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NABS also contacted a law enforcement official that works with us to see if he could find a method to get through official channels and determine the facts of this case.

Simultaneously to the efforts listed above, we had one of our directors working the phone and attempting to contact the records department at the Hinds County Sheriff to request a copy of their police report.

As nature and currents move bodies, this body apparently was on the Warren County side of the River yet Hinds County responded the most officials.

After it was determined that the body was really in Hinds County, they responded with a detective and a contingent of crime scene officials.

Now we will start the story of the NABS investigation.

NABS heard of this event and immediately called one of our contacts in Mississippi, briefed him on what we knew and asked for him to start the investigation.

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With most every classic novel comes some outlandish interpretations

The Brown Berets started a chapter out of the Fruitvale District in 1967. Brown Berets taught self defense against police brutality and self determination to the people.

This effort also defines why researchers outside our space have refused to join the research effort and have labeled the space in negative and unprofessional terms.

When we entered the bigfoot research world we reached out to many of the older researchers and asked their opinions on a variety of topics, we learned allot, and, we thank them.

We require affidavits for every witness who claims they had a bigfoot sighting and we investigate general issues relevant to the arena of bigfoot research.

Most bigfoot organizations don’t have individuals that have had exposure to complex and long-term investigations, criminal or civil.

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House if he could check with the MPC and determine how many times in the last several years a bigfoot or sasquatch sighting has been the catalyst listed by the police officer as a reason for suspension, he stated he would check into it and contact us later in the day.

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We have given many interviews to a variety of radio, newspaper and magazine representatives about “The Hoopa Project.” The reviews have been outstanding and the comments applaud the efforts we’ve made to bring a fresh life to the research surrounding Bigfoot.

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the term "Chicano" was derogatory and ..

The name Bigfoot is a journalists term that has become accepted and synonymous for “Sasquatch” (an anglicized Native American form of Sesquac-meaning “wild man”).

"Brown Bess" is a nickname of ..

Game Cameras have never worked to anyone’s satisfaction and video offers much more data, but, there is a new generation of game cameras coming onto the market that may break the mold of long-term failures.
One of the cornerstones for many of the Bigfoot scientists to believe Bigfoot is human and not animal is language, followed by use of clothing, fire and maintenance of a family unit.

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Today was the first time I have ever seen anything associated with prions written in a newspaper.
Prion diseases are a fatal neurodegenerative disorder that has a longterm consequence to a variety of mammals.

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Have they ever been criminally investigated, have they been terminated for a criminal offense, are they willing to cooperate in the investigation and do they attempt to intimidate or persuade potential witnesses, all critical factors, and, all point to their moral center.

A separate version of this paper appeared in the 20 October 1996 ..

We have to design primers to amplify different regions of the DNA so that we can get sequence across the mitochondrial genome and determine whether or not it is just human DNA, which seems unlikely that something -- like a human -- would step on that board like that.

Narrator: Great apes share nearly identical DNA with man except for a 35-base-pair deviation.

the long term effects of raising the status of the ..

They asked if I would confirm that for them, and I said I’d be happy to.

That set in motion on on-going series of events as I attempted to definitively determine the genetic heritage of their unusual relic, since dubbed the Starchild Skull .

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Open to the public, the “Arellanes Collection” consists of political flyers, broadsides, newspapers, books, buttons, posters and photographs convey the emotion and events of the Chicano movement during that era.The acquisition of the Arellanes Collection to augment the East Los Angeles Archive was made possible due to the efforts of CSULA’s Chicano Studies Professor Dionne Espinoza and University Librarian Alice Kawakami.

The products are knitted and felted using naturally brown raw ..

In March 1969 the Denver Youth Conference took place. At this conference a workshop was held discussing the role of women in the movement. The women of this workshop stated, "It was the consensus of the group that the Chicana woman does not want to be liberated." This was one of the principle actions that sparked the Chicana Feminist Movement. Soon after this, woman began to organize. In May 1971 over 600 Chicanas met in Houston, TX for the Mujeres Por La Raza Conference. The two largest workshops held at this conference were "Sex and the Chicana" and "Marriage- Chicana Style." A survey was taken at this conference showed that 84% of the women there felt as though they were not encouraged to seek professional careers and education was not considered important for Chicanas, 84% thought that there was not equal pay for equal work, and 72% felt as though there was discrimination towards them in La Raza. Along with organizing women's caucuses and holding conferences Chicanas also know that getting their words out there was important as well. In 1973 Encuentro Femenil, the first Chicana Feminist journal, was published. This journal explores the sexism and racism facing Chicanas at the time. It also made distinctions between its movement and the Anglo Feminist Movement. There were other important publications emerging at this time such as the newspaperHijas de Cuauhtemoc and a book of articles called La Mujer En Pie de La Lucha. Chicana feminism, which paralleled to the Chicano movement, helped the Chicana become recognized as a valuable asset in her community. A few prominent names in Chicana Feminism are Mirta Vidal, Anna NietoGomez, Martha Cotera, and Gloria Anzaldua. There aremany more that emerged from the feminist and Chicano movement in the seventies and eighties. The struggles for these women were not always easy ones.

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