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I will argue against taking the action of divorce as anything but a last resort as detrimental to solving some of the few underlying tensions that contribute to its dilemma....

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As thenumbers of divorces filed each decade have increased, psychologistshave becomevery interested in how divorce affects a child mentally, physically,andemotionally. They have also studied long term and short-termeffects ofdivorce on children. For example, according to some reports,childrenfrom divorced homes are more likely to become divorcedthemselves. Conversely, other studies indicate that the quality of the post divorcehome ismore responsible for subsequent development in children than thedivorce itself(Del Campo, 2004). With mixed results like these, it is hard forpsychologists to tell for sure whether divorce has either a positive ornegative effect on children. As a result, this section willpresent bothsides of the issue.

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With such a wide spectrum of effects and situations, most psychologistsagreethat children having or lacking a sense of stability and a strong senseoffamily can help indicate whether a child will benefit or be at adisadvantageas a result of the divorce (Delcampo, 2004). In this paper, wewilldiscuss the long-term and short-term effects on children as a result ofdivorce, and the positive and negative effects within thosecategories. We will also present suggestions teachers or caregivers can use whenworkingwith children that are going through a family divorce.

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Divorce is becoming a part of modern day life, but its negative impact on children is beginning to show in the adolescent’s development and growth. Divorce has no positive effects on the child. This breakdown in marital union is seen as a process which is inculcated in six different steps. Once fulfilled, the divorce can have a strong impact on the child’s growth and maturity. After suffering from initial short-term effects, the child can also risk longer-term problems which affect their entire life as they mature. There are several methods which can be employed to lower the effects of divorce on a child, ranging from teaching parents how to deal with children to reducing the economic burden that falls on a single parent. Thus, while divorce has no positive ends, its repercussions can be alleviated.

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Divorce does not have positive long-term effects on the children involved. This event breaks up and family and leaves adolescents in a state of confusion, isolation and frustration which follows them throughout their life.

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Generally, the effects of divorce on children are short term after which they fade once the child has had time to adjust to the new family situation and all the changes that have occurred. However, you should note that there are a small number of cases where the effects may be long term. The children of divorced parents may be more likely to:

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Theshort-term effects ona child after the divorce of parents are not always easy. There aredifferenteffects on a child depending on the reason for the divorce. Sometimeschildrenunderstand more than adults might give them credit for. Children learnnot onlyfrom what they hear, but also from what they see. Children understandthedifference between happiness and sadness, so when they see anotherfamilysmiling and they see their own family frowning with tears in theireyes, theystart understanding the reason behind their parents’ divorce. When thedivorceis the result of the unhappiness, which it normally is, the childrenbecomeunhappy.

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Wecannot say that theseare short-term effects on a child because something like divorce canand doeschange the perspective of a person for the rest of their lives. Theeffects mayonly show for a short period of time or at least until the child learnstoaccept the divorce, but some effects are always long term.

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If you and your partner are thinking about getting a divorce it is important that the both of you are aware of the potential short-term and long-term effects your actions may have on your child:

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