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(Oxford bibliography Keith Hayward) Although it would seem that cultural criminology is nothing more than an interdisciplinary field, using only the studies and theories of some of the disciplines mentioned...

The core concept of cultural criminology is built upon by using traditional approaches from different disciplines such as sociological studies, cultural studies, symbolic interactionism and many other disciplines, theories and methods.

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For instance, they should use a couple of criminology theories to help them with certain cases that are more difficult than the rest....

Within the field of criminology, a number of theories exist that attempt to explain why some people engage in deviant behavior, while others abstain from it.

In the case of criminology the main question being asked is “why does crime occur?”, but some theories also attempt to answer another equally interesting question “if being a criminal is the easy choice, why are so many people law abiding?” in order to understand criminal behavior....

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Although there are several different theories surrounding criminology, they all share a common goal: the search for the causes of criminal behavior in the hopes that this information can be transformed into policies that will be effective in handling or even eliminating crime.

The origins of criminology are rooted in the 1700s when society believed that crime was a result of supernatural forces.

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These aspects include the areas of research involved, the criminology schools of thought, theoretical developments and the people involved in creating and developing the theories.

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There exist a large number of criminology theories, some link crime to an individual or person; they believe a person weighs the cons and pros and makes a conscious decision on whether to commit or not commit a felony....

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Most feminist criminology involves critiques about how women offenders have been ignored, distorted, or stereotyped within traditional criminology, but there is no shortage of separate theories and modifications of existing theories....

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It was wise to struggle for the total equality in positive and negative things and women managed to break the myth about the female disability of committing crimes demanding the equal punishments for men and women. It is natural that for the long time criminology was based on male stereotypes about women but today the majority of these stereotypes have been broken and the visible equality has been achieved. Although, there is success in the sphere of criminology, many problems still exist, for example, the current system of juvenile delinquency still treats young women as less violent, rebellious and more tolerant and peaceful individuals, while young men are believed to be more likely to commit all sorts of crimes and receiving stricter punishment.

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Women were believed to spend the majority of their time at home working about the house and it was unbelievable that the women could go out at night and commit a crime. Moreover, women were believed to have totally different type of psychology and could not commit crimes trying to solve their problems in the peaceful way. With the development of various feministic movements women demanded to achieve equality with men in all questions, including criminology.

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Crime arises from a combination of individual and social factors. Under this chapter, we should cover its principles, laws, objectives, policies, ways of reducing threat of crimes, departments of justice, crime prevention, and many other related topics should be covered. Criminology itself is a big huge subject, it has different categories amongst those social criminology is one of them. Let’s discuss the ways to prevent crime. According to my research on this, I got to know three main ways of crime prevention which I ma going to share with you.

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