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Human Genome Project Information.

This paper explores the history, organization and the function of the HGP.
Human Genome Project Information Project
The origin of HGP can be traced from the early 20th century.

The United States human genome project began in 1990, when the $3 billion dollar project to map 3 billion DNA base pairs was announced.(4) When the initial funding was provided, it was anticipated that the project would require 15 years to complete and the target date for completion was 2005.(8) Recent technological advances have shortened that time period, and it is now estimated that the program will be complete by 2003.(1) The program now has been expanded to an international effort involving research facilities in France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United Stat...

The Human Genome Projectestimated to take ten to twenty years to complete.

Human Genome Project And Its Term Paper - 2561 Words

A seemingly harmless collection of information from the advancement of the Human Genome Project.

One possible gain from decoding the human genome is that knowledge about which genes or combinations of genes can cause certain physical diseases, deformations, or other problems; this would allow scientists to produce tests revealing whether individuals have the potential to develop an illness or disability. Many genetic predispositions merely suggest that an individual might develop a condition: the finding is not definite or conclusive. Knowledge that an individual has a particular gene or set of genes could offer a heads-up on anemia, multiple sclerosis, or diabetes; yet like diabetes, a person can carry the gene without developing the disease. Similarly, a person might be genetically predisposed to alcoholism but never become an alcoholic. The selling point for the project in part was that it would lead to the reduction of health care costs by nabbing potential conditions before they developed, much like murder was handled in the movie Minority Report.

James Watson resonated as a victory bell, signaling the successful completion of what many deemed the boldest undertaking in the history of biology: The Human Genome Project (2003)....

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The Human Genome Project (HGP) has created a free multimedia kit to serve as an educational tool for high school students and the general public. The kit, entitled The Human Genome Project: Exploring our Molecular Selves, includes a multimedia CD-ROM; an award-winning video documentary, The Secret of Our Lives; a commemorative wall poster; and an informational brochure, Genetics: The Future of Medicine.

The success of the Human Genome Project also poses potential societal problems....

The information generated by the human genome project is expected to be the source book for biomedical fields, including those such as developmental biology and neurobiology, where scientists are just beginning to under...

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Human Genome Project Essay -- Science Genetics Papers

Essay/Term paper: The human genome project, what Essay, ..

But with the mapping of the human genome there will be some ethical and social aspects that will be raised with the identification of the base pairs of the human genome....

Human Genome Project and Its Impact Implications … Term Paper

An international scientific effort to map all of the genes on the 23 pairs of human chromosomes and, to sequence the 3.1 billion DNA base pairs that make up the chromosomes.

The Human Genome Project - Research Paper

This statement of Thomas Lee refers to a massive scientific undertaking known as the human genome project, an endeavor that aims to discover each and every intricacy of human genetics....

Term Paper and Essay on THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT.

Certainly some scientists will use the human genome to develop new therapies, drugs, and treatments for human diseases. But what if an insurance company required all applicants for medical or life insurance to submit to a genetic test? The test would reveal potential genetically based diseases or disorders. Would health insurers charge people more or less depending on their predispositions at the time of birth? Or would they simply decline to insure the child? Would this create a class of citizens who could not obtain insurance, not because they actually had a condition but because they might develop one in the future? Could employers, some of whom offer medical insurance coverage, demand such tests and refuse to hire people with potential problems?

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According to their report in the current issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, scientists at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) at The National Institutes of Health (NIH) have developed a new genetic test that, for the first time, can easily distinguish between hereditary and sporadic forms of breast cancer.

Genetics/ Human Genome Project 2 term paper 17531

The summary section MUST include the following: 1) at least 1 story from the movie; 2) 1-2 advantages and disadvantages of the Human Genome Project.
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Free Term Paper on Human Genome Project - …

This paper aims at finding out the benefit of this project and ascertaining whether the scientific research and their findings done through the Human Genome Project can be justified....

Human Genome Project Essays - StudentShare

The Human Genome Project is a worldwide research effort with the goal of analyzing the structure of human DNA and determining the location of the estimated 100,000 human genes....

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