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BusinessEthics Topics for Research Paper

In context of past business frauds we know for sure that Enron had a Code of Ethics. The same hold true for WorldCom that certainly didn’t lack extensive internal controls. In the present case, too, Greencore is a sound company with their ethics in place and controls intact. Nonetheless, they presumably had cultures where engaging in unethical conduct was tacitly condoned, if not encouraged.

Business ethicsrepresents one of the most important aspects of an organization. Itexamines the ethical principles govern the workplace and the variousethical or moral problems that can arise. Business ethics guides on adaily basis, employees, and operations of any organization. It isrelevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.

Psychological roots of business ethics.

Ethical standards and business principles.


The paper posits the requirements for the younger generations today and in the future, discusses the utilitarian ideal, and then argues against the application of the ideal to the instant case.

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Utilitarianism : A 5 page paper that debates the differences between deontology and utilititarianism in terms of human services work and ethics.

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Business Fraud: Culture Is the Culprit | Business Ethics

Although Kant specifies that altruistic citizens subject themselves to their sovereign, they must also police their sovereign, and therefore, the long-term results of Reagan's decision are in the hands of the people.

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An orgaqnization moves towards an ethical culture only if it understands full range of values and behaviors needed to meet its ethical goals. The key indicator of success is whether the company has made significant progress in achieving key program outcomes. The National Business Ethics Survey listed four key outcomes that help determine the success of a program:

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We might wonder what makes senior executives in a company act as they do? Do they think of implications and consequences – moral, ethical, and legal – before committing a fraud? Is their action a moment’s aberration or well thought out plan of action? While it is true that the business has self interest as its goal but the ethical approach takes into account what is known as enlightened self interest that does not impinge upon rights and interests of others.

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This paper supports Kant's theory that though man may incorporate personal and sometimes selfish considerations into the process of ethical determinations, this does not negate the moral applications of these choices.

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: A 6 page paper positing that although Jack-in-the-Box seems to be altruistic in its considerations of the harm it caused its customers, the federal government has not been as conscientious--they have said that responsibility for consumer protection resides in at the state government level.

Business Ethics. – A Research Paper

People manning businesses are not criminals in the ordinary sense. They transgress business ethics and norms that require to be scrupulously followed. The statements from WorldCom executives might be enlightening:

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Some researchers endup getting stuck in the process of their dissertations, and this ismostly due to the wrong choice of the research title. A top qualitytitle should be feasible, and I recommend avoiding broad topicsunless otherwise directed. Your choice of research should fit withinthe allocated time and should be in line with the availableresources. Some advisors will direct you to pick a topic that dealswith the existing business ethics. It is easy to research on due tothe ease of data collection and the availability of multiplecorrespondents. Evaluate the strategies employed by businesses to getan overview of the ethical footprints before selecting your topic. At the same time, conduct a preliminary literature review to avoidsettling on an overly researched topic. A unique and exciting topicwill go a long way in convincing the review committee. Below we haveoutlined some topics for your research paper on business ethics.

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Conclusion: Corporate frau ds often attract public and media attention because people in general have high expectations from them. The successful businesses are in fact built on a long association and trust from people, consumers, and clients. No one would want to deal or do business with a company found on the wrong side of law. The companies themselves go a longway in building trust among their clients. They spend a lot of money on PR, and they go an extra mile in building their image of an ethical enterprise. However, a lot of companies land in controversies despite their solid background and reputation. What could be the reason when the companies have their best practices, and ethical codes of conduct in place? In this paper we have argued that instead of focusing on ethical codes of conduct and compliance structure, the companies might do well to focus on their internal culture. An organization’s culture is not something that is created by the senior leadership and rolled downwards. It is an objective picture of an orgnization; the sum of its values and behqaviors of all employees, managers, and leaders. Also, the success of ethics and comliance programs cannot be superficially evaluated by tallying the percentage of employees that have certified that they read the code of conduct and attend ethics and compliance training. The organizations must take a serious stock of their ethical culture and must evaluate themselves on indicators of success that tells them whether they have made significant progress in achieving key program outcomes. The National Business Ethics Survey has listed four key outcomes.

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