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Many problems are raised by the existence of the insanity defense....

“An insanity defense is based on the theory that most people can choose to follow the law; but a few select persons cannot be held accountable because mental disease or disability deprives them of the ability to make a rational / voluntary choice.

In order to successfully be acquitted by reason of insanity, the legal team, paired with psychiatric professionals, must prove that the defendant is not legally responsible for the crime, despite the evidence that they executed the crime....

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The insanity defense is used by criminal defendants.

The defense she used was “not guilty by reason of insanity,” which subsequently failed.

This study concludes that social media usually present the advantages that the defendants of the insanity plea might get and cases of mentally ill people who committed a violent crime....

What separates this from a regular plead of ‘diminished capacity’ is that a plea of insanity is a full defense rather than just a partial defense (Legal information institute, n.d.)....

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In recent years, it seems that the verdicts of many major violent crimes have come down to whether the defendant is accountable for their actions or if they should be held Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI).

These contradictions are what make the "insanity defense" in a trial like that of John Hinckley Jr.

James Holmes
Notorious People to Plead The Insanity Defense

the state of being seriously mentally ill; madness

extreme foolishness; irrationality
Insanity Defense
In criminal trails, the insanity defense is the claim that the defendant is not responsible for his or her actions during a mental health episode (psychiatric illness or mental handicap)
not guilty by reason of insanity
executed by lethal injection
not guilty by reason of insanity
not guilty by reason of insanity
(no real definition)
How Is It Used?
used by criminal defendants
used when the defendant doesn't know the severity of the crime at hand due to mental impairment or diseased mind
'insanity' is a legal term, not a psychological term
Controversial, Yet Not Common
very low success rate
1% of court cases are insanity defense cases
success rate is 25% of that 1%
hard to agree on definition
different law amongst states
"not guilty by reason of insanity"
"guilty by mentally ill"
Personal Position
Education is key

Extreme evaluations to determine if person is mentally ill; up to a year
By: Courtney Mathis
The End

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In states that allow the insanity defense, ..

Position Paper:
According to America:
56% of Americans say no, the insanity defense should not be considered a legal defense and should be abolished
44% of Americans say yes, that there should be a insanity defense
Should there be an insanity defense
in the United States?
Andrea Yates
John Wayne Gacy
John Hinckley Jr.

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(Insanity defense among the states) In other states the requirements vary like in California they use the McNaughton rule which says that to be declared insane, defendants must either not have known what they were doing at the time or not have realized their actions were wrong....

Insanity defense – Essay Sample

According to the article ‘Insanity defense among the states’, in some states for example Kansas, Montana, Idaho, and Utah just abolished the ability to pleading insanity all together.

Term Paper and Essay on INSANITY: LEGAL VERSUS …

The legal definition of insanity as understood by Dunn, Cowan, and Downs (2006) is, “a person is thought insane if he or she is incapable of knowing or understanding the nature and quality of his or her act of distinguishing right from wrong at the time of the commission of the offense.” There are several investigations needed in the area of NGRIs plea, especially in the area of gender....

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I will do so by considering few criticisms of the insanity defence under the M’Naghten rules by academics like Peter Blood and others, as well as by reviewing possible law reform in the Insanity and automatism Scoping paper.

The Criminal Insanity Defense Term Paper by ..

Insanity, automatism and diminished responsibility all play a significant role in cases where the defendant’s mind is abnormal while committing a crime....

The Insanity Defense; Legal or Illegal? Essay - 2767 Words

Insanity Defense The defense of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI; now NCRMD or Not Criminally Responsible by Reason of Mental Disorder) has been around since the times of the Greeks, ever since Plato’s La...

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For instance, in the 1970s, a study in Wyoming revealed that the insanity defense was used in only .47% of all criminal cases (Melton, 1997, p.187)
Moreover, in the same study it was observed that only one person, of those that used the defense, was acquitted.

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