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The following The Wright Company has a standard costing system.

The standard costing the cost centers are opposed to each other. For example, if the actual direct material costs were higher usual costs, the reason may be the high price of raw materials or inefficient use of the materials. Responsible for this is the different responsibility centers (supply department or pant). For example, the purchasing department has decided to buy the raw material of lower quality at a lower cost, which has increased the volume of raw materials used. BSC establishes closer causal relationship between various the cost and the responsibility centers, which soon leads to cooperation rather than confrontation between these centers.

In this sense, the BSC is a system of standard costing, focused for a longer time compared to the classical. By analogy with the accounting balance equation, perspective clients and business processes can be considered analogous to the asset. The financial perspective is precisely the variances of results, that is associated with its own capital. The perspective of innovation and growth is associated with human capital. That is to say, the perspective of customers is an increase in net assets as result of relations with suppliers and customers; the perspective of business processes is an increase in net assets due to internal business - processes; development perspective is an increase in human capital; finance perspective is an increase in equity due to profits.

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what is the advantages of a standard marginal costing system over a standard absorption costing system; what is the advantages of a standard marginal costing system over a standard absorption costing system

Would someone able to provide results? Find a journal article online about standard costing. In the subject line of your post, include the title of the article that you read. Post a link to that article with your initial post, and provide a summary and a reaction to the article. The summary should describe the major points of the article, and the reaction should demonstrate your interpretation of the article and how you can apply that knowledge. Do not choose an article that one of your classmates has already addressed in a post.

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A management control system (MCS) is a system which gathers and uses information to evaluate the performance of different organizational resources like human, physical, financial and also the organization as a whole in light of the organizational strategies pursued. The development of strategy maps and Balanced Scorecards has transformed the foundation of management control systems. Costs of managerial control system can be significantly reduced when found common framework for its various instruments. The aim of paper is to establish communication between the Balanced Scorecard and Standard costing as an instrument of management information systems. It is proposed to use a variance analysis for the changes in the financial position as the metrics for perspectives of Balanced Scorecard. The possibility of using accounting balance equation and double entry for the perspectives of Balanced Scorecard also shown.

3 Standard Cost 3 History of Standard Costing 4 Disadvantage of Standard Cost 4 Advantage ..

For the standard costing, eventually, by variance account charged to the financial result, the value of which will coincide with the financial result using the method of actual costs. For the purposes of the BSC, we will "collect" these variances to reflect the effect of achieving the planned indicators.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Standard Costing

Unlike standard costing in which the accounts payable is carried at actual cost and there is only one account for variation entry the difference between the amounts recorded in the debit of materials and credit of payments to suppliers, we propose to use two variance accounts with different types of balance, but the same amounts . One of them is traditionally associated with the financial result and the second reflects the future growth of the net assets. It can be called "The increase (maintaining) the asset (cash) due to the decrease in accounts payable." This account in the traditional accounting and standard costing does not exist. However, we propose to introduce it to reflect the link between standard costing and BSC as one of the variances in the BSC due to the financial result (financial perspective), and the second with the asset (customers or perspective business processes perspective).

Advantages and Disadvantages of Standard Costing ..

Since the decisions made during the product development cycle account for seventy to eighty percent of product costs, product cost management must begin with the start of product development. Product development personnel must understand competitive pricing or customer affordability requirements. Target costs must be established at the start and used to guide decision-making. Development personnel must operate as entrepreneurs in making hard decisions about the product and process design to achieve target costs. Cost models must be provided to support decision-making early in the development cycle. And the quality of information and the cost models must be continually improved and refined. This increased focus on product or life cycle costs will lead to significantly reduced costs and more satisfied customers.

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The difference in the above two accounting records that in standard costing materials are recorded in debit on a standard price and the Accounts payable –on a fact price . Therefore, there is a difference, which is reflected in the account «Direct material price variance». If the actual price is lower than the standard price, such a value is called a positive variance, or else - negative. This is a positive or negative variance eventually at the end of the period is usually charged to the income statement.

of Standard costing as a cost ..

Our aim in this record is a representation of the reasons for the increase of the financial result, in this case, by saving asset. This notation is similar to the transaction record on buying material in the standard costing, which usually looks like:

An important part of standard cost accounting is a ..

Traditional approaches to allocating overhead or burden costs generally based on direct labor. However, direct labor is becoming an insignificant cost component in many products. Further, there is frequently a lack of understanding of sunk costs and fixed versus variable indirect costs. All of this has led to distortion of overhead cost allocations and inappropriate design and sourcing decisions. As companies move toward activity-based costing, the quality of the cost data will improve. Costs will be more closely based on the consumption of resources and the aberrations associated with allocating indirect costs will diminish.

A report on the Implementation of Standard Costing

In the classical standard costing with a more efficient use of materials in progress remain unused materials. In our case, we purchased a quantity of material that needs to go completely the manufacture of products, i.e, there are no stocks of unfinished production.

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