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Elizabethan Theater Research Paper - …

– Drama stories in literature are written in prose or verse and generally for theatrical performances. Dialogue and action convey the plot and emotions of the characters.

Edwin Booth, Kemble, Kean, Henry Irving, Macready, Edwin Forrest, Olivier, Garrick, Macklin, Betterton) Arlechino: the most famous Zanni Picasso and stage design The Theatre Guild The Federal Theatre The Group Theatre The Irish Players Eugene O'Neill and the Provincetown Players Erwin Piscator and projected scenery David Belasco, Theatrical Producer Artaud's influence on theatre Josef Svoboda, master scenographer The Living Theatre Richard Foreman and the Ontological/Hysterical Theatre The Wooster Group Robert Wilson's The Cinema and Theatre Kabuki Noh Performance Art The Wooster Group

What are the primary sources of information on the layout of an Elizabethan theatre?There are four:

Art in the Elizabethan Era Essay - Paper Topics

– The term paper will examine how Shakespeare portrayed the Elizabethan life in his play.

TIP: This assignment can be adapted to a range of subjects, including history ("Let's take a trip to Rome in the first century A.D."), literature ("We are going to embark on a tour of the theater district in Elizabethan London!") and even science ("As our spaceship of tourists approaches the edge of the solar system, the ship's radar begins to pick up the faint signals of ancient comets floating like sooty snowballs in the Oort Cloud.")

What was the economic organization of an Elizabethan acting company?

An Elizabethan acting company was a stock company in both the theatrical and economic sense of the term.

Elizabethan Theatre Term Papers, Elizabethan Theatre Research Paper…

In traditional theatre, incidental music could also bridge the 'closed curtain' periods: Ballet, opera and drama each have a rich tradition of such musical interludes. The etymology of the German word, Verwandlungsmusik refers to its original function – literally, "change music". Eventually, entr'actes (or intermezzi) would develop into a separate genre of short theatrical realisations (often with a plot completely independent from the main piece), that could be produced with a minimum of requisites during intermissions of other elaborate theatre pieces. These later entr'actes were distinctly intended to break the action or mood with something different, such as comedy or dance. Such pieces also allowed the chief players of the main piece to have a break. Eventually the idea of being an insert into a greater whole became looser: interlude sometimes has no other connotation than a "short play".

– Shadwell’s Don Juan is the archetype of English pageantry in literature as he exhibits the motif of an Elizabethan tragedy.

Epic theatre was a reaction against other popular forms of theatre, particularly the naturalistic approach pioneered by Constantin Stanislavski. Like Stanislavski, Brecht disliked the shallow spectacle, manipulative plots, and heightened emotion of melodrama; but where Stanislavski attempted to engender real human behavior in acting through the techniques of Stanislavski's system and to absorb the audience completely in the fictional world of the play, Brecht saw Stanislavski's methodology as producing escapism. Brecht's own social and political focus departed also from surrealism and the Theatre of Cruelty, as developed in the writings and dramaturgy of Antonin Artaud, who sought to affect audiences viscerally, psychologically, physically, and irrationally.

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Vestris, Ellen Terry, Eleanora Duse, Sarah Bernhardt, Rachel, Janet Achurch, Stella Adler) Rangda Barong (or another non-western theatrical ritual) The Elizabethan shareholder system How the Chinese acting technique of Mei Lan Fang influenced Brecht Orson Welles' Mercury Theatre "Voodoo" Actresses on the Restoration Stage New Discoveries about The Rose Theatre Stanislavski and Strasberg compared The use of historically accurate costumes on stage The Master Betty phenomenon Lope de Vega and The Spanish Golden Age The staging of Immanuel Kant and theatre Theatrical practices of the Bancrofts at the Prince of Wales Epic Theatre's influence on contemporary staging The Duke of Saxe Meiningen's contribution to theatre art Robert Edmond Jones - first professional scenographer in America Adolphe Appia and stage lighting innovations Developments in stage lighting from candles to candlepower The Theatrical Syndicate Focus on an important actor (e.g.

Elizabethan Drama This was my term paper this year

Euphuism is a mannered style of English prose, taking its name from works by John Lyly who, however, did not invent the term. It took the form of a preciously ornate and sophisticated style that employed a wide range of literary devices such as antitheses, alliterations, repetitions, rhetorical questions and others. Classical learning and remote knowledge of all kinds were displayed. Euphuism was fashionable in the 1580s,especially in the Elizabethan Court but never previously or subsequently.

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Please refer to the links at the end of the list for additional sites that offer possibilities for research. Actor and player: Richard Burbage and Edward Alleyn Director and Designer: Kazan and Mielziner's plans for African American Narrative Drama Bunraku Puppets Sara Berhardt's The Children's Companies of Shakespeare's Day Max Reinhardt: Director Picasso's Blackface: Minstrelsy and negative images of Black Americans The Roman Ideal: A survey of Renaissance and Baroque Costume Chinese Opera Four centuries of : Shakespeare, Tieck, Reinhardt, and Peter Brook Focus on important women in the theatre (e.g.

the most important theater in the Elizabethan ..

Lyly's style influenced Shakespeare (Polonius in Hamlet; Moth in Love's Labour's Lost; Beatrice and Benedick in Much Ado About Nothing). Many critics thought that Lyly overused comparisons as well as alliterations; Philip Sidney and Gabriel Harvey castigated his style. Euphuism was, however, taken up by the Elizabethan writers Robert Greene, Thomas Lodge and Barnabe Rich.

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Expressionism emerged as an 'avant-garde movement' in poetry and painting before the First World War. It remained popular during the Weimar years, particularly in Berlin. The movement was embodied in various art forms, including painting, literature, theatre, dance, film, architecture and music.

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Trumbull, Professor, Theatre/Speech Note: This is a list of possible term paper topics, but you are in no way limited to choosing from among the titles below.

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