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Imagine you wish to describe a controversy surrounding a particular topicwithin some field of computers, and their effects on society, to a person whohas no preliminary knowledge of what you wish to discuss. In addition, you aretrying to convince this person that your view is the correct one by logicallyarguing for your side and then presenting and refuting the arguments for theother side. This is the way in which the term paper for this course is to bewritten. Your paper should be designed such that it:

The term paper must have a title page consisting of the following:

Term Paper Proposal / Annotated Bibliography

Important: Do not ignore this section of theterm paper. The paper as a whole is meant to show that you have:

A correctly composed paper should reflect competent research, clarity, andimaginative analysis. Do not write a book report. The intent is for you toproduce a paper that shows the conflicts within your chosen research area anduse convincing argument and evaluation to reach a conclusion.

The title may be one of the topics provided in theTerm Paper guide, or you may propose your own. From inspection one can see thatthe title is in the form of a question that clearly indicates the subject beingtreated. This question must be a debatable one, in that it presents a debate orcontroversy within the topic and asks a question that could satisfactorily beargued on either side. No one has ever received an improved grade by having anexceptionally witty title, so do not attempt to create an original one.

How to Write a Term Paper (with Example Papers)

An inability to compose an introduction thatpresents all the material above may indicate that you have failed to address atopic in a way necessary to produce an acceptable paper. In general, this maylead to an obscure, unstructured, and confused term paper that does not makeany clear argument and fails to reach a logical conclusion based on relevantevidence. This in turn would result in a less than satisfactory evaluation ofthe term paper.

Conversational Wording: The paper should bewritten in a formal style. Conversational text is not appropriate. Examples:

Order Description
In this course we take a critical approach to the analysis of tourism. Tourism is considered a ‘contested activity’ that is to be critiqued and debated. For the term
paper assignment, you will write a ‘position paper’ and argue either for or against one of the following positions:

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Students who turn in their papers early willreceive extra credit according to the schedule shown under "TIMELINESSPOINTS" on the "Term Paper Evaluation" sheet.

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It is the responsibility of each student to selecta term paper topic early in the term. The following is a list of suggested termpaper topics. You should be certain of your interest in the topic you select,as well as the availability of materials, before you commit yourself to aparticular topic. Do not procrastinate. Toward the end of the term, there willbe a substantial demand on library and computer resources, and materials maybecome difficult to find, and you may have many projects to complete in otherclasses.

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A good source for ideas on how a term paper will begraded is the term paper Grading criteriaas well as associated points are explicitly described, and you may use thisform to evaluate your own paper - or have someone else evaluate it - beforeturning it in.

Bibliography help - Write My Term Paper For Me

Personal Pronouns: All formal papers shouldbe written solely in the third person (he, she, it). The only section of thepaper in which you may do otherwise is the conclusion where first person (I) isallowed. The use of second person (you) should never be used because you (thewriter) would be making assumptions about the reader that may not be true.

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Tourism contributes meaningfully to human well-being
Tourism effectively supports environmental conservation In order to present a more robust and nuanced argument for or against one of the position statements, you will
need to narrow your focus. The purpose of this assignment is to help you identify a specific argument and focus for your term paper and to begin finding evidence to
support this argument.

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Back in the history of the United States, in thevery beginnings of Congress, statesmen would passionately argue issues and lawsin an attempt to justly shape the future of the nation. There were, however,those senators and congressmen that would merely walk on both sides of acontroversy and never come down on one side or the other. Thesefence-straddlers came to be known as mugwumps. Do NOT Mugwump. Clearly stateyour conclusion by choosing a side of the debate that you have supported withargument and evidence. You may present an analysis and criticism of existingviews, and even come up with a new one, but you must make a decision. It is ofcourse, quite possible that someone could just as easily argue the opposingview of the topic. However, the idea of the term paper is that you haveperformed enough research, and have adequately addressed and refuted theopposing view so that your conclusion is not just simply "youropinion", but in fact is the reasonable choice derived from logicalanalysis. In truth, if the topic addressed by the term paper is one in whichthere is a concrete answer, then the term paper has been incorrectly writtenand has addressed an unacceptable topic.

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It is this section that will comprise the bulk ofthe term paper. Here is where you would present the actual research andanalysis you have performed. You must clearly present all sides of the issuebeing discussed, and convincingly evaluate and argue each side, offering bothevidence and examples of your claims. This section should at a minimum includethe following:

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