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BISC 495-010, Evolution, Spring 2007 - Evolution term paper

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Normally it will be owned by the customer, deployed without any network planning and connected to the operators EPC (Evolved Packet Core).

The technical paper is a good starting point.Initiated in 2004, the Long Term Evolution (LTE) project focused on enhancing the Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (UTRA) and optimizing 3GPP’s radio access architecture.The 3GPP of specifications, covers the "Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA)".See also - the technologies page on , which describes the work beyond LTE Release 8/9.

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You are required to write a term paper on some aspect of evolutionary biology

Despite the murkiness of how best to classify them, it's fairly clear that many Ediacarans left no descendants. Ediacaran fossils have been collected from dozens of fossil sites around the world, but with few exceptions, those iconic Ediacaran fossils don't turn up in Cambrian sediments, even in localities with exceptional preservation.

Graced with hardy exoskeletons, trilobites preserve some of the oldest evidence of evolutionary innovations common today: heads, mouths, gills, legs and above all eyes. Described in 2017, a three-dimensional trilobite eye fossil preserved enough internal detail to show a work-in-progress compound eye belonging to . Though it had the same general structure as modern bee and dragonfly eyes, the ancient peeper lacked evidence of the tightly packed lenses needed for image formation. Instead, the half-a-billion-year-old arthropod probably used its eyes for little more than movement or obstacle detection. This species was collected from near the base of . A slightly younger (geologically speaking) trilobite specimen showed eye structure closer to that of modern dragonflies.

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Despite the abundance of trilobite fossils, geologists couldn't guess at the true diversity of Cambrian life for decades after the Cambrian Period was first named. One of the richest sites for the period is the Burgess Shale in the Rocky Mountains of Canada's British Columbia. Other geologists had excavated there before him, but it was Smithsonian boss who made the site famous in the early 20th century. Episodes of extremely rapid fossil burial about a half a billion years ago preserved soft tissues, giving paleontologists unprecedented amounts of information about animal life from the Cambrian. Thousands of fossils have been excavated from the Walcott Quarry since 1909. Fossil sites with similar preservation and diversity have been found nearby (the Marble Canyon site about 40 kilometers away) and as far away as China. So many new body plans showed up in the fossil record that the period gained the nickname "Cambrian explosion." The term is somewhat controversial, and many paleontologists favor "diversification" or "radiation."

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Neanderthals have a tortured history in anthropology, identified as diseased modern humans then identified as stooped and awkward because the scientist making that determination examined a Neanderthal riddled with arthritis. One of the early claims made about Neanderthals, that they buried their dead, has been alternately challenged and vindicated. Like Neanderthal fossils preserve evidence of people who must have been looked after by others. Finds associated with Neanderthal remains suggest symbolic behavior. Near Krapina, Croatia, 130,000-year-old eagle talons from a Neanderthal site bear cut marks and abrasion marks that might have resulted from their use in necklaces. Bruniquel Cave in France bears structures built from broken-off stalagmites, dated at abut 176,000 years old, when Neanderthals were the only hominins known to inhabit Europe, though the purpose of these structures is a mystery.

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One of the most complete fossils in the hominin record is a juvenile skeleton found at Nariokotome, Kenya. Estimated to be seven or eight years old at death (but equivalent to an 11- to 13-year-old modern human), Nariokotome Boy (or Turkana Boy) was already over 5 feet tall. If his lived-out future included an adolescent growth spurt, then he would have become a tall man. But significant height might not have been a characteristic of so much as a trait living in the tropics. An especially rich fossil site at Dmanisi, Georgia, is the oldest site outside Africa, and it has preserved the remains of multiple individuals. Dated at around 1.8 million years old, the site shows remarkable variation among hominins living within a short (geologically speaking) time span. Skull size, brain size, and skeleton size all show wide disparities, suggesting that this was simply an extremely diverse species. In fact, a 2013 study on Dmanisi led by David Lordkipanidze argued that hominin species identified from other sites as well — and — were all one species with a lot of variability.

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Lagerstätten (rich fossil sites) are impressive by themselves, but there's more to the Cambrian Period. Unlike the Ediacara biota, Cambrian life forms show much clearer affinities to modern life. Make no mistake; Burgess Shale fossils are weird. But they're also eerily similar to modern organisms.

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Putting all of this together, you can reasonably guess that soft, fluttery butterflies have a pretty poor fossil record (they do) but the occasional butterly left behind a beautiful fossil. And some Lagerstätten (sites with extraordinary preservation) can preserve not only big, hard parts, but also soft tissue and sometimes even colors.

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The fossil record is littered with exceptions, but in general, bones, teeth and exoskeletons are more likely to fossilize than soft tissue. (Your minteral-rich teeth are practically fossils-in-waiting the moment they erupt from your gums.) Trilobite shells, even the ones molted off, preserve reasonably well, as do the animals' calcite-crystal eyes. The vast majority of trilobites never left behind fossils, but they fossilize better than many other animals. Historically, paleontologists have been more likely to notice big fossils than little ones, though this is changing, and big plants or animals may have a better shot at being preserved in the first place.

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The topic of evolution is one of the most important speaking about biology and the origin of life and existence in the whole. A student who is going to complete a good term paper on evolution should get acquainted with the evolution theory profoundly. One will have to read the articles on the theory and explain it to the reader. It is important to demonstrate the core principles of evolution theory to the reader, its methodology, history and the process of its development. One can also mention the attitude of various groups of people towards evolution theory and try to explain their opposition to it. Finally, a student should prove that the theory is important for science and the understanding of life on the planet.

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You are required to write a term paper on some aspect of evolutionary biology. On Friday, March 2, you must turn in a typed, one- or two-sentence description of the topic you have chosen, along with a list of three articles from the primary scientific literature on the topic, in the format shown below. This will be worth two percent of your overall grade for the class.

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