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Brain Metastases in Small Cell Lung Cancer - Cancer …

While families living more than 1 mile from agriculture showed no increase in Autism Spectrum Disorder, families living less than 1 mile of agriculture showed a significant increase in ASD. This risk of ASD then jumped to 7.6 times above normal if families lived less than 500 meters (about 1/3rd mile) from farming areas and when certain pesticides were applied from day 26 to day 88 of pregnancy. Researchers believe this 2 month developmental period from day 26 to 88 is a critical window of neurological development in the unborn child and a time that the developing brain is far more sensitive to harm than other time periods in pregnancy.

I firmly believe in Chemo Brain. I am an 8 year breast cancer survivor and my oncologist told me that the chemo did not cross the blood brain barrier but I disagree. I am a nurse practitioner and when I get in a room with a patient and forget in the middle of a sentence or get off track totally, I just look at them and apologize & tell them that it is chemo brain and we laugh about it. I really think that this is a true thing though, becauase it happens more often than I would like. There are times that I forget areas of driving from point a to point b, (like did I pass that already). It is crazy.

[/do][do action=”abstract”]Key words: brain cancer, cancer and radiation, epidemiology[/do]

Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer

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The levels of endogenous 53BP1 foci in MSCs were approximately double those in fibroblasts [; see also Supplemental Material, (doi:10.1289/ehp.0900781.S1)]. These data parallel the findings of others with mouse embryonic stem cells (). Interestingly, we detected almost no foci in mitotic spreads of chromosomes of both MSCs and fibroblasts. The level of foci in mitotic cells was statistically significantly lower than in interphase cells (data not shown). These results are in line with previously published data indicating that many endogenous 53BP1 foci may not pass mitosis ().

This information all came from a neurologist/surgeon who deals with Altzheimer patients and other brain disfunctions in his specialty. I think there is alot to yet be learned about the ramifications of treatments for cancer but it all comes down to the bottomline doesn't it? Weighing options - life vs side effects that are possible down the road.

John McCain Has Brain Cancer, Senator’s Office Says - …

Years back they thought that chemo drugs did not cross what they call the blood/brain barrier but now they know that SOME chemo drugs do, not all is what I was told. Also radiation can have an effect on issues if the brain is radiated. It was described to me this way. It is not exactly a damage to the brain perse but the brain is just somewhat 'weakened' by some of these treatments so that normal processes such as aging for example are not tolerated as well in someone who was treated as opposed to someone who was not with chemo and radiation.

Cancer can lead to extra expenses. By assessing your situation, you can plan ahead to meet your needs.

If I were an employer I certainly would not hire me. And I have a very good reputation for being a dependable worker, quick to learn and eager to tske on responsiblility. But I am no no longer that person. Will this dissapate over time? Who can say? My family doc at least will acknowledge what chemo brain is, but seems to think it will cure itself once chemo is over. I hope she is right, but there is no guarantee. In the mean time I will continue to be treated for depression, and I am seeing a nuerologist for essential tremors. I am not sure yet what his take on chemo brain is. I will ask on my next visit, but I will not be surprised if he poo-poo's the whole thing. After all, what test is there to confirm or deny chemo brain. Many of the symptome mimic depression. As far as I can remember (HA!) from reading up on chemo brain, there are no distinct markers where someone can say for certain it is chemo brain or something else. In the medical world it seems to be a very subjective topic. I am applying for disability, but will have to try for it on depression, as as far as I can tell SS Disability does not recognize chemo brain either.

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Surprising link between blood sugar, brain cancer …

American Brain Tumor Association

Shortly after my first round of chemo (breast c - dense dose A/C) I noticed I couldn't remember things. What little energy I could muster was wasted wandering from one room to the next. I was a sutdent at the time and I would read a paragraph three times to gather what it contained, only to have it empty out of my head when I read the next paragraph. At first I thought it was just fatigue. Then I started forgetting how to do simple things. Write a check, where dishes went, how to use the can opener. This started to scare me. I was like a lost child. I knew I couldn't continue school - it was ridiculous to try. I was very scared and didn't knwo what to do. I called my onc nurse in hysterical tears, trying to telll her what was happening to me. She was actually surprised I had not heard of chemo brain or chemo fog. She said that my onc didn't put must credence in it. I called my family doc, who gave me anti-depressants. They calmed me down a bit, but didn't really do much to change it. Since then I've been put on stronger anti-depressants, B comlex vitamins and prescription folic acid to see if that doesn't help with the memory issues. I have done internet reasearch on chemo brain, but can never remember exactly whst I've read. I keep trying to do things to improve my memory - read, play puzzles, etc. I don't see many poeople. My boyfirend and my son, who simply put up with my repetitions. When I go for treatment my boyfriend always takes me, so I have someone who might remember what was said. I can't find my way from the chemo trestment area to the waiting room with out help, and I have been going there for six months. I am easily confused - sometimes when I wash dishes, I can't decide if I should pick up the cup, or the fork, or what I am supposed to do. I seem to be able to carry on a conversation with friends who call me on the phone, but am always struggling to find words. I have explained to them about chemo brain, and they seem understanding of my recent shortcomings. I am sure there are times I repeat myself, as after saying something it will suddenly dawn on me I said it before. When I email friends and family and there are several messages in the reply, I will read them, and see that I have retold things as though it were something new. The really dumb part is, you never know when or where it will strike. Sometimes I have to ponder for five minutes to remember how to pay a bill online. Sometimes I can just zip right through it. I leave car doors open, food on the counter, dishes half done, I never know what I will find. I scare me. I am afraid to drive, not because I mght hurt myself, or my car - but how would I live with myself if I hurt or killed someone else knowing that I am not at capacity to responsibly control a vehicle.

About chemo brain | Cancer in general | Cancer Research UK

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About brain tumours - The brain | Cancer Research UK

If exposure to RF fields through mobile phone use were tumorigenic, people using mobile phones longest and those who were the heaviest users would be expected to show the highest risks of brain tumors. Reliability of recall of amount of use a decade ago is unknown, and the average amount of use is likely to have shifted over time as phone use has escalated universally. Validation studies of recall of phone use in the previous 6 months, and up to approximately 5 years in the past, have found that even in the short term, subjects on average underestimate the number of calls per month but overestimate duration of calls, with moderate systematic error (underestimation by light users, overestimation by heavy users) and a large amount of random error (). Recall of number of calls was found to be better than recall of their duration. Furthermore, in the Interphone study cases more often than controls gave implausibly high estimates of daily time spent on calls (e.g., 10 cases and no controls reported average use of > 12 hr/day). A validation study that included both cases and controls found that cases overestimated phone use in distant time periods, which could cause positive bias in risk estimates (). It thus appears that recall of amount of use was appreciably erroneous and quite likely different for cases than for controls. It is possible that recall of year of first use, and hence duration of use, may have been more reliable than recall of amount of use.

Brain Cancer Causes, Treatment, Stages & Survival Rate

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