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Hwang was growing up in California as a Chinese American. It made him politically mindful; his deep attention to his Chinese identity, Chinese roots, and mainstream American culture is clear in the central conflicts of lots of his works. The issues that occur between East and West are skillfully illustrated in his works too.

In the literature, distinctions were made between positive stress, “good stress”, which becomes an adaptive engine and negative stress, with a negative impact on the person, either at the physical level (cardiovascular, gastric problems, headaches…), psychological (anxiety, anger, depression, problems of memory, concentration…) or even psychosomatic (eczema, asthma).

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For instance, a perfectionist manager may be stressed if the employees do not achieve the target.

In addition, stress induces instinctively two types of behavior: (1) denial. If this response may sometimes be beneficial (e.g. move if your neighborhood gets too noisy), it is not always possible or desirable. The other answer (2) acceptance or adaptation to the agent stressful, which is often the best solution.

Other visible symptoms are weight loss. This mostly affects those who lack appetite. Since they do not eat well, they lose weight abruptly. Those who become stressed due to busy schedules, experience fatigue. They will feel tired even when they are not busy. When there are palpitations, breathing might be affected. Such patients will have breathing problems like breathing shallowly. Nausea can be experienced as well as dizziness. For women their Pre Menstrual Syndrome becomes more pronounced than normal. They could experience fever, painful abdominal cramps and other symptoms.

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Behavioral symptoms are having loss of appetite or excessive appetite. Some people will have an over appetite whereas others experience lack of appetite. The same case applies to sleeping. Some will sleep too much while others become sleepless and uneasy. Sleeplessness is mainly to those who have a major issue bothering them and they cannot find a solution. People who oversleep might not be aware they are suffering from stress, until they are diagnosed by a doctor. Victims of stress tend to neglect their responsibilities or postpone things, which should be done. “Another common indication of stress is using drugs like alcohol and smoking. People believe they help in relieving stress” (Gregson, 98). Strange habits may be observed like biting nails or pacing.

With some guidance from the American Heart Association, you can develop your own action plan to immediately start reducing your stress levels.

Finally, cortisol participates in an inhibitory feedback loop by blocking the secretion of corticotripin-releasing hormone, preventing the HPA axis interactions central to glucocorticoid secretion. Many in the scientific community speculate that chronic levels of high stress disrupt the delicate feedback balance, resulting in the failure of feedback inhibition to operate and the continued release of cortisol (15).

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Other stressors include daily experiences like have expectations and they fail. A student may have worked hard to pass exams but he fails. This might stress him because he had expectations. Low self-esteem hinders people from fully expressing themselves. It stresses them if they do not know how to uplift their self-esteem. “Perfectionists are prone to stress due to their personality. They always want things to be done to their standards. If this does not happen, they become stressed” (Zalaquett & Wood, 88).

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It is interesting that the US automobile industry partially owes the first steps of its history to William Steinway, owner of Steinway & Sons piano factory, who bought US manufacturing right for Daimler cars in the United States. By 1891 the Daimler Motor Company, owned by Steinway, was producing petrol engines for tramway cars, carriages, quadricycles, fire engines and boats in a plant in Hartford, CT. [Bottorff, 200 ].

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A role for cortisol in memory has also been demonstrated. The hippocampus, the region of the brain where memories are processed and stored, contains many cortisol receptors. While normal cortisol levels have no adverse effects on the hippocampus, excess cortisol overwhelms the hippocampus and actually causes atrophy. Studies of the elderly have indicated that those with elevated cortisol levels display significant memory loss resulting from hippocampus damage, but the exact age range at risk is unclear. There is a reprieve, however, for the chronically stressed: the damage incurred is usually reversible (14).

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Harmful levels of stress will exhibit signs and symptoms. They are can be cognitive, emotional, physical or behavioral. Cognitive symptoms include memory problems where the victim cannot remember recent events. Such people are unable to concentrate in what they are doing. This is why stressed students perform poorly. Stressed employees perform poorly in their workplace because they are unable to concentrate. Victims of stress make poor judgment since they are always pessimistic. They are always anxious with many thoughts in their minds. This makes them worry all the time.

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The introduction of cars revolutionized almost all aspects of life in the United States. The automobile industry was one of the most innovative and profitable ever since.

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In Western societies, the term ‘stress’ is commonly used to describe our frenetic lifestyle, the urgent pace of work or any difficult situation that we face. More strictly, stress means our body reaction to any stimuli or solicitation on organization of such. The stress must be understood as a state of activation of the body which must mobilize its defences to face a potentially threatening situation.

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Difficulties in relationships are sources of stress to a very large number of people. Some managers might be having problems with their partners. They could originate from disagreements between a couple or externally. “In a relationship characterized with violence selfishness and other forms of abuse, the victim will suffer stress” (Zalaquett & Wood, 9). Most of such relationships end if the abusive partner does not change. The managers affected will be stressed, especially if they do not have a practical solution. This stress will affect the manager’s performance at his or her workplace.

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