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Free research paper example on Solar Energy:

When building our houses the goal according to David Johnston and Scott Gibson is to create a house that consumes at least fifty-two percent less energy than one built conventionally with a corresponding reduction in the heating and the cooling cost.(Johnston, Gibson 252)This can be done through use of solar panels, solar water systems and photovoltaic....

Discussion of alternative energy sources triggers debate about cost-effectiveness. These can be complex matters including utility rate structures; bond recovery rates; local, state, and federal regulatory accommodations, and safety. Most measures of cost-effectiveness compare the new source with petrochemical sources. Because petrochemical depletion is contested, it remains an unknown factor in cost-effectiveness computations. Another debated assumption in these measures is the provider of the power. Solar energy can be home-generated, which is called “off the grid” power generation. In some areas the power company is required to buy back the excess power generated provided the correct monitoring mechanisms are in place.

Solar Power would probably be the most successful form of renewable energy in South Africa.

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Solar energy is a term that usually means the direct use of sunlight to produce heat or electric power....

How to store energy derived from the sun has been a central drawback to its use. In April 2010, microbial scientist Derek Lovley of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst found a way that turns 90 percent of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, and some bacteria into fuel without further processing. His method, called “microbial electrosynthesis,” is carbon-neutral—which means that it does not add greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. In addition, it is believed to use solar energy more efficiently than is done by plants. As such, it provides a solution to the storage problem because it immediately turns solar power directly into chemicals, which are then readily stored with existing infrastructure and distributed on demand.

In the absence of access laws, landowners using solar power can avoid shadows by buying surrounding development rights, but that is a costly alternative. Governmental entities can also exercise their power of eminent domain to achieve public purposes related to solar energy development.

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Several communities in the United States have developed solar access land-use guidelines or ordinances; most have not done so. Many communities are entangled in debates over other issues, such as the erection of cellular telephone towers and ways of economic development. Powerful interests—such as real estate, banking, and mortgage-lending institutions—prefer traditional private property approaches, and many private property owners see mandatory solar access as an infringement on their rights. As a result, mandatory solar access can encounter community resistance. Environmentalists would like to see more protection for investment in solar energy. Many states now offer tax incentives for the development of alternative energy sources.

Currently this process if only 18% efficient because only 2/3 of photons contain enough energy to free electrons in the solar cell....

The environmental requirements for solar power differ based on power usage. Often they are site-specific and not always readily available to a home buyer or builder. Essential environmental information is how much solar energy is available to a particular solar collector. The availability of or access to unobstructed sunlight for use both in passive solar designs and active systems is protected by zoning laws and ordinances in some communities.

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An Explicit Essay Example On A Solar Energy System

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Solar power can be used for anything that requires electricity. For the most part, it is used to heat water, which uses a lot of energy. Many residential and commercial buildings can use solar collectors to do more. Solar energy systems can heat buildings. A solar ventilation system can be used in cold climates to preheat air before it enters a building. Other than for buildings, solar power supplies energy to space missions, remote viewing and sensing outposts in wilderness areas, home motion-detector lights, and many other applications.

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The sun is our major source of energy. The conversion of sunlight to electricity or heat uses solar energy. There are many technologies and technological variations for this process. The most basic way is the use of photovoltaic systems to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Photovoltaic (PV) arrays commonly are used to generate electricity for a single residential or commercial building. Large PV arrays covering many acres can be combined to create a solar power plant, and large mirror arrays can be used to generate heat. In the latter, sunlight is focused with mirrors to create a high-intensity heat source. This heat then produces steam to run a generator, which creates electricity.

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Ultimately, Sivaram says, attention seductiveness and investment will be essential if all this modernized record is ever to shun a lab. Academics tend to be distant some-more meddlesome in contrast innovative solar cells underneath ideal conditions, rather than doing a arrange of continuance contrast that creates certain these inclination reason adult in a genuine world.

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Access to the sun in cities has been controversial, whereas access to light and air is part of U.S. private property law. Solar access means having unobstructed, direct sunlight. Solar access issues emerged in the United States when commercial property owners sought to ensure that their investment in solar power was not obscured by shadows from a later nearby development. This can be contentious because solar access needs can clash with development rights of nearby property owners. Solar energy advocates say that communitywide solar access can greatly increase the efficiency of the solar collectors and lower the cost of energy.

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One of the world’s largest chemical companies was well positioned at the forefront of the solar energy sector – where it was providing essential materials to manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) cells – and its leadership team wanted to expand that market footprint.

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