equipment, perform dry cleaning and
laundry services, process photographs, operate labs, involve building and
construct roads, provide pest control, preserve wood, and make Furniture.

The Long-term Effects of Water Pollution on the …

Water is essential for life, and water quality is often at odds with the demands of increased development. Conflicting laws, poorly enforced environmental regulations, and increased citizen monitoring are the ingredients for powerful and long-lasting controversy.

Air and Water Pollution: Burden and Strategies for …

Background: There is growing concern worldwide about the role of polluted soil and water environments in the development and dissemination of antibiotic resistance.

Air and Water Pollution - average, low, world, daily, …

Water pollution is a term that describes any adverse environmental effect on water bodies (lakes, rivers, the sea, groundwater) caused by the actions of humankind. Although natural phenomena such as volcanoes, storms, and earthquakes also cause major changes in water chemistry and the ecological status of water, these are not pollution. Water pollution has many causes and characteristics. Humans and livestock produce bodily wastes that enter rivers, lakes, oceans, and other surface waters. These wastes increase the solids suspended in the water and the concentration of bacteria and viruses, leading to potential health impacts.

Example of term paper about water pollution

Increases in nutrient loading may lead to eutrophication, or dead zones, in lakes and coastal water. Organic wastes deplete the water of oxygen, which potentially has severe impacts on the whole ecosystem. Industries and municipalities discharge pollutants, permitted and sometimes unpermitted, into their wastewater, including heavy metals, organic toxins, oils, pesticides, fertilizers, and solids. Discharges can also have direct and indirect thermal effects, especially those from nuclear power stations, and also reduce the available oxygen. Human activities that disturb the land can lead to silt running off the land into the waterways. This silt can have environmentally detrimental effects even if it does not contain pollution. Silt-bearing runoff comes from many activities, including construction, logging, mining, and farming. It can kill aquatic and other types of life. Salmon, for example, do not spawn if the temperature of the water is too high.

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