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Urban Dictionary: rolling paper

As in an air controller's: "Gruesome Five, Angels three zero" means: "Gruesome Five (callsign), climb (or descend) to altitude 30,000 feet." But see also (which is not simply the singular).

What they mean is you’ve parked the team bus in front of your goal. Pea rollerFor you golfers, this is like a worm burner: a shot rolling along the ground.

The radio call

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Named for the famed fictional British detective Sherlock Holmes, who smoked a similarly shaped meerschaum pipe. Shit - Any type of controlled substance Shoot the Breeze - Nitrous oxide Shoot Up - To inject intravenously Shootin' Salad - Saying something stupid when on MDMA Shooting Gallery - Place where addicts inject drugs; place where drugs are used Shotgun/shotgunning - Exhaling smoke into another person's mouth with positive pressure Shotgun - A way of smoking marijuana, by blowing smoke back through the joint into another’s mouth.

Drinking a toast to the newlyweds, celebration, etc. Society High - Cocaine Soda - Injectable cocaine Soles - Hashish Sopors - Methaqualone Space - Cocaine and PCP mixed together Space Cadet - Habitual user of marijuana whose senses have become dulled Space Monkey - The practice of cutting off oxygen in an effort to attain a drug-like high; also known as blackout, flatliner Spaced Out - Drug-induced state of being lost or out of touch with surroundings; under the influence of drugs Spaced - Unresponsive to surroundings Sparklers - Methamphetamine Special K - Ketamine, club drugs Special la coke - Ketamine Spectrum - 2-CB, BDMPEA Speed - Amphetamines, methamphetamine Speed Ball - Injecting a mixture of cocaine and heroin; a mixture of cocaine and heroin; amphetamine; "Bombita" Speed Freak - Person who repeatedly takes amphetamines, often intravenously; habitual user of methamphetamine Speedball Artist - One who injects heroin and cocaine mixture Spider Blue - Heroin Spike - Needle (syringe) used to inject drugs Spin Doctors - Users Spliff - Large, ice-cream cone shaped marijuana joint Split - To leave from someplace Spoons - A basic pipe named for its resemblance to the common utensil; paraphernalia associated with cocaine, often worn as jewelry; the bottom of an aluminum soda can that is used as a tiny bowl to dissolve heroin Spun-Out - To be high on the drug Square Time Bob - Crack Squirrel - Combination of PCP and marijuana sprinkled with cocaine and smoked; marijuana, PCP and crack combined and smoked; LSD Star - Amphetamines Star Dust - Cocaine Star-Spangled Powder - Cocaine Stash - A place or container where drugs are hidden Steamroller - An elongated tube with a bowl embedded at one end.

rollie meaning | Slang Dictionary

The smoker inhales through the tube while holding their hand over the other end to create a vacuum Step On - To dilute drugs Stick - Marijuana cigarette; PCP Stimulants - Pep pills, speed, methamphetamine Stoned - Under the influence of drugs; high; intoxicated Stoner - Person who smokes pot Stones - Crack Stove Top - Methamphetamine or other designer drugs cooked in clandestine labs Straight - Not using drugs Strung Out - Very intoxicated, heavily addicted to drugs Stuff - Drugs Sugar - LSD Sugar Block - Crack Sugar Cubes - LSD Super Acid - Ketamine Super C - Ketamine Super Ice - Methamphetamine, smokable methamphetamine Super Grass - Marijuana, PCP, or marijuana treated with PCP Superman - LSD blotter with Superman imprint Sweet Lucy - Marijuana 3750 - Marijuana and crack cocaine rolled in a joint T's and Blues - Talwin (pentazocine) and PBZ (pyribenzamine) used as a heroin substitute; tripelennamine Tabs - LSD Take a Powder - To leave or get lost Tardust - Cocaine Taste - A small sample of drugs Tea - Marijuana; PCP Teena - A baggie of methamphetamine; name derived from the fact that methamphetamine is commonly bought in sixteenth of an ounce/gram packages; tina Teenager - 1/16 of an ounce Temple Balls - Hashish Tension - Crack Tenuate - Type of stimulant drug Tepanil - Type of stimulant drug Tetrahydrocannabinol/THC - Psychoactive cannabinoid in marijuana that is responsible for the high Texas Shoe Shine - Inhalants Thai Sticks - Bundles of marijuana soaked in hashish oil; marijuana buds bound on short sections of bamboo, marijuana laced with opium The Devil - Crack Thumper - Drinking game to encourage heavy drinking and intoxication; using hand signals Thyme or oregano - spices resembling marijuana sometimes passed off as the drug Tickets - MDMA Time Flipping - DMT and MDMA Tina - A baggie of methamphetamine; name derived from the fact that methamphetamine is commonly bought in sixteenth of an ounce/gram packages; teena Tissue - Crack Toasted - Refers to someone who is high Tobacco - Butts, chew, cigs, dip, smokes, snuff, weed Tohai - Catha edulis a.k.a.

