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Stress Management on Productivity in Public Service Organizations

Dress is an important part of our everyday lives, and it has important influence on how people perceive us in all usual settings. The way we dress is accountable for the very first impression we make on people when we encounter them in a habitual or unusual setting. This is a way to make sure that one gets at least a glimpse of the person’s socioeconomic status, class one belongs to, personal preferences and style, and perhaps even professional characteristics. That is why dress became such an important component of everyday routine and contributes so strongly to the initial impression.

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This paper will help you determine how the TenStep Project Management Process relates to the

Stress can also reduce your ability to perform at the highest levels.

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Resting is another important remedy of stress. People must sleep adequately for the body to get enough rest. “An adult should sleep a minimum of eight hours everyday” (Gordon, 121). Children should have different number of hours depending on their sleeping pattern. Enough rest and sleep will enable the body to resist any kind of stress an individual experiences. Rest enables the mind to rejuvenate energy and prepare to function well the following day. Children develop in their sleep; therefore, they should be allowed to sleep as often as possible.

Parents should divide responsibilities equally. Some people end up being stressed because they have too many family responsibilities. If the people share burdens, they will be easy to handle and parents will relax more. The victimized parent is the mother who has to work and run domestic errands too. She also has to attend to the children and ensure they are comfortable. Father can help with some of the house chores or look after the children while mother is doing other duties. The children can also be shown how to do some simple chores.

Effective Papers: Stress Management Essay

Stress management causes/workshops/seminars should be arranged for the employee by the employer. These will give the employees knowledge on how to manage stress from a professional’s perspective. In other cases, a counselling/training department should be available in order to offer counselling services to the employees. Talking about the problem goes a long way in its solution. These professionals provided by the employer should guide the employee in knowing how to balance work and home affairs (Brough & O’Driscoll, 2010). Indeed, most people commit suicide because they felt overwhelmed and felt as though there was no one to whom they could talk. Employers should encourage their employees to take advantage of the provided services.

who can share your responsibilities will go a long way to reducing your stress, too.

Traumatic stress:
Also known as posttraumatic stress disorder. I first heard about this type of stress by watching documentaries about Vietnam veterans and their experiences in Vietnam. It was noted that a lot of these veterans were complaining about flashbacks, emotional numbness and having extreme emotional outbursts to minor things. While this type of stress has always been around after wars and conflicts for example soldiers returning from World War 1 and 2 were said to be shell-shocked. We now know this was posttraumatic stress disorder. People with traumatic stress can also suffer problems with concentration, controlling impulses and decision-making. In the long term this type of stress can develop into behavioural disorders, depression, multiple personality disorders or even compel a sufferer to commit suicide. While we see a lot of this type of stress in soldiers who have been in combat it does not only affect soldiers. Everyday people can suffer from this type of stress after a traumatic experience such as accidents, a brush with death, death of a loved one and abuse (Sexual or Psychological).

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Free stress management papers, essays, and research papers.

Job stress:
As we all know our jobs can cause a lot of stress. One of the main causes of stress in my workplace was I always had to fight with upper management for resources to get my job done. It was always a constant struggle to get the help I needed to get tasks done on time. Regular consultation with my superiors finally seems to have had a good effect with this situation and all my frustrations with this part of my job seems to have disappeared. While I was in this struggle with upper management I used to get really tense, suffer from headaches, dread going to work each morning and snap at people for no reason. But by working with management and sorting out this part of my job I now find that I look forward to going to work each morning, rarely get headaches and cannot remember the last time I had a falling out with somebody in work.

Term Paper on Stress Management | Your Term Papers …

Mild stress:
Mild stress is a common type of stress. This type of stress is exciting and thrilling in small amounts but too much is exhausting. This type of stress could be caused by roller coaster rides or by giving speeches when your not used to public speaking. Overdoing it on this type of stress can lead to tension headaches, upset stomachs, fast breathing and a dry mouth and throat. Mild stress does not last long enough to do the damage associated with long term stress.

Free example of a term paper on Stress Management topics

Stress management is something people are starting to take a lot more seriously. This teaches us how to control our stress and try to keep it at a level that is healthy and keeps us motivated. It is important to note that stress is not only generated in the workplace but also it can be caused by your home life. In the following essay I would like to look at some types of stress and there effects on people.

Stress and Stress Management - Term Paper

We all need a certain amount of stress in our lives. No stress can be almost just as unhealthy as to much stress. Just the right amount of stress in our lives can be healthy because it keeps us motivated. As soon as someone mentions the word stress most people think of it in negative terms but I think that without stress peoples lives would become dull and boring.

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Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, PTSD, is an anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a terrifying event or ordeal in which grave physical harm occurred or was threatened.

Management/ Time And Stress Management term …

Long-term stress can release a constant stream of stress hormones over a prolonged period of time, wearing down the body’s energy, and immune system, leaving a person feeling overwhelmed and tired (Lyness)....

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