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Thirty-nine percent of rape victims in the NWS had been raped more than once, and 41.7% of the adolescent victims said that they had been sexually assaulted more than once.

The National Survey of Adolescents estimated that 13.0% of female adolescents and 3.4% of male adolescents had been victims of a sexual assault at some point during their lives (Kilpatrick & Saunders, 1997).

Department of Justice, found that only 32% of sexual assault cases were reported to police in 1994.

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Determining the scope and nature of rape and other types of sexual assault depends on how these crimes are defined and measured.

Kilpatrick, Ph.D.
National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center
Medical University of South Carolina

Rape is the most underreported crime in America.

1997 National Crime Victimization Survey, which includes both reported and unreported crimes, found that despite a decline of 7% in the nation’s crime rate in 1997, rates of rape and sexual assault did not decline.

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Department of Justice.)
The National Violence Against Women Survey, the first national study on stalking, found that in the 12 months preceding the study, 0.3 percent of all women surveyed experienced a completed or attempted rape, and 1.9 percent experienced a physical assault.

Today, Illinois’ Criminal Sexual Assault Statute is considered the national model (Epstein & Langenbahn, 1994, p.

According to estimates, approximately 1.5 million women and 834,700 men are raped and/or physically assaulted annually by an intimate partner in the United States.

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Sexual Assault on College Campuses - Term Papers …

Respond to the issue of Sexual Assault on College Campuses by reading these articles and thinking about ways De Anza could improve campus safety.

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Department of Justice.)
Women who suffered physical injury in addition to the injury suffered from the rape or sexual assault reported 37% of those crimes, while only 22% of rapes and sexual assaults without an additional physical injury were reported.

Sexual Assault on campus - Research Paper Example

Respond to the issue of Sexual Assault on College Campuses by reading these articles and thinking about ways De Anza could improve campus safety.

Research Paper - Sexual Assault - Part One

This page will address the following issues: Evolution of the Definition of Sexual Assault and Rape
Several authors have observed (e.g.

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Some states require that perpetrators give victims intoxicants to obtain sexual access.)
Despite these legislative changes, much of the debate that exists today about what constitutes sexual assault and rape stems from how rape should be defined (Crowell & Burgess, 1996).

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For purposes of this chapter, rape and other forms of sexual assault are defined using the Federal Criminal Code (Title 18, Chapter 109A, Sections 2241-2233).

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The 1986 federal statute defines two types sexual assault:

Aggravated Sexual Abuse by Force or Threat of Force: When a person knowingly causes another person to engage in a sexual act...

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I. You are required to write a term paper based on library research of your chosen topic.
A. The topic shall be related to issues that we explore and discuss in the area of human aggression and violence. (For example, you may write about specific types of aggression/violence, such as homicide, sexual assault; terrorism, etc.; you may write about general theories of aggression/violence; you may write about society’s response to aggression/violence; you may write about the work of experts in this area, such as Irvin Staub who is an expert on mass aggression and violence such as genocide; etc.). IN MY CASE I HAVE CHOSEN SEXUAL ASSAULT
B. The term paper shall be at least 18 typewritten pages (double-spaced) in length.
C. The term paper shall be written in strict APA Publication Manual writing style. MLS, ALA, SOS, CYA, or any other style will not be accepted.
D. The term paper is a formal scholarly paper and shall be written in that manner.
1. Although writing term papers in the first person voice is now acceptable from the APA’s perspective, when doing so the paper will still be written in a formal style—not the style you would use to write a letter to your long lost lover.
E. The term paper shall be based on library research of at least six (6) professional resources/references.
1. These resources should be of peer-reviewed professional journal articles or professional books by experts in the field, and shall be related to your particular chosen topic.
2. Internet resources may be utilized ONLY if you obtained an electronic version of an actual (full-linked text) academic journal article online. That is, the electronic version is an exact copy of the journal article as it appeared in the written version of the journal.
a. In other words, a Dr. Phil-type on-line article from a Google or other similar search that presents a summary of a topic area by some Dr. Phil-type or from Brittany Spears, or from the CIS Miami web-site that cannot be authenticated for its reliability or validity or non-plagiarism is NOT ACCEPTABLE.
b. Information from Wikipedia is not acceptable.
c. However, some U.S. government offices conduct research on topics and publish them on the government website. This research is all peer reviewed and thus you may use them (e.g., U.S. Dept. of Justice, Office on Victims of Crime, Bureau of Justice Statistics, etc.).
3. In essence, your resources/references should be professional journals and books written by experts in abnormal behavior, violence, aggression, criminal behavior, victimization, etc.
F. The term paper will have the following format with labeled sections.
1. INTRODUCTION—this section of your paper introduces the topic and presents a brief literature review relevant to your stating the thesis and objectives of your paper. Centered, at the beginning of this introductory section you will write the title of your paper.
a. That is, what do you plan to do?
2. FINDINGS—this section is where you will do what you said you would do (in the Introduction).
a. This section requires you to summarize the work in your specific topic area, critically evaluate it, and compare and contrast it to approaches offered by other theorists, critics, revisionists, etc.
b. This is the major portion of your paper.
c. This section will have a heading centered in bold: Findings.
3. Discussion and Conclusions—briefly summarize what you did. Then present your own ideas, opinions, beliefs, etc., about the topic area you reviewed, and finally discuss whether you accomplished what you set out to do. Does the work of others you reviewed and analyzed have limitations, contributions, implications, etc? Do you have suggestions re: future research and the application of what you found in your resources?
a. This section will require careful critical and creative thinking. This should be a significant portion of your paper; because this section indicates to me whether or not you have a good understanding and perspective of the theory and research that you have reviewed.
b. Writing only one or two paragraphs for this section is not adequate or sufficient, and will affect your grade significantly.
c. This section will have a heading centered in bold: Discussion and Conclusions.
G. Remember, this is not a book review. You are not going to simply summarize a book or journal article. INSTEAD YOU WILL:
1. Creatively and critically think about what you read and critically evaluate it.
a. You do this by presenting your own ideas, opinions, etc., utilizing other resources/references to back up your points.
b. DO NOT HESITATE to give your own opinions in this term paper. There is no right or wrong answer. I don’t care if you state that divorce is no big deal and does not cause harm to anyone, as long as you can back up your contentions. I value your opinions as much as I value the opinion of the authors of your textbooks.
H. Tips
1. This does not have to be extremely difficult. If you apply yourself seriously, studiously, and systematically, you will be successful.
2. The idea here is to read, think, read more, and re-think in a critical manner. I hope that you can enjoy this and learn greatly from your experience. If your project becomes tedious and painful, and you become frustrated, angry, and begin to hate my guts, then something is wrong. You either picked a topic that does not truly interest you or you are going about it the wrong way.
a. Actually if you end up disliking me, that’s okay, as long as you learn something, think critically and creatively, and enjoy yourself while disliking me.
3. Please feel free to contact me, talk with me, yell at me, tackle me in the hallway, or corral me in my office for assistance as often as you wish. Please DO NOT wait until two days before the paper is due to tell me that you are at a standstill. You don’t have to go this totally alone. I like to help—it is inbred in me.
4. So, begin soon, have fun, and use that great mass of cerebral cortex that you have that sets you apart from all other species, and think critically. Engage those 1000 trillion synapses that you have and go to it! GOOD LUCK and HAVE FUN.
5. Please adhere to the due date as listed on the syllabus.

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