Top Slang terms for toilet paper - Examples, Definition & Topics

(See PCP) Whack - Another name for cocaine and PCP mixed together and snorted; crack cocaine; heroin and PCP; crack/PCP mixture or marijuana laced with insecticide. Whackyweed - Marijuana Whip-Its - Compressed nitrous oxide in small C02 type canisters used legally as a whipped cream propellant or glass chiller, used illegally to inhale the nitrous oxide Whippets - Inhalants, buzz bombs White - Cocaine White Ball - Crack White Cross - Methamphetamine White Ghost - Crack White Horse - Cocaine White Lightening - LSD White Mosquito - Cocaine White Stuff - Morphine White Sugar - Crack White Tornado - Crack Wicky - A joint with PCP and marijuana; combination of powder cocaine; PCP and marijuana Wired - Addicted to amphetamines or heroin Woolah - A blunt refilled with marijuana and crack Wooly - Cocaine Works - Equipment for injecting drugs Wrecking Crew - Crack X - Ecstasy, MDMA; marijuana; amphetamine Xanax - A sedative used in combination with ecstasy to help prolong the high or soften the crash that often follows XTC - Ecstasy, MDMA Yale - Crack Yellow Fever - PCP Yellow Jackets - Nembutal, barbiturate Yellow Sunshine - LSD Yen - A strong craving Yeola - Marijuana and crack Yerba mala - (Spanish) PCP and marijuana Yimyom - Crack Zay - A mixture of marijuana and other substances within a cigar; blunts Zen - Term associated with advertising and promoting RAVE dances Zig Zag - A brand of rolling papers used to make marijuana cigarettes Zig Zag Man - Marijuana; LSD; marijuana rolling papers Zip - Methamphetamine or cocaine Zippers - Prepackaged cups of gelatin with 12% alcohol; meant to intoxicate (See Jello Shots) Zombie - Heavy user of drugs, PCP Zoned or Zoning - The look someone gets when high; staring off into space when high Zonked - GHB, extremely high on drugs Zooie - Holds butt of marijuana cigarette Zoom - Marijuana laced with PCP; PCP 1 ounce- 28.34952 grams 2-CB - (2-(4-Bromo-2,5-dimethoxy-phenyl)-ethylamine), nexus, venus, bromo, spectrum, BDMPEA, toonies, MFT 19 - Methamphetamine 51 - Combination of crack cocaine with marijuana or tobacco 420 - Marijuana use 3750 - Marijuana and crack rolled in a joint

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25/05/2017 · rolling paper (plural rolling papers) ..

cigarette paper, skin (slang) Related terms (cigar): wrapper, ..

Turf - A location where drugs are sold Turkey - A substitute sold as a specific drug; non-genuine drugs Turnarounds - Amphetamines Turned On - Introduced to drugs, or under the influence of drugs Tweaking Monster - Chronic methamphetamine user Tweekers - Those who use methamphetamine Tweeking - Using methamphetamine Tweezes - A wild variety of psilocybin mushrooms (hallucinogen) Twenty and Forty - A $20 bag of marijuana and a forty ounce bottle of beer/malt liquor U-4-E-uh - 4-methyl-aminorex; also known as euphoria or ice Ultimate - Crack Uncle - Federal agents Up the River/Down the River - Teen drinking card game, players drink when they match dealer Uppers - Amphetamines, stimulants Valium - Ludes, drunk pills, V’s blues Veggin’ - High on marijuana Venus - 2-CB, BDMPEA Vita G - Gamma Hydroxy Buterate (GHB) Vitamin K - Ketamine Vitamins - MDMA Viper - Marijuana smoker Voranil - Type of stimulant drug V's Blues - Valium Wack - PCP Wacky Tobaccky - Marijuana Wafers - Ecstasy, MDMA Wasted - Intoxicated, strung out; under the influence of drugs; murdered Water Pipe - Paraphernalia used to smoke marijuana or hashish which filters the smoke through water Watermelon - The practice of injecting watermelon with Everclear alcohol Wave - Crack Weed - Marijuana; PCP West Coast - Amphetamines Wet - A base of marijuana, tobacco, tea leaves, or mint leaves rolled into cigarettes or cigars and then soaked in embalming fluid; blunts mixed with marijuana and PCP; methamphetamine; marjuiana cigarettes soaked in PCP and dried.

