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Students are invited to write a paper entitled Education in a Global World Tendencies. Recommendations. From a students perspective, you will underline the impact (positive and / or negative) which globalization may have on education; also, you will highlight what, in your view, may be positive / negative about the current status of the global education in general, and suggest ways of improving the educational system (best practices to be shared, guidance, advice, examples etc). For preparing this exercise, students can refer to one or more concrete examples (i.e: developing a case study / comparative case study on different universities in the world by mainly focusing on analyzing the identified educational policies / rules implemented by the respective university / universities & suggesting ways of further improving / modifying the given policies / rules). At the end of the paper, students are invited to propose a set of recommendations in order for legislation on education (mostly at the EU level) to be prepared in a substantial, constructive and efficient manner.

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The reading for this essay assignment is Once More to the Lake, an essay written by E.B. White. Once More to the Lake is posted with this assignment. Topic: In what ways do E.B. White’s physical descriptions of the lake and its surroundings suggest why he loves the place? A personal example that connects to E.B. Whites essay may be included, but the main focus of the essay should be on E.B. Whites experience. Guidelines: Write 650 words; stay within 25 words of this word count. Write your essay in the present tense. Create a focused thesis that is based on the assignment and that has an assertion or opinion. Create topic sentences that reflect the thesis in content and order and that have an assertion or opinion. Create topic sentences that also serve as umbrellas for their paragraphs. Boldface thesis and topic sentences so that I can see your intentions. Write a five-paragraph essay with an introduction that provides background, with three body paragraphs that support the thesis in content and in order, and with a conclusion that summarizes the main idea. Dont use the phrase in conclusion. Encourage the reader to keep reading until the last word. Paragraphs should be developed with examples from the source text. Do not use any other sources for your essay. Document the essay according to MLA standards. Paraphrases need to be attributed to the source through citations. Exact words from the source text must be in quotation marks and cited. Use signal phrases to introduce quotations. Include a correct Works Cited page. Essays with missing or incorrect MLA documentation may not earn a passing grade. Use MLA paper format: headers, title, margins, spacing between lines (double space). Essays without correct or missing MLA paper format may earn up to 15 fewer points. The authors name is included in the following ways: In the introduction, first name and last name; in the body paragraphs, last name with no polite titles; in the conclusion, full name. Do not use I, you, or we, except in your personal example that connects to Whites essay or when these pronouns occur in quotations. Do not use the pronouns I, you, or we to present ideas. Instead, state points directly. (You is too informal and can offend the reader if he or she disagrees with your point. We is unclear; who is the we? The pronoun I serves as a filter between your idea and the reader; also, even without the I, the reader knows that these are the writers ideas.) Proofread your paper. Read each sentence looking for errors. Read your paper from the last sentence to the first sentence, looking for errors. Do not rely on your computers spelling and grammar checker.

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