Slang term for "money"

Intoxication - Becoming drunk by drinking too much alcohol Ionamin - Type of stimulant drug Isomerizer - Used to increase potency of THC in marijuana Issues - Crack Jag - Extended period of using a drug; under the influence of drugs or alcohol Jay - Individual marijuana cigarette Jefferson Airplane - A term for a roach holder from a matchbook cover; used match cut in half to hold a partially smoked marijuana cigarette Jellies - MDMA in gel caps Jello Shots - Gelatin cubes made with alcohol usually using ice cube trays; meant to intoxicate (See Zippers) Jelly - Cocaine Jelly Beans - Crack Jet - Ketamine Jet Fuel - Ketamine Jib - GHB Jim Jones - Marijuana laced with cocaine Jive - Marijuana; drugs; heroin; 1930s and 1940s slang term for both marijuana and marijuana-influenced popular music Johnson grass - Low potency Texas marijuana (as in Lyndon Johnson) Johnson - Crack Joint - Hand-rolled marijuana cigarette Joy Popping - Occasional use of drugs Juice - Alcohol Juice Joint - Marijuana cigarette sprinkled with crack Jumbos - Large vials of crack sold on the streets; marijuana mixed with crack Jungle-Ting/Jungle-Ing - Attending RAVE dances Junk - Heroin, so named because it’s never pure when sold on the street Junkie - An opiate addict; narcotic addict K - Ketamine, a designer drug K-Club - Ketamine user K-Hold - Severe ketamine influence K-Hole - Ketamine K-Land - Ketamine influence K-Ways - Ketamine K-Whore - Someone who prefers ketamine to other drugs or who takes ketamine exclusively Kabak - Turkish or other marijuana Kangaroo - Crack Kat - Catha edulis a.k.a.

Definition of Rizla - The Online Slang Dictionary

african salad, bushman's tea, gat, kat, qat, chat, tohai, and tschat; a flowering shrub native to northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. Fresh khat leaves contain cathinone - a Schedule I drug under the Controlled Substances Act. Miss Emma - Mister Brownstone - Mitshubishi Double Stack - MMDA - Monkey - Moons - Mosquitos - Mota - Movie Star Drug - Mow the grass - MTA - Muggles - Mujer - Mule - Munchies - Mushies - Mushrooms - Nail - Nailed - Nanging - Narc - Needle Freak - Needles - Nexus - Nexus Flipping - Nickel Bag - Nitrates - Nitrous Oxide - NORML - Nose Candy - Nose Powder - Nose Stuff - Nugget - Nuggets - N20 - N0X - O.B.E. - O.D

Though Rizla is a particular brand of rolling papers, ..

Also called "the game" or "pass out" Christina - Methamphetamine Christmas Bud - Marijuana Christmas Rolls - Depressants Christmas Tree - Marijuana; amphetamine; depressant; methamphetamine Christmas Tree Meth - Green methamphetamine produced using Drano crystals Chronic - Marijuana; hip-hop term for potent marijuana; marijuana laced with crack Chug It - Teen board drinking game; promotes intoxication Chugging - Drinking alcohol quickly without stopping or taking a breath; a drinking game Chunky - Marijuana Churus - Marijuana CID - LSD Circles - Rohypnol, a designer drug known as the date rape drug; flunitrazepam, forget-me pills, mexican valuim, rib, roach-2, roaches, roche, roofies, roopies, rope, rophies, ropies, ruffies Citrol - High potency marijuana from Nepal Clam Bake - Sitting inside a car or other small, enclose space and smoking marijuana Clean - Drug free; not having drugs in one’s possession Clicker - A joint dipped in formaldehyde and smoked; crack mixed with PCP Clickums - A marijuana cigarette laced with PCP Climax - Butyl nitrite; inhalant Climb - Marijuana cigarette Cloud - Crack Cocaine Club Drugs - Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate, a depressant drug, no smell, salty taste, date rape drug, powder or liquid form.